When learning to drive, we spend hours upon hours revising the Highway Code and practising tasks such as hazard perception and the vehicle maneuvers we’ll likely to face on a daily basis. As part of all this practical and theory revision, drivers are encouraged to become familiar with the array of warning lights which could appear on your vehicle’s dashboard.

Warning lights will often appear unannounced and in some cases leave the driver rather concerned. It’s more than likely you’ve been driving to work or put the key in the vehicle’s ignition and a warning light has appeared. After driving for a number of years, the chances are you’ll be faced with a warning light, but what are the chances of you knowing exactly what it means?

No matter how many hours of revision you undertake ahead of your driving test, after years of being on the road, most drivers forget a lot of what they’ve learnt and start to display bad driving habits. This is the case for most drivers when warning lights appear during a journey, often leading to the vehicle’s manual being looked through or an online search being completed in an attempt to get to the bottom of the issue.

We wanted to put your knowledge of warning lights to the test and see exactly how clued up you are. We’ve selected twelve warning lights which you may or may not have seen before and compiled them into the ultimate test.

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