Motorists are being encouraged to carry out basic safety checks on their car tyres before heading out on summer road trips.

The motoring experts at have compiled a list of the checks drivers need to make to ensure they’re safe on the road.

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Among them are checking the overall condition of the tyres, making sure the tyre pressure is correct and checking the tread.

Failure to have legal tyres, particularly when it comes to tread, can result in fines and penalty points.

A spokesperson for said: “With many Britons likely to holiday in the UK this year rather than head overseas, more road trips will certainly be on the cards.

“Making sure your vehicle is roadworthy, compliant with legal requirements and safe is essential.

“Checking tyres is the obvious place to start and there are simple checks motorists can carry out at home. However, our advice is, if you’re not sure, get your tyres checked by a professional before heading out on the road.”

Here is’s guide for checking car tyres:

Tyre condition

Take a close look at your tyres to check they’re in good working order, Check for cuts, tears and bulges as well as any stones or nails caught in them and damage to the side wall.

A bulge or lump could be caused by hitting a pothole or kerb and can be dangerous. Cuts too can be caused by potholes, also driving over sharp objects.

Tyres will wear unevenly if they’re under of over inflated. They may still be legal but they won’t last as long so are worth getting checked.

Tyre pressure

The correct tyre pressure means you can brake, grip and steer safely. Having an over or under inflated tyre can make a huge difference to the way your vehicle drives. Most cars have a tyre pressure monitoring system.

If yours doesn’t, check the levels before your journey and if you need to, top up at your local garage. Checking the pressure is simple. Unscrew the valve cap on the tyre and attach the gauge. This will give you the reading.

The recommended tyre pressure is different for each car so check your manual or look online.


Checking your tread is one of the most important safety checks. The best way to check tread is by using a 20p. Simply take the coin and insert into the tread groves of the tyre.

If you can’t see the outer band on the coin, your tyres are legal. If you can, get your tyres checked by a professional.

Spare tyre

If you do carry a spare tyre, remember to check that too. It needs to be roadworthy should you ever need it.