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How to make the most of the boot space in your little sporty number..

That four wheeled, sporty little number has always been a dream as you imagine yourself zipping down the motorway in the fast lane, roof down and the wind in your hair, blaring out music your kids would probably complain about. But there’s one problem your partner no doubt brings up often enough for you to doubt leasing such a small car – where exactly is the shopping going to go?

Now, you could have the argument about ‘cutting back’ and ‘why do you have to buy so much each week?’ or you could take on some of these tips and tricks when it comes to saving space and squeezing as much as possible into that miniscule boot

Use the whole car

It’s not just the boot that can be used for storing or transporting items. Don’t forget about space under the seats, in the side of doors and even the glove compartment. Take out what you don’t need for that particular journey – we’re looking at you, CD album cases and multiple receipts – and make use of this newfound space. Laps are also great for storing items. Get the family involved and have them clutch that weekend bag while driving to make room in the boot for other necessary things – such as your golf clubs or crates of beer for that camping trip.

Vacuum bags

If you’re planning on driving your sporty number to your weekend city break destination, but don’t want to overload the boot with suitcases, then vacuum bags are an excellent way of transporting your clothes. Plus, you can fit a lot more in them than a suitcase. Simply fill the bags and then grab the hoover to shrink them down to a manageable size; you could pack everything from your wardrobe to your duvet and still have some spare room.

They also work well when it comes to tents and sleeping bags, so you could even pack everything you need for a camping trip and still have room to spare. A Porsche Cayman is a good example of a car that can pack in lots of squishy bags - with two boots (one 130L and the other 275L) it’s one of the most popular sport numbers for people looking for style and space.

Box it up

Boxes are sometimes a more efficient way of using space than simply throwing everything in the boot. Not only do they make fetching and carrying to and from the car a little easier they also optimise the space and could help you fit more in. A couple of boxes left in the boot can easily house everything you need and keep everything in place while you drive.

An alternative to boxes could be a boot divider. You can pick up collapsible versions of these from sites such as Amazon that can be slotted into your boot space and create layers of divided storage. These are also ideal for protecting the boot from spillage or damage.

Roof rack

While it might feel wrong, a roof rack can solve some problems when it comes to space and your sports car, especially if you need to transport bulky items such as skis or bikes and save space in the boot for everything else. But needs must and if you want to get anywhere in your car with these items in tow it could be considered an option. Just be careful when you're using a lease vehicle that the rack you choose doesn’t leave any marks or damage – most come with foam pads to protect the paint so ensure these are in place before fitting!

When using a roof rack on your sporty number we recommend picking up a branded one. Porsche do their own roof racks for their smaller models as do Audi and MG. They don’t look great on sports cars but they get the job done.

Don’t shy away from leasing that dream sporty number. There are plenty of options when it comes to storage space and even if your boot isn’t big enough to house more than one suitcase there are always other options.

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