We’ve all been behind the wheel for long periods of time, wishing the never ending stretches of motorway would just come to an end while our final destination would  finally appear on the horizon.  With the slow moving traffic and repetitive scenery along the way, there’s no wonder motorway journeys aren’t everyone’s favourite drive.

Indeed,  while for the majority of drivers short motorway journeys can easily be tolerated; longer trips across the country can become a tedious chore.

It’s important to take regular breaks whilst driving for long periods of time, regardless of what type of roads you’re using.. Whether it’s to stretch your legs or grab a bite to eat, stopping for a  rest from driving is essential not only as it breaks up your journey, but for safety reasons as well.

Long distance drives can often result in fatigue, which in turn plays its part in the number of collisions caused on UK roads each year. With this in mind, you can understand why it’s important to break up your drive by recharging with a coffee or even taking some time out for a power nap.

One of the advantages of motorway driving is the option to stop off at one of the UK’s many service stations. Offering places to eat, drink, shop or even just relax, motorway services are the perfect place to take a break from driving and refuel for your onward journey.

Across the UK there are a range of service stations; from larger units catering for busier stretches of motorway to more simple offerings in quieter areas of the country. While you may not be aware of it, some  services have even received commendations and have been named amongst some of the best places to stop and refuel in the country.

To make your break from driving that extra bit special, we’ve taken 5 of the best service stations across the UK, which you’ll hopefully come across during your travels.

From Stafford to London, we’ve got your journey covered. Whether you’re after tasty locally sourced food or a play area for the little ones to burn off some of their energy, you can expect it all and more at one of these 5 motorway services.

If you’re a regular motorway driver then the chances are you’ve experienced your fair share of service stations down the years and now we want to hear from you. If you agree with the 5 featured on our infographic below or feel there are better locations we’ve missed, head to social to share your thoughts, using #UKServiceStations.