Motorists are being warned of the risk of invalidating their car insurance and being asked to check their policies by experts.

The car leasing experts at have highlighted eight ways drivers in the UK can null their insurance without realising.

Reading and understanding the intricacies of car insurance policies is essential as there are several things such as the wrong home address that can invalidate the policy.

Not only can these things void insurance policies and cause an inability to claim – but they can also carry hefty financial penalties and sometimes legal ramifications too.

A spokesperson for said: “It can be easy to gloss over the terms and conditions of many things, especially your car insurance – but this could in fact put you at risk of invalidating it.

“Small changes to your lifestyle may seem trivial but it is important that you notify your insurance provider as to avoid any charges and be fully covered.

“There are also things to bear in mind whilst driving to ensure that if the unfortunate occurrence of an accident does occur, you can claim.

Misjudging your mileage

When filling out any insurance policy it will ask you to estimate your annual mileage and this needs to be as accurate as possible. Taking your commute as well as your leisure activities into account will provide a semi accurate number however, it’s best to allow some tolerance for those unexpected trips.

New job

The nature of your occupation has an effect on the price of your car insurance. This is because some jobs such as taxi drivers, food delivery drivers and couriers spend more time on the roads, and are therefore more likely to be involved in a motoring incident. Make sure to be accurate with your job title because even a subtle difference can affect your policy.

Change of address

The location in which you live has an effect on your premium, this is for a variety of reasons including crime and traffic density. By changing your address and not informing your insurer, you could be getting a cheaper premium and this can invalidate your policy.

Looking after the vehicle

Keeping your car roadworthy is important not only for road safety but also to ensure your insurance policy remains valid. MOT’s and services should be carried out at regular intervals to keep the policy valid.

Window tints

Any modifications made by you or the previous owner before taking out a policy must be reported to the insurance provider – no matter how small they may be. If the work is yet to be carried out, it is also essential the modifications stay within the legal limit. For example, window tints on side windows must let at least 70% of light through. Any more than this and they become illegal.


Parents or older drivers who falsely claim they are the main driver of a vehicle when it is in fact a younger, less experienced driver can in fact render the insurance void. Although this often makes insurance policies cheaper for young drivers, it is also illegal.

Declaration of points

Insurance providers must be aware of any current points on your licence – these usually stay on your licence for four years. If you try to claim on your insurance and the provider finds out you haven’t declared your points (or an incorrect amount) they can refuse to pay out. Driving penalties increase the perceived risk on the road, so it’s best to think twice before trying to get a cheap quote.


Ensuring you’re covered to drive to work can stop you from getting in trouble with your insurer. Not declaring your car’s class of use can be a serious offence and you won’t be covered by your insurance provider if you were commuting at the time.