There is no doubt about it – the car you drive can reveal a lot about you as a person. From your specific tastes and style to your personal interests and profession, the make, model, colour and even interior of your car can reflect key aspects of your personality, attitude and general approach to life.

However, have you ever considered what your chosen car might be saying about your particular driving style or how you are perceived by other drivers on the road?

We surveyed 1,000 UK residents asking them what type of car they believed a bad driver, an angry driver and a good-looking driver would own. Here’s what we found:

Which cars bad drivers own?

  1. What make of car do bad drivers drive?
  2. We asked respondents to select the three car brands they felt bad drivers own. BMW topped the list at 68%, followed by Audi at 50% and Mercedes not far behind at 47%.

  3. What colour car do bad drivers drive?
  4. According to our survey, you’re most likely to be deemed a bad driver if you own a black car, with 33% of our respondents putting that colour on their watch list. Red came second at 23%, followed by white at 13%.

  5. Which age group is typically the worst driver?
  6. If you’re younger, people tend to believe your quality of driving suffers as a result, with the majority of our respondents saying the worst drivers are aged 17-30 and next came those who are aged 61+. Interestingly, the safest drivers were deemed those between 45-60 years of age.

  7. Which sex is the worst driver?

According to our survey, it seems that male drivers aren’t worthy when compared to their female counterparts. With 65% of our respondents believing men are worse drivers than women, perhaps this will help put an end to any arguments over who drives better. Or maybe not..

So, according to our survey, if you’re male, aged between 17-30 and drive a black BMW, you’re officially part of the worst group of drivers on the road. Best book in some extra lessons!

Which cars do angry drivers own?

  1. What make of car do angry drivers drive?

We know what makes a bad driver, but what about those who suffer from road rage? Perhaps it comes as no surprise that BMW tops our list again at 69%, with a majority of our respondents believing they are the angriest drivers. This is followed by Audi at 52% and Mercedes at 50%.

  • What colour car do angry drivers drive?
  • Interestingly, according to our survey, red has been cast as the angriest colour to go for. We usually associate this colour with conflict and danger, so this does make sense. Black is a close second at 32%, with white coming third at only 11%.

  • Which age group is typically the angriest driver?
  • If you’re in your 30s and early 40s it’s time to chill out, as the majority of our respondents consider those in that age range as the angriest drivers. The least angry are thought to be those who are 61+, perhaps a bit of extra experience teaches you that road rage gets you nowhere.

    So, if you’re found in a red BMW and aged between 31-45, you’ve been voted the angriest driver. Please don’t take it out on us!

    Which cars do good-looking drivers own?

    1. What brand of cars do good looking drivers own?
    2. When it comes to good-looking drivers and their cars, Mercedes tops the list with 42% of our respondents choosing Merc owners as the best looking drivers, closely followed by Audi at 41% and BMW at 38%.

      1. What colour car do good-looking drivers own?

      While this survey has established that our respondents believe that owners of black cars are the worst drivers, this group also comes joint first with silver for those who are considered the best looking at 22%. If you own an orange or pink car…well, we’re sorry.

      Do these figures match you opinion about drivers on the road? What about your own type of car, where do you fall on the list? Let us know on social media using the hashtag #WheelyAnnoying.