It’s that time of the year again when we all pull on a few extra layers, turn the central heating up, and arm ourselves with an ice scraper every morning when we get ready to tackle the thick sheet of ice that’s covering the car windscreen. 

The bitter winter weather can cause a real headache for motorists as it can cause one of the biggest nuisances for drivers to deal with – ice-covered windscreens.

However, there is no need for despair as the issue can be solved in a matter of seconds – and you don’t even need to have a fancy de-icer spray. In fact, anyone can make ice disappear simply by using staple household items such as lemons and salt.

Here at we always go the extra mile to help drivers and that’s why we’ve identified exactly which household items are most effective at getting rid of stubborn ice shards.

While a typical ice scraper can help remove some surface-level shards, it can take around 20 minutes to remove the problem entirely.

But using an ice scraper to clear the vehicle can have you standing for 15 to 20 minutes which can be a nightmare to deal with while on a tight schedule. 

The time it takes to de-ice a windscreen can cause many to miss appointments and be late for work all thanks to a change in the weather.

That’s why we advise using items commonly found at home such as warm towels, onions and white vinegar to shorten the time it takes to de-ice a windscreen.

Here are 10 household items to help de-ice cars quickly:

  1. Lemons

The citric acid in lemons can help break down the ice barrier. Squeeze the juice onto the windshield, then rinse it off with lukewarm water and wipe off the shards with the lemon itself.

  1. Sandwich bags

A ziplock sandwich bag filled with lukewarm water can help remove ice in seconds. Don’t use piping hot water otherwise your windshield could crack.

  1. Salt

Sprinkling salt onto the windscreen will help to dissolve the ice with a chemical reaction without causing any cracks. For mirrors, put the salt on a sponge and soak it in warm water before wiping.

  1. Onions

Chop a brown onion in half and rub it across the windscreen at night to prevent a thick layer of ice from sticking.

  1. Alcohol

Use Isopropyl alcohol to clear the ice and rub the screen with a microfibre cloth. Vodka can also help as an instant de-icer.

  1. White vinegar solution

A mixture of white vinegar and distilled water mixed in a spray can help prevent ice from forming in the first place the night before.

  1. Warm towels 

A warm, damp towel can help quickly remove thicker pieces of ice on the windshield without damaging the car. 

  1. Paintbrush

The thin bristles of a paintbrush are great for removing snow off the wipers and in the crevices of the windscreen.

  1. Washing up liquid 

A mixture of rubbing alcohol mixed with washing-up liquid can help thin out a thick layer of ice. Spray the solution onto the ice and wipe over with a microfibre cloth.

  1. Heatproof oven gloves

Warm oven gloves can help melt the ice quickly without causing the windscreen to crack. Make sure they’re heatproof to prevent any nasty burns.