Despite the weather being a tad unpredictable here in the UK, we have some truly beautiful roads, cities, views, and counties that are well worth a drive through. There are parts of the country we never explore, wanting to go abroad for a holiday instead of discovering what’s on our doorstep.

Whether you choose to stay local, or go further afield, make sure you’re prepared for your road trip with plenty of snacks, car games, and some good music.

Below, we’ve listed some of our favourite drives in the UK, and what there is to see there.

Causeway Coastal Route

This is one of the most famous drives in Northern Ireland. Start in Londonderry, and drive through 130 miles of beautiful coastal scenery to Belfast. Some areas of interest include the Glens of Antrim and the amazing cliffs of Binevenagh.

The biggest highlight of this stunning journey is the Giant’s Causeway. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site made up of molten lava that cooled to form stone steps. It’s still not been discovered how these were created, but it’s believed to be from a volcanic eruption around 60 million years ago. It’s a must see on this coastal tour.

Cat and Fiddle Route

Based in our neighbouring county of Cheshire, the Cat and Fiddle route is named after the pub that you’ll find along the road. It’s only a 12-mile, 25-minute drive, but is a route famous for its popularity with motorcyclists due to its challenging bends. It’s a well known road set in the heart of the Peak District, and is worth driving down for the views at Goyt’s Moss. The journey starts in Buxton and finishes in Macclesfield, so make a day of it by stopping for a pub lunch midway.

Crianlarich to Oban

Based in the beautiful hills of Scotland, this 40-mile route will show you some of the best scenery Scotland has to offer. It’s got a combination of long straights and tight bends that makes it an exhilarating drive.

The journey starts in Crianlarich, which is a small scenic village around 10 miles from Loch Lomond. The last section of the drive takes you along Scotland’s west coast to Oban, which is known as the seafood capital of Scotland, so make sure you get some traditional fish and chips whilst you’re there!

A highlight of this journey includes Loch Awe, as well as plenty of natural waterfalls. 

Those are our favourites, but what are some of the best recommendations from other people? We got in touch with some top travel influencers to find out their favourite drives in the UK. You can find their answers below, as well as how you can experience these drives too.