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Car Leasing and Insurance

You will only find insured lease deals by contacting us or looking at this page. All other car leasing deals on our website are not insured leases. 

Total Care Explained

Total care provides you with an insured and maintained leased vehicle. It offers a complete and cost effective approach to vehicle leasing. By insuring your vehicle as part of the lease, you pay a fixed rental for the contract term (which can be anything from two to four years) safe in the knowledge that your premium won't increase. The provision of Total Care is subject to terms and conditions available on request at an additional cost.

What's Included?

    • Fixed monthly rentals for up to 5 years.*
    • Own Damage Protection covering the cost of repairs in the event of accident, fire or theft
    • Glass Damage Protection for the repair and replacement of all body glass
    • 3rd Party Liability included
    • Shortfall Protection on your vehicle to bridge the gap of the finance in the event of a write off
    • Guaranteed Maintenance Cover to provide ease of budgeting and comprehensive servicing
    • Breakdown Assistance that includes a replacement vehicle for the first 48 hours
    • Accident Management providing a fast and efficient claims service
    • Motor Insurance Database (MID) updates managed by Arval on your behalf throughout the life of the contract ensuring legal compliance and prevention of fines
    • Cover for Business or Personal use

    *Subject to Arval’s fair usage policy.

    Please note Arval Total Care does not include Personal Injury and Personal Belongings for the Driver in the event of a fault claim. Cover is subject to our Driver Acceptance Criteria.

    If you would like to talk to us about an insured lease vehicle please contact us on [contact information].

arval total care

Acceptance Criteria

Driver Eligibility

Drivers of the vehicle must, at the time of driving:

  • Hold a full UK/EU driving licence, which has been valid for at least one year
  • Have not been advised to stop driving by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) or a medical practitioner due to medical conditions
  • For Personal Contract Hire - be the driver, their spouse, partner or immediate family i.e. parents, siblings or children, providing they meet the remaining criteria
  • For Contract Hire - be a company employee, their spouse, partner or immediate family i.e. parents, siblings or children, providing they meet the remaining criteria
  • Be aged between 21-70
  • Have no more than six points on their driving licence record in the last five years
  • Have not had more than two fault claims within the previous 24 months
  • Have not been subject to a driving ban in the last five years
  • Have never been refused insurance in the past

Vehicle Criteria

  • All vehicles are acceptable except for the below:
  • Vehicle other than cars or Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs)
  • Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) greater than 3.5T
  • Non-Arval vehicles
  • Vehicles with more than eight passenger seats.
  • If the customer makes a misrepresentation of their eligibility, then cover can be withdrawn and no claim will be paid out.

Tesla Only Eligibility

  • Hold a full UK/EU driving licence, which has been valid for a minimum of five years
  • Be aged between 30-70
  • Have not been advised to stop driving by the DVLA or a medical practitioner due to medical conditions
  • Be the driver, driver’s spouse or partner (for Personal Contract Hire)
  • Be a company employee, the employee’s spouse or partner (for Contract Hire)

Trades/Use Criteria

  • All vehicles are acceptable for trade and usage except for the below:
  • Carriage of passengers or goods for Hire and Reward e.g. not taxi, minicab or courier
  • Vehicles on airport premises except in public areas such as car parks
  • Vehicles taking part in racing, rallies and/or speed trials
  • Commercial transportation of inflammable liquids, chemicals or gases.

Why Choose Total Care

  • Cover will start on the day of delivery, and continue until we collect the vehicle.
  • By packaging together these products, you will receive a complete and hassle-free approach to your vehicle needs that will save you time and money.
  • You can have the certainty of a fixed monthly outgoing for all of your major vehicle costs in one consolidated place and at a competitive price for the duration of your vehicle’s term (up to 5 years).
  • You will save time by not having to shop around for insurance renewal quotes.
  • Our maintenance cover ensures that your vehicle is maintained and serviced regularly, and we also provide you with an extensive breakdown package so that you are never stranded.
  • We don’t have to wait for authorization to repair your vehicle – significantly reducing your downtime and getting you back on the road quicker.
  • In addition to new vehicles, you can add Arval Total Care to an existing Arval leased vehicle giving you full peace of mind.
  • For Business Lease, Arval Total Care utilizes the tax and financial benefits of Contract Hire to enable you to reclaim the relevant VAT charges where appropriate.

Introduction to our car leasing with insurance option

Getting behind the wheel of a new car is exciting. When you decide that it's the right time to start driving something new, choosing the right car is important - and often fun!

You need to think about what you need from your vehicle in terms of performance, practicality and efficiency - and that's just the start. With so many models and configurations available to lease , choosing the right one is a big deal.

However, as much fun as finding your perfect match may be, it's equally important that you've covered the legal side of things from all angles. Insurance, although not glamorous, is a must. You should give the same priority as choosing your new road partner.

Driving a car on UK roads means that insurance is a legal requirement. Although no one likes to think about accidents, they do happen.

Most often, they're not entirely your fault. Sometimes, you're just in the wrong place at the wrong time. But, there's frequently blame apportioned to both parties.

When an accident does happen, insurance is designed to protect you, your passengers and other road users. Of course, there are different levels of insurance available, which cover various eventualities.

The more coverage you have, the pricier you can expect the policy to be . But, regardless of your cover - and even if you opt for minimal cover with third-party insurance - it's a must.

Driving without insurance can lead to big fines and even prison for those drivers who are reckless enough to think that they can get away with it.

There's also the very real possibility of causing expensive damage to property that you'll be legally required to pay if you're not covered by insurance. The most serious outcome of any accident is causing injury, or worse, to yourself or another person. When uninsured drivers injure other road users, as you'd expect, the law comes down on them hard.

You can find out what UK law says about driving without insurance by clicking here.

At LeaseCar, we make driving the best cars easy. But, we know that driving isn't just about the car, it comes with a lot of legal obligations and necessities too.

That's why we can offer our customers lease agreements with insurance included in the package - our Total Care option.

Of course, you're welcome to sort out a private insurance package for your leased car if you'd prefer. You're under no obligation to take a car lease with insurance included from us, but we like to think that it makes things easy for you… and we'll also get you a cracking deal.

Just like choosing the right car and the right leasing agreement, choosing the right insurance is a big decision.

To help you decide if our Total Care package is the winning option for you, we've put together this guide to help you understand how car insurance works and what the Total Care package offers.

If you have any further questions after reading about car leasing or car insurance, please don't hesitate to contact us online or call us on 0344 745 1818.

What type of insurance do I need?

Deciding on the level of insurance you need requires an analysis of what the policy covers. There are many different types of policy available and each is designed to suit different circumstances.

Getting it wrong could mean that you're driving without the cover you need. On the other hand, opting for a policy that provides coverage that you don't need could mean avoidable extra costs.

That's why it's so important to have a clear idea of the type of insurance you need, even before you start comparing car insurance quotes and prices.

Is car insurance different if I'm leasing a car?

Your leasing agreement, whether it's contract hire or purchase hire, might require you to have a particular type of insurance cover.

For example, if your lease deal falls into the category of personal contract hire , you'll need to have fully comprehensive insurance coverage in place to drive the car legally.

This is because you never own the car so you need to insure yourself to drive a vehicle that doesn't belong to you.

This protects the leasing company that owns the car from financial implications in the event of damage or loss.

There's always a risk that a car a leasing company has purchased could be damaged, destroyed or stolen. That's why you'll find that all leasing companies require a specific level and type of cover.

When you're selecting a car lease deal, always take careful note of the stipulations covering insurance in the terms and conditions. If you're in any doubt, our team can help you with understanding what your options are .

What if I'm leasing a car for business use?

If you're looking at a business contract hire or business purchase hire leasing agreement , you might already be covered by your organisation's company fleet insurance, or you may be eligible for it. Make sure you check if this applies to you before applying for any insurance policies.

Total Care - What's the deal?

Our Total Care package means that you'll be driving a fully insured and maintained lease car.

As the Total Care option becomes part of your lease contract, you'll pay a fixed price for the contract term (between two to four years) that includes your insurance, repairs and maintenance.

That means no dealing with third-party insurance companies and peace of mind that we've got you covered for any eventuality. Your premium won't increase over the term of your contract and your level of cover will be optimised for your driving needs and usage.

What's Included with LeaseCar's insured car leasing deals?

  • Third-party liability

  • Damage protection covers the cost of repairs in the event of an accident, fire or theft

  • Glass damage protection covering the repair and replacement of all body glass

  • No financial gap on your vehicle in the event of a write-off

  • Guaranteed maintenance cover, comprehensive servicing and repairs

  • Breakdown cover and assistance that includes a replacement vehicle for the first 48 hours

  • Accident management includes a fast and efficient claims service

  • Motor Insurance Database (MID) updates on your behalf throughout the contract to ensure legal compliance and avoidance of fines.

Let's take a look at the different levels of car insurance we offer our customers:

Third-party only car insurance

Third-party insurance provides the minimum insurance cover required to drive legally in the UK. It covers any third parties involved in an accident with you, but not yourself.

If the accident is deemed to be your fault, third-party insurance pays the other people involved for any damage to their vehicles, damage to property or injuries. This covers both drivers and passengers in other vehicles.

As third-party insurance provides minimum cover, it's very often the cheapest type of insurance available for UK drivers.

That means that it's more popular with those on a tight budget, perhaps younger drivers, than other types of more costly insurance cover. But, it's important to be aware of the limitations of this type of insurance policy.

And remember: It won't pay any money towards damage to your vehicle if you are at fault.

The cost of the policy is affected by the market value of the car that's covered - in other words, how much it would cost to replace. So, if you're driving an older, less pricey car, it might be worth considering third-party insurance as you'll be covered to legally drive while not paying a high premium to potentially replace a low-cost car.

It's down to you to weigh up whether that's a good fit for your circumstances.

If you're considering third-party insurance, it's important to understand what level of coverage you'll receive with the policy.

When you're opting to lease a car, this is very often not an acceptable insurance policy, as you're not the ‘first person' (meaning owner) of the car. Whatever you decide, always read the terms and conditions for your insurance plan and make sure you understand them fully.

If you need help with this, talk to one of our team. We're always happy to help.

Pros of third-party insurance cover for cars

  • You're legally insured to drive on UK roads

  • The cheapest form of insurance available

Cons of third-party insurance cover for cars

  • Only covers payouts for third parties in the event of an accident

  • Often isn't acceptable as insurance to cover a leased vehicle

  • Won't pay out for replacement parts needed due to wear and tear or other repairs

  • This can mean high costs to pay in the event of accidents or repairs

Third-party, fire and theft car insurance

Providing more cover than just third-party insurance is the third-party, fire and theft level of cover. In effect, this is the same as third-party-only insurance with some extra cover for more circumstances, with limitations.

So, as with third-party-only insurance, you're covered for injuries to third parties involved in an accident that is your fault and for any property damage that may occur as a result. However, unlike the third-party-only cover, you're also insured if your car is stolen, or suffers fire damage or damage caused by natural disasters, such as floods.

This type of insurance can be a practical way of covering the unexpected things that can happen to drivers and cars while making lower payments than needed for fully comprehensive insurance cover.

As with third-party-only insurance, your leasing company may not deem this an acceptable insurance policy depending on your type of lease contract. The main issue is that both policies generally assume you have ownership of the car.

However, when you're leasing a car, ownership is retained by the leasing company. You can sometimes pay an extra charge to be classed as a ‘policyholder' under the same cover, but this is much more common with fully comprehensive insurance.

Check the policy terms and conditions to find out if this is possible with any deal. It's worth bearing in mind that any extra charge might make it a better option to choose fully comprehensive insurance cover as you'll end up paying a similar amount.

Third-party, fire and theft insurance will not cover you for any vehicle failure. You might choose to add roadside assistance to your lease contract or have breakdown cover, but if you don't it's your responsibility to cover the cost of recovery, repairs and replacement parts.

Always weigh up these types of potential costs when you're deciding on the level of insurance you need. Choosing a lower level of cover can often prove to be a false economy when the bills start to mount up.

Pros of third-party, fire and theft insurance cover for cars

  • Better insurance cover than just third-party

  • Receive protection for loss and damage to the car if sustained through theft and fire

  • Prices can be a cheaper alternative to a fully comprehensive insurance package

Cons of third-party, fire and theft insurance cover for cars

  • Won't cover you for repairs and replacement parts

  • This type of cover might not be acceptable to your leasing company depending on your leasing contract

  • Doesn't cover you for any damages to the vehicle in the event of an accident that's your fault

Fully comprehensive car insurance

Fully comprehensive car insurance provides you with the highest level of coverage. It covers all third-party damages, including injuries sustained in accidents if they are your fault. It also covers you personally for any damages to your vehicle.

You'll also be covered if your car is stolen, or damaged in an attempted theft. Fully comprehensive insurance, sometimes known as ‘fully comp', can also assist with medical bills associated with injuries sustained as a result of accidents.

It can also save you money on repair costs, depending on the details of your policy.

All policies are different, even when they fall into the same ‘broad type' of insurance. Prices also vary.

Usually, the higher the cost of the policy, the more eventualities you are covered for - but this isn't always the case, so you must check this before entering your insurance agreement.

Fully comprehensive is the most expensive level of insurance but might potentially save you from a heavy hit to your pocket should you have an accident , have your car stolen or be involved in another type of incident resulting in damage, injury or loss.

Fully comprehensive insurance might also cover you for driving in a different country - so you'll have no extra insurance costs to pay when you're planning that road trip!

That's why most leasing companies insist on this level of insurance when you lease a vehicle from them.

Always check the details of your policy as there are key differences between many, which are only evident in the small print. However, some common benefits might include tyre replacement and windscreen crack repair cover, provided without affecting your ‘no claims bonus' or your annual policy premium.

Be sure to check your policy terms and conditions very carefully to make sure that you know exactly what you'll get for your money. Here are some things to watch out for.

  • Check the excess - The excess is the amount you will have to pay when you make a claim. It's then refunded if you're found to not be at fault. You pay the excess upfront to get a claim started – do the maths and work out whether you could afford to pay the excess on a big claim should the worst happen

  • Restrictions - There may be mileage limits. Check your policy carefully. In some cases, breaking the mileage limit means driving with invalid insurance. That could spell disaster for you in the event of an accident or if your car is stolen. It's also a criminal offence carrying a big fine and possible jail time

  • Premium - This is the cost of the policy. You can usually choose to make monthly payments or pay once a year. Some insurance companies offer a discount for paying the annual charge upfront. Your premium is decided by the value of the car, the location of your activities, your assumed risk group and your insurance/driving history .

  • Warranty cover - A warranty or maintenance package will often cover you for accidental damage or repairs and replacements. Make sure you check what's covered. Good warranty cover can often mean saving hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

Pros of fully comprehensive insurance cover for cars

  • Fully covers you for any damage to your car and other drivers' cars

  • Offers a range of extras and additions and more flexibility

  • Will be accepted by all leasing companies for various leasing agreements

  • Can cover you as a policyholder and let you drive other cars fully insured.

Cons of third party, fire and theft insurance cover for cars

  • It's the most expensive type of insurance policy

Who can get an insured leasing agreement?

At LeaseCar, we want to make getting your car on the road as easy as possible. That's why we offer our Total Care package.

Most drivers are eligible for the plan. Take a look at the acceptance criteria below. If you have any questions about your Total Care eligibility, get in touch with one of our team. We're always happy to advise and can help you decide if Total Care is the way forward for you.

Acceptance criteria for Total Care insurance

Driver Eligibility

Drivers of the vehicle must, at the time of driving:

  • Hold a full EU driving licence which has been valid for at least 2 years

  • Be not less than age 23 and not more than age 67

  • Have not been advised to stop driving by DVLA or a medical practitioner due to medical conditions

  • Be the lessee or the lessee's spouse or partner (for regulated contract hire and personal contract hire)

  • Be an employee of the lessee or be an employee's spouse or partner (for contract hire)

Drivers of the vehicle must, at the time of accepting the lease:

  • Have no more than 6 points on their driving licence

  • Have had no more than 2 accidents/claims made by or against them within the previous 24 months (excluding those recovered from a third party).

What are the benefits of a combined lease and insurance package?

  • Cover starts on the day your new vehicle is delivered and will continue until the vehicle is collected

  • By bundling together your hire contract, maintenance and insurance you enjoy simple and hassle-free management of your vehicles needs, saving you time and money

  • You have a fixed monthly cost, which remains at the same competitive price for the duration of your lease term

  • You save time by not having to shop around for insurance renewal quotes or deal with third-party repairs and maintenance providers

  • You can enjoy the tax and financial benefits of contract hire and reclaim the relevant VAT charges where appropriate

  • Your car is maintained and serviced regularly and we also provide you with an extensive breakdown package . That means peace of mind for you and your family and you'll never get stranded again!

  • We don't have to wait for a third party to give us the go-ahead to repair your vehicle. This significantly reduces your downtime and gets you back on the road quicker.

What kind of cars can you get with our Total Care plan?

Our customers can choose from a huge range of cars. We can supply a car or van to suit any requirements, from a workhorse electric van to a top-spec performance sports car.

And, as one of the main benefits of leasing is the reduced rental amount, you can usually afford a higher quality car for the money that you're spending when you choose to purchase outright or use a third-party finance company.

A good starting point is to think about your driving needs and your driving style. At LeaseCar, we believe that driving should make you happy, so don't forget to decide on what type of vehicle will put a smile on your face too!

If you're unsure about the best choice for your circumstances, give our team a call.

We keep our knowledge up to date and comprehensive, so we know what's available and what's likely to be a good fit for you , whatever your circumstances.

We're also happy to talk you through the leasing process. Leasing is generally a good fit for most drivers, but we're happy to run through your options to help you decide if it's going to be the best plan for you.

Once you've got a good idea of the type of car you're looking for, head over to our stock pages and take a look at what we have available . If you can't find the car you want, don't worry about it.

We can supply almost any car on the market.

We've been in the car leasing business for over twenty years and have forged excellent connections with vehicle distributors all over the UK. Just tell our team what you're looking for and they'll do their very best to source the exact car!

We have customers leasing for business, including prestigious fleet vehicles , practical vans and super-efficient cars for long commutes. We have customers leasing cars that make taking the family away for a long weekend a pleasure.

We have customers leasing performance cars they've always dreamed of driving and now, with our help, they're finally able to enjoy. Whatever your driving needs are, LeaseCar has a car or van for you.

If you're ready to lease your car with a Total Care package or you'd like more information, contact us online or call us on 0344 745 1818.

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