Fuel efficiency is something that many people are becoming more concerned with. Not only can an inefficient car cost more money in fuel, but it can also have a bigger impact on the environment. As fuel prices rise and concern for the consequences of CO2 emissions grows, more and more people are paying attention to their miles per gallon (MPG) performance than ever before.

Every single make and model of car on the market come in varying shapes and sizes with a whole host of different features and capabilities – four-wheel drive vs. two-wheel drive, three-door vs. five-door, petrol vs. diesel vs. electric. For this reason, you could see a huge difference in fuel economy depending on the type of car. Some four-wheel drive cars, for example, get just above 10 MPG, over 700% less than the fuel economy of the Kia Rio, which achieves 88.3 MPG.

It is important to be aware of fuel economy when looking at buying or leasing a new car, as it could make a significant impact on how much your vehicle will cost to run. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the best cars for fuel economy, and some tips for keeping fuel bills down.

What are the most fuel efficient cars?

Kia Rio

This nifty little car has swung into the top spot for fuel efficiency. An impressive MPG figure of 78.5 means your fuel costs will work out at just six pence a mile.

The Kia Rio is great for young families as it offers a lot of space for a small car. City-based drivers will be best suited to this vehicle as its engine size of 1.25 litres might mean a slower speed over long distances on the motorway.

The most fuel efficient car is the Kia Rio with MPG of 78.5

The Volkswagen Golf GTE

Volkswagen has earned a reputation as a leader in the production of high quality cars, such as its Golf and Polo, and the Golf doesn’t let itself down on fuel efficiency. Although the car has a 1.4-litre engine, its engineering makes the most of this power while still achieving around 72.9 MPG.

The Golf offers a comfortable ride with a lot of extras on offer to tailor your vehicle to exactly what you want.

The Volkswagen Golf GTE with stats around the miles per gallon and range

Toyota Prius

While the Toyota Prius isn’t exactly renowned for being the coolest of cars, its MPG of around 62.5 makes it a very desirable car. As a hybrid, the Prius runs on both electricity and petrol and with five seats, it’s the perfect family car.

Ways to economise your fuel usage

Having a car with great fuel economy makes it much easier to limit your fuel bills, but there are still things you can do maximise efficiency:

Reduce weight: the weight of your car and what it is carrying can have a significant impact on its fuel economy performance. To get the best from your car, don’t carry heavy items unless you need to. Clear out the boot of your car to save money on your fuel bill.

Maintain your car: A lot of easy-to-fix maintenance issues will knock your car’s MPG down. Regularly check your tyre pressure, tread and oil levels to keep your vehicle running at its best.

Change gear early: Don’t wait until your revs are maxed out to change up the gears. Accelerate at a slightly slower rate and move up your gears earlier to make the most of your fuel.

Stick to lower speeds: Research has shown that travelling at 80mph uses up to 25 per cent more fuel than driving at 70. Stick to speed limits at all times for safety and fuel efficiency.

Get gravity on your side: When you are travelling in an area with obstacles or hilly roads, don’t speed up only to have to brake again shortly after, wasting valuable fuel in the process. Use gravity and your car’s momentum to keep going where possible.