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Here are the 5 best motorway service stations across the UK

By LeaseCar , 12 Nov 2019

We’ve all been behind the wheel for long periods of time, wishing the never ending stretches of motorway would just come to an end while our final destination would finally appear on the horizon. With the slow moving traffic and repetitive scenery along the way, there’s no wonder motorway journeys aren’t everyone's favourite drive.

What does your car say about your driving

By LeaseCar, 11 Nov 2019

There is no doubt about it - the car you drive can reveal a lot about you as a person. From your specific tastes and style to your personal interests and profession, the make, model, colour and even interior of your car can reflect key aspects of your personality, attitude and general approach to life.

How to keep your car safe at night

By LeaseCar , 25 Oct 2019

Keeping your car parked on a driveway or a main road might concern you. Luckily, LeaseCar have explained some ways you can ensure your car is safe at night.

How long does an electric car take to charge

By LeaseCar , 25 Oct 2019

It seems more likely that electric cars will become the future, but how long do they take to charge and how much does it cost to charge one? Click to find out!

How to drive fuel efficiently

By LeaseCar , 21 Oct 2019

To save you some money when fuel prices are at their highest, we’ve listed some ways that you can drive more efficiently and use less fuel day-to-day.

Will electric cars take over petrol cars

By LeaseCar , 10 Oct 2019

It seems that every week we're hearing more and more about electric cars. Improved technology and electric car production means that many people are choosing to switch to electric cars, forgoing their petrol and diesel counterparts.

What to check when taking delivery of a new car

By LeaseCar , 10 Oct 2019

Getting a new car is really exciting, but you don’t want to accept your new car on the spot without checking it over first. You wouldn’t buy a house without viewing it, and a new car is no different.

How old do you have to be to lease a car

By LeaseCar , 10 Oct 2019

Choosing a vehicle can be a minefield. What make, size, model and colour should you go for? How many seats do you want? Do you need a powerful engine or a small city car? The big question is usually, how can I afford a car? You could buy a vehicle outright or you could lease a car with manageable monthly rentals. Leasing is always a great option but there may be some restrictions, such as age.

Are electric cars automatic or manual

By LeaseCar , 10 Oct 2019

Currently, less than two per cent of the vehicles on UK roads are electric. However, this number will rise significantly as the UK plans to completely ban new vehicles that run on fossil fuels by 2040. So what does this mean for the general population?

Can you put a private plate on a lease car

By LeaseCar , 30 Sep 2019

Private number plates are something that more people are purchasing, particularly for their leased vehicles. However, can you change the number plate on a leased car when the car isn’t technically yours?

Eight of the best Film Quotes about Cars

By LeaseCar , 18 Sep 2019

The film buffs in the office have revealed eight of the most renowned big screen quotes about cars, which many petrolheads can probably see a touch of truth in.

What happens when you return a leased car

By LeaseCar, 01 Sep 2019

No matter how long you've leased your car for, there will come a time when you have to return it. But do you know what the procedures are when you return your car? Or perhaps you're worried about being charged for slight damage or going over the mileage.

Motoring Jargon You Probably Didnt Know

By LeaseCar , 28 Aug 2019

From fan belts and brake callipers to catalytic converters and torque, the motoring world is full of weird and wonderful terms that can bamboozle even the most dedicated petrol heads.

Parent and Child Parking

By LeaseCar, 20 Aug 2019

If you're not a hundred per cent sure on what the rules are, to help save being fined, park in a normal space.

Driving in Sun

By LeaseCar , 20 Aug 2019

If you’re already behind the wheel, stop somewhere safe and wait for conditions to improve – at we think it’s always better to get to your destination later but safer, in one-piece.

What does a car lease include

By LeaseCar, 20 Aug 2019

Car leasing can give you access to the vehicles you want at an affordable price, and it can make budgeting for your motoring costs easier. However, before you sign up to a personal contract hire agreement, it’s really important that you know what’s involved. So, what exactly does a car lease include?

The Great Movie Car Race

By LeaseCar , 24 Jun 2019

Since the first motion-picture film was released back in 1888, the film industry has released a never ending amount of blockbuster movies. They have generated billions of pounds for production companies across the globe.

Should I buy or lease a car for my business

By LeaseCar , 29 May 2019

You’re about to invest in a new car for your business - but should you buy it or enter into a lease agreement instead? This isn’t a straightforward question to answer because what’s right for you will depend on your specific needs and circumstances. To help you make an informed decision, we explain what leasing is, the options available to you and how they compare to purchasing a vehicle outright.

Racing Cars Reimagined

By Leasecar, 09 Apr 2019

Driverless cars have been in the news in the past, particularly Google’s self-driving car back in 2014. We’ve even seen changes in what our standard cars can do too, including parking themselves and braking if they sense the risk of a collision.

The UK’s Best Drives

By LeaseCar , 06 Mar 2019

Despite the weather being a tad unpredictable here in the UK, we have some truly beautiful roads, cities, views, and counties that are well worth a drive through. There are parts of the country we never explore, wanting to go abroad for a holiday instead of discovering what’s on our doorstep.

A Guide for Driving for Work

By Leasecar, 30 Oct 2018

Driving to a conference for the first time? Or looking how to brief your employees when they're driving for work? Take a look at our driving for work guide.

Hollywoods Highest Earning Cars

By LeaseCar, 18 Oct 2018

From the time-hopping Delorean in Back to the Future, to the turbo charged speedsters of the Fast and the Furious franchise, cars have been stars in Hollywood for decades. They’ve played every role from background attraction to saving-the-day hero. Many Box Office blockbusters wouldn’t be half as memorable if it wasn’t for the contribution of their motoring mainstays.

Rated: James Bond’s most Iconic Cars

By LeaseCar, 14 Aug 2018

Here at Leasecar, we are big fans of the James Bond films. Aside from the incredible action scenes, the series features some of the most iconic cars ever made. After an inconclusive debate in the office over which of these cars is best, we decided to create a definitive ranking of James Bond’s most famous cars from best to worst.

The Best Cars For Fuel Economy

By LeaseCar , 14 Aug 2018

Thinking about leasing a new small car? Check out our guide to the best cars for miles per gallon performance and tips to save money on fuel.

Who's driving which car? A break down of drivers

By LeaseCar, 20 Jul 2018

Choosing you car is an important decision for most people. The average UK motorist will spend three full years of their life driving, so it is important to pick a car that is comfortable and suits your style.

The Billion Dollar Movie Car Club

By LeaseCar , 15 Jul 2018


Motorcades of World Leaders

By LeaseCar , 04 Jul 2018

Getting around as a world leader can be a complex business. You can’t even hop in your car and nip down to the local shops without a host of security and staff. A smooth ride is also a consideration for top-ranking politicians, meaning their motorcades are often impressive, both in appearance and cost.

How much do brits know about their cars?

By LeaseCar, 30 Apr 2018

Brits aren’t the savviest when it comes to car maintenance, according to a recent survey we conducted. 1 in 4 of us doesn’t know how to put antifreeze in our cars, and 1 in 10 of us has broken the law by knowingly driving a car that failed its MOT (we’re looking at you, Northern Ireland – you were 1 in 3!) Some drivers are safer and more clued up than others. Drivers in Northern Ireland and London are the nation’s worst on both counts. The best are in the East Midlands, East Anglia

Fast Food on the Move

By LeaseCar, 23 Jan 2018

It’s no secret that the UK loves a good takeaway. With adults in the UK consuming 22 million takeaway meals every week, it’s clear that as a nation we can’t get enough of quick and easy solutions for our meals.

HR Guide to Travel

By Admin, 26 Oct 2017

Your rights when it comes to driving within work hours can be complicated, so here are some of the key questions answered.

Do you consider yourself to be a courteous driver

By LeaseCar, 05 Jun 2017

Do you consider yourself to be a courteous driver

Midlife Crisis Cars

By LeaseCar, 21 Mar 2017

Midlife Crisis Cars Infographic

5 things you can do when you're leasing that you can't when buying

By LeaseCar, 05 Oct 2016

More and more of us are moving away from purchasing and are instead opting to lease a car, simply because it gives us the freedom to enjoy the latest and most innovative vehicles on the market. So, when it comes to leasing a vehicle, what things can you enjoy that you don’t need to worry about when purchasing one outright? Here are a few to consider:

The 5 things you should consider when choosing your car manufacturer

By LeaseCar, 05 Oct 2016

The car manufacturer you choose for your next lease vehicle is one of the most important decisions to make. The manufacturer you choose affects the cost of maintenance, the repair work potentially required and the overall look and feel of the car itself, of course.

What makes us angry on the roads

By LeaseCar, 23 Aug 2016

In the UK, road rage isn't uncommon. Other cars cut us up on roundabouts or drive dangerously on motorways and farm machinery dominates the country lanes (usually early in the morning when you’re already running a little late for work.) But here at LeaseCar, we were interested in just what exactly makes road users so angry and decided to conduct a poll on the matter - featuring 1,200 drivers from all over the country.

Debunking car lease myths: Listen to the experts

By LeaseCar, 09 Aug 2016

We all love a good story, but sometimes they can transform into myths, subsequently spread and are then considered fact. When it comes to car leasing, there are numerous myths around the process, the fees involved and what you must do when you hand the car back. Some of them are just plain untrue.

The 10 mistakes leasers make that cost them money

By LeaseCar, 09 Aug 2016

As your leasing contract comes to a close, it's a good idea to carefully inspect your vehicle for evidence of wear and tear, as repairs that aren't covered by the fair wear and tear policy can be corrected by you for often a lower cost than if the funder were to repair them post handover.

The 10 most important questions to ask before you sign on the dotted line

By LeaseCar, 30 Jul 2016

So, you've decided to lease a car and you've picked the right model for your needs. All that remains is to sort out the paperwork before you head onto the road. Yet while you might be in a rush to get your signature on the dotted line so you can get your mitts on your motor, it's important to temper your enthusiasm just a little bit so that you can pause and ask some key questions. These questions will make sure you are clear about your lease and will enjoy a trouble free agreement.

4 Reasons you should consider a Compact Car

By Timothy Alcock, 18 Dec 2014

Britain's roads are home to a multitude of different car types. From the mighty SUV through to the nimble supermini, the range of vehicles available on the British Isles is one of the finest in the world. With car sales increasing and 2013 sales being at nearly 2.3 m, there's no sign of this motoring diversity changing.

How to make the most of the boot space in your sports car

That four wheeled, sporty little number has always been a dream as you imagine yourself zipping down the motorway in the fast lane, roof down and the wind in your hair, blaring out music your kids would probably complain about. But there’s one problem your partner no doubt brings up often enough for you to doubt leasing such a small car – where exactly is the shopping going to go?
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