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Volkswagen Car Leases

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If you're searching for a reliable yet stylish car for personal or business use, you can't go wrong with one of our fantastic VW (Volkswagen) lease deals.

If you're searching for a reliable yet stylish car for personal or business use, you can't go wrong with one of our fantastic VW (Volkswagen) lease deals.

The German manufacturer is one of the most well known car companies on the planet, becoming extremely popular over the years since they were founded in 1937. The company's name is derived from the German words Volk (people) and Wagen (car) - in English, these words translate to 'people's car'.

If you're considering taking out a Volkswagen lease deal, you've come to the right place. LeaseCar is one of the UK's most trusted and oldest car leasing companies in the UK . We've been in the industry since 1998, making us experts in the car leasing sector.

All the information you need to make the right decision can be found on this page. If you'd like to speak to someone first, our friendly advisors will be happy to help.


Choose your leasing options

From £466.60 ex VAT

Personal Leasing £559.92 inc VAT
Initial Rental £2,799.60 ex VAT

From £307.76 ex VAT

Personal Leasing £369.31 inc VAT
Initial Rental £1,846.56 ex VAT

60.1 mpg
Caddy California Maxi
From £520.05 ex VAT

Personal Leasing £624.06 inc VAT
Initial Rental £3,120.30 ex VAT
Save £15.08 per month. Was £535.13.

Caddy Maxi
From £322.94 ex VAT

Personal Leasing £387.53 inc VAT
Initial Rental £1,937.64 ex VAT
Save £7.28 per month. Was £330.22.

From £280.38 ex VAT

Personal Leasing £336.46 inc VAT
Initial Rental £1,682.28 ex VAT

From £189.99 ex VAT
In Stock

Personal Leasing £227.99 inc VAT
Initial Rental £1,709.91 ex VAT

Grand California
From £868.10 ex VAT

Personal Leasing £1,041.72 inc VAT
Initial Rental £5,208.60 ex VAT
Save £31.56 per month. Was £899.66.

34 mpg
ID. Buzz
From £423.19 ex VAT
In Stock

Personal Leasing £507.83 inc VAT
Initial Rental £3,808.71 ex VAT

77 kWh
From £264.99 ex VAT
In Stock

Personal Leasing £317.99 inc VAT
Initial Rental £2,384.91 ex VAT

62 kWh
From £218.40 ex VAT
In Stock

Personal Leasing £262.08 inc VAT
Initial Rental £1,965.60 ex VAT

55 kWh
From £483.99 ex VAT
Hot Offer

Personal Leasing £580.79 inc VAT
Initial Rental £4,355.91 ex VAT

82 kWh
From £295.74 ex VAT
Hot Offer

Personal Leasing £354.89 inc VAT
Initial Rental £2,661.66 ex VAT

82 kWh
From £541.10 ex VAT

Personal Leasing £649.32 inc VAT
Initial Rental £3,246.60 ex VAT
Save £5.88 per month. Was £546.98.

From £377.88 ex VAT

Personal Leasing £453.46 inc VAT
Initial Rental £2,267.28 ex VAT
Save £4.78 per month. Was £382.66.

From £179.99 ex VAT
Hot Offer

Personal Leasing £215.99 inc VAT
Initial Rental £1,619.91 ex VAT

From £199.99 ex VAT
Hot Offer

Personal Leasing £239.99 inc VAT
Initial Rental £1,799.91 ex VAT

From £337.56 ex VAT

Personal Leasing £405.07 inc VAT
Initial Rental £2,025.36 ex VAT

From £242.99 ex VAT
Hot Offer

Personal Leasing £291.59 inc VAT
Initial Rental £2,186.91 ex VAT

From £221.12 ex VAT
In Stock

Personal Leasing £265.34 inc VAT
Initial Rental £1,990.08 ex VAT

From £261.99 ex VAT
Hot Offer

Personal Leasing £314.39 inc VAT
Initial Rental £2,357.91 ex VAT

Tiguan Allspace
From £316.99 ex VAT
In Stock

Personal Leasing £380.39 inc VAT
Initial Rental £2,852.91 ex VAT

From £465.45 ex VAT
In Stock

Personal Leasing £558.54 inc VAT
Initial Rental £4,189.05 ex VAT

From £396.20 ex VAT

Personal Leasing £475.44 inc VAT
Initial Rental £2,377.20 ex VAT
Save £8.64 per month. Was £404.84.


Why lease a Volkswagen

Volkswagen: A short history

Volkswagen is one of the oldest car brands in the world, first established in Germany in 1937. Their flagship model is the Volkswagen Beetle, which is one of the cars they're most famous for producing. The Beetle has since been discontinued , but it still remains one of the most well-known cars in the world.

However, VWs current stable of models is vast, so there really is something for every driver.

Volkswagen also own a number of other common car brands , including:

Because of their wide remit, the chances are that you'll probably have driven a car manufactured by Volkswagen at some point. Every car they make has a reputation for being extremely reliable, showing that Volkswagen's cars are well worth the money.

When Volkswagen was first founded, cars were considered to be luxury items, making them unaffordable for the average person. The German manufacturer decided to change this by making a car with a more cost-effective price point: this is how the idea of the people's car was formed.

Since 2017, Volkswagen have focused their efforts on the electric vehicle market, showing how committed they are to sustainability. As such, many of the newer models are classed as electric vehicles - something that is a massive benefit, considering the British government's plan to ban new sales of petrol and diesel cars in 2030 .

As a modern manufacturer, Volkswagen have even suggested introducing 'vertical mobility' in the future - although the dream of flying cars is likely a long way off, if possible at all. Nevertheless, it's clear that the company has a clear focus on keeping up with modern technology.

A closer look at some of Volkwagen's most popular models

At LeaseCar, we have a wide range of different Volkswagen models available to lease, giving you greater choice over your driving life.

Whether you're looking for a spacious family estate like the Tiguan or a high-performance hatchback such as the VW Golf , LeaseCar's VW collection has you covered. With vehicles for every budget and circumstance, you can get your hands on that luxury saloon you've had your eyes on for the work commute. If you'd like something larger, a comfortable MPV might be more your style, perfect for days out with the whole family.

Whatever you need to fulfil your personal or professional vehicle requirements, the chances are one of our VW lease deals will be perfect for you.

If you've already made up your mind about what car you'd like to drive, get in touch with us and we'll get the process started!

Show off your style with a Volkswagen Arteon

The Volkswagen Arteon is one of VW's most celebrated models, with two different variations available for lease. Launched in 2017, the VW Arteon was pitched as a slightly more luxurious VW Passat, having a similar style. The two options available through LeaseCar are:

If you do decide you'd like to drive a VW Arteon, you'll need to make a decision over which type. The estate version might be better for those with a larger family, whereas the hatchback model is a slightly sleeker and sportier version.

However, both varieties of the VW Arteon look fantastic, with ample room inside both cars. Both automatic and manual versions of the Arteon are available, as well as petrol and diesel models.

Volkswagen's Digital Cockpit Pro comes as standard with all Arteon's, allowing you to drive around comfortably. These cars also have a five-star Euro NCAP rating , so you'll have peace of mind that you and your passengers will be kept safe throughout your journey.

Get inside the roomy Volkswagen Caddy

The Volkswagen Caddy is technically classed as a panel van, as it's a bit of a split between a traditional car and a van.

It's been in production since 1979, taking on many iterations over the years. The humble Caddy has undergone two facelifts in recent years (in 2010 and 2015) to make it fit in with its more contemporary rivals.

There are four main cars we offer within the Caddy stable, which are all classed as multi-purpose vehicles. These are:

As the name suggests, the Maxi versions are longer than the other Caddy's we have, allowing more space to transport luggage and cargo. The California models are a little smaller, however you can still comfortably fit a large family and their luggage inside, making them perfect for those long car journeys.

As with most of our other VW lease deals, the Caddy range can be hired as petrol, diesel, manual or automatic models. If you'd like something even larger, the Volkswagen Grand California MPV could be the perfect alternative to a Caddy.

Take a smooth ride in the Volkswagen Golf

The VW Golf should need no introduction, as it's one of the most famous cars in the world.

First introduced onto the car market in 1974, the best-selling Golf has spanned across eight generations, with each one building upon the last to create something even more wonderful. It's one of the most recognisable cars in the world and is Volkswagen's top-selling car of all time , even out-selling the classic Beetle.

The Golf is a little sportier than the VW Polo - another popular Volkswagen vehicle with a similar look. VW Golf's are very practical, with plenty of space for all the family - whatever Golf type you decide to lease. Another plus point with these models is that they're very cost-effective, providing tons of technical specs and features for a cheaper price than you might normally expect.

As one of the most popular VW models, we offer several different versions for lease:

The hatchback is the model most people think of in reference to the Golf series - it's a little smaller than the other variations on offer, but it stills packs a punch in the storage department. Volkswagen's flagship model comes with performance in spades, whilst also retaining a sporty appearance.

For something a little bulkier, the estate versions of the Golf might be more your style. The VW Golf Alltrack Estate is a taller type of the standard Estate model, also featuring four-wheel drive capabilities. It's perfect for traversing any terrain, due to its elevated driving position and sophisticated sports suspension.

The Alltrack Estate is only available in a diesel, automatic variant, however diesel, petrol, automatic and manual models of the hatchback Golf and estate cars can be leased.

Have an adventure in the Volkswagen Passat

The Volkswagen Passat is a large family car - since the brand was established in 1973, eight generations have elapsed.

The VW Passat is an extremely respected vehicle within the car world, and for good reason! The saloon model was sadly discontinued in 2022 , but the estate version is still available. The VW Passat Estate gives you all the comforts of a hatchback, but with a larger boot to match. As one of the oldest VWs on the market, the Passat is a well-liked classic car of sorts. Any driveway will look classy with one of these beasts sitting on it!

Automatic and manual varieties are available and there are plenty of engine types you can lease with the VW Passat, including:

As the VW Passat is an estate car, you can be certain that it comes with loads of room inside. The boot is huge and has a low load lip to make getting items into the car as easy as possible. The passenger and driver areas also have lots of space, allowing even the tallest of people to sit comfortably inside.

If you'd like a more stately car, the Volkswagen Passat could be perfect for you.

Jump inside the classic Volkswagen Polo

The VW Polo is another well-loved Volkswagen car, going through several iterations since it was first sold in 1975. Six separate generations have been created for the VW Polo, although several facelifts have been conducted within generations at times.

The Polo has a very definitive look that is similar stylistically to the Golf, making it extremely recognisable around the world. However, the Polo looked remarkably different before the third generation change, creating the contemporary car that modern petrol heads have come to know and love.

The VW Polo is an extremely comfortable car, whether you're the driver or a passenger. It's also very versatile, running well in just about any situation - whether you're commuting to work on the motorway or nipping down country lanes on your day off.

Saloon and estate versions of the VW Polo exist, but the hatchback is the most commonly seen model on the roads. At LeaseCar, we're currently only able to supply the hatchback VW Polo in a petrol format - you can still choose between manual and automatic varieties though.

Take a joy ride in the Volkswagen Tiguan Estate

The Volkswagen Tiguan Estate is an SUV style car that suits every driving style - whether you're going off-road or planning a trip through an urban landscape.

The tiguan has buckets of space for passengers and storage alike. It can also be used to tow other vehicles, Volkswagen Tiguan Estate is an SUV style car that suits every driving style. There's a vast range of petrol and diesel versions available, as well as both manual and automatic variations. Four-wheel drive is also included in most of our models.

The different Volkswagen Tiguan Estate models Leasecar has are:

At LeaseCar, we also offer a slightly different version of the Volkswagen Tiguan Estate - known as the Tiguan Allspace Estate. The Allspace model is larger, allowing you to fit seven people inside , inside of five. Despite the larger size of this car, it handles like a dream, providing a suitably comfortable ride - even when going off-road.

Electric VW lease deals

We also have a range of Volkswagen electric car lease options, which we expect to become even more popular over the next few years.

Taking out an electric lease can be highly beneficial. As well as reducing your carbon footprint, it should also be cheaper in the long run when comparing fuel costs. Whilst you will need to pay for extra electricity to charge your car, this should be much cheaper than buying petrol or diesel.

In recent years, Volkswagen has made a large push towards sustainability by making their cars greener. Every fully electric car the manufacturer makes is its own model, instead of turning previous iterations into electric versions.

There are several electric Volkswagens we offer at LeaseCar:

You can easily recognise VW's electric cars as the term 'Id' is used in the name. They also all come with automatic engines, making every journey effortless.

5 reasons why Volkswagen lease deals are the way forward

As there are so many different car brands available to lease through LeaseCar, it can be hard to make a decision about which one is most suited to your circumstances.

Volkswagen is one of the biggest car manufacturers on the market at the moment, having a vast selection of cars to lease through LeaseCar. They've also got a fantastic reputation within the industry, due to the painstaking way their cars are created.

There are many reasons why you should choose a car from our Volkswagen stable - we've listed the top five below for your benefit. And if you do decide that you'd like to go with another automotive manufacturer, contact us and we'll help you make a decision!

Assured quality

Volkwagen's stellar reputation precedes them, as this German automotive brand is well known for their affordability and reliability. The increased reliability of these cars makes them some of the most sought-after cars on the market today, giving drivers confidence in their leasing decisions as well as peace of mind behind the wheel.

VW has been a mainstay of international motoring ever since the company was founded in 1937. From humble beginnings as the brainchild of the German Labour Front, Volkswagen - otherwise known as the ‘people's car' - is now the world's largest automobile manufacturer. VW has also earned a reputation as one of the most diverse vehicle brands on the planet, manufacturing everything from compact hatchbacks and luxury saloons to sporty rally cars and family MPVs.

Today, Volkswagen is one of the world's most recognisable brands and remains committed to a relentless programme of research and development. Existing models are constantly improved to make them perform better, as VW innovates with new technologies and modern forms of transport.

German cars have a reputation for reliability, with Volkswagen being one of the best car brands on the market. Several VW models appear on the 'Reliability Index' on a regular basis, including the Polo and Golf models. The Volkswagen Up is one example of an extremely trustworthy VW car, appearing in the third position in WhatCar's most reliable small cars list for 2022.

Volkswagen vehicles are well-built and dependable vehicles, due to the quality German engineering and advanced technologies used during the manufacturing process. Key features include TSI engine technology and CarNet infotainment systems, among others. The increased reliability of these cars makes them some of the most sought-after cars on the market today, giving drivers confidence in their leasing decisions as well as peace of mind behind the wheel.

Advanced technology

Car technology has increased rapidly across the board in recent years, with Volkswagen making a concerted effort to improve their vehicles as this technology has become available.

Some of the attributes you can expect when you lease a VW include:

Volkswagen is also aiming to release its own self-driving car in 2026, known as the 'Trinity'. This car will be capable of Level 4 autonomous driving, meaning the person behind the wheel will have very little input into the actual driving process when on the road.

Of course, every car is different, so every model will have different features. However, whichever Volkswagen you choose to go for, you can be certain that it will be jam-packed full of drive enhancing qualities. If there are particular features you'd like to be included within your VW lease deal and you're not sure which car most aligns with your driving vision, get in touch and we'll advise you accordingly.

Unparalleled safety features

When choosing a new car to lease, you'll want to ensure that it has a good safety record so you can keep yourself and your family protected on the road. Most cars nowadays have an array of modern safety features built into them, due to recent advances in modern technology.

Volkswagen is no exception, scoring very highly for safety ratings such as those conducted by Euro NCAP (the European New Car Assessment Programme) . Euro NCAP is a motoring standards organisation that carries out a range of safety tests on cars, including crash tests and risk assessments.

The VW Golf was awarded five stars (the highest grade available) in 2022, assessed against more stringent safety protocols (it was previously evaluated in 2019). The ever-dependable Polo has also been granted the full five stars , showing good marks across the board.

Safety is clearly a top priority at Volkswagen, with many safety features coming as standard with base models. Driver assistance technologies are common, with typical characteristics including:

As you can see, Volkswagen is committed to helping drivers stay safe on the roads, all the while protecting those inside and outside their vehicles. This makes a VW the perfect car for people who want a safe and dependable vehicle without breaking the bank.

An attractive and versatile design

Of course, you'll want to make sure your car is a looker as well as a performer!

The classic Volkswagen shape has a unique design, complete with sleek lines and a polished look that will impress any passenger. Drivers have many options when it comes to choosing exterior colours or interior accents, allowing you to create your own unique look whilst driving. No matter what type of car you're looking for, every VW model is designed from the ground up, featuring gorgeous interiors and exteriors.

They're also extremely versatile cars, as the Volkswagen line-up covers a wide variety of cars and models. Whether you'd like a family hatchback to zip around the city, a luxurious sedan to cruise in style or a larger people carrier to take your family on holiday, VW has got it all! They offer something for everybody, whether you're a new driver looking for a first car on a budget, or a family looking for additional space and practicality.

In 2019, this classic car manufacturer announced a move forwards towards a 'new Volkswagen' , changing their logo and brand design, as well as altering other aspects of the business. It's the most comprehensive re-branding the company has undergone for a long time, showing a push towards modernity and changing for the better.

An environmentally conscious manufacturer

Sustainability is becoming more and more common as a lifestyle choice in the modern world, due to the current climate change issue.

The British government has announced plans to meet the anticipated net zero target by 2050, which aims to reduce all carbon emissions from the nation by that time. As part of these plans, the government has also declared that new petrol and diesel cars won't be available to buy from 2030, pushing many car manufacturers to focus on their electric and hybrid models.

Most car companies tend to create new versions of pre-existing models when working on their electric models, however Volkswagen takes a different approach. Instead of just redesigning their old cars, the German manufacturer has decided to design distinct vehicles created with the 'ID' (Intelligent Design) badge, distinguishing them from their standard ICE (internal combustion engine) cars.

Examples of this in action include the VW ID.3 hatchback (Volkswagen's flagship all-electric vehicle) and the VW ID.4 - a crossover 4X4 SUV.

Some of Volkswagen's already existing cars are available in the form of plug-in hybrid models - examples include:

As time progresses, electric and hybrid models will become more and more important, especially as the ban on sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles approaches. If you'd like to find out more about our electric car lease deals or our hybrid models, get in touch on 0344 745 1818 to find out more.

Why should you take out one of LeaseCar's VW lease deals?

Considering leasing a Volkswagen? With LeaseCar, you could have your new VW on your driveway in no time, without breaking the bank.

At LeaseCar, we're the UK's leading car leasing site , on a mission to find the best car for every driver! We've been in the business for 25 years. In that time, we've learnt a lot about the personal leasing industry, giving us the ability to find you the right car at the best price.

With LeaseCar, you can compare deals with the help of our in-house leasing experts , making the entire process as effortless as can be. From smaller hatchbacks to larger estate cars, all the way through to the world of SUVS, we've got what you need! If you'd like to find out a little more about the car leasing process, our Ultimate Guide to Car Leasing should give you all the information you need.

If you decide to lease a Volkswagen with LeaseCar, you also have a choice over an extensive range of additional features. For added comfort and convenience, opt for leather seats, parking sensors and in-built satellite navigation systems on a number of our outstanding VW models.

The choice is also yours when it comes to the exterior. Our stunning VWs come in a selection of colours, from sophisticated blacks, greys and silvers, through to sporty reds, electric blues and cool whites.

If fuel preference is a make-or-break deciding factor for you when selecting a new car, this is another area in which we can assist. Here at LeaseCar, we offer a broad range of models, with both petrol and diesel engines available on most of our cars.

If you're looking to switch to a more eco-friendly mode of transport, our collection of lease deals includes fully electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid VW models too, like the Id.3 and Id.4. We also stock both automatic and manual transmissions, ensuring you can find the perfect VW for your driving style.

If that sounds good to you, then get in touch with a member of our expert team and we'll be happy to help!

How the leasing process works

Leasing your new Volkswagen could not be easier when you come to LeaseCar. All you need to do is browse our range, select the model type you're after (along with any specifications you're looking for) and we'll help you find the perfect VW for you.

We'll take a number of things into account, such as your:

Once we've completed our calculations, we'll send you a personal quote via email.

If you're happy with your quote, all you need to do is fill out a short application form. A credit check will then be performed - if approved, your chosen model will be secured. At LeaseCar we take care of all the paperwork, making the process as easy as possible for you - all we need is your signature on the lease agreement.

Once everything has been completed, we'll even arrange the delivery of your VW lease car at a time and date that suits you.

If you're interested in taking out one of our VW leasing deals, our entire range of Volkswagen vehicles can be viewed here on our website. Alternatively, give us a call on 0344 745 1818 for more information.

What do you get with your lease?

When choosing to lease a new car, you'll want to find out exactly what you'll get with your lease, enabling you to make the right decision for your circumstances. As we've been in the business since 1998 , you can rest assured that we have a wealth of experience within the world of car leasing.

By choosing to take out one of our VW lease deals (instead of buying a car outright), you get all the benefits of driving a brand new car without the cost. Our service comes with a small initial rental charge and low monthly rentals. This allows you to spread out the cost of buying a car, so you don't have to make any expensive payments upfront.

Included in your Volkswagen lease deal from, you'll get:

Every car we lease comes with a standard manufacturers warranty, which covers any faults that are deemed to have been caused by a manufacturing or mechanical issue . Things caused by general wear and tear or external influences (such as potholes) are usually not covered.

In some circumstances you may also get breakdown cover included, however this is something that you'll need to check first. Volkswagen offers their own roadside assistance service , which can help you if you run into any unpredictable issues when driving.

You'll also need to pay for your own car insurance in most circumstances. Our total care package includes insurance and maintenance, which may be beneficial if you'd like to add everything together.

If you'd like to find out more about our leasing process, get in touch with today by clicking one of the buttons above and make a quick enquiry. Alternatively, you can contact us on 0344 745 1818.

Are business lease deals available?

If you need to hire a vehicle for your business, LeaseCar also offers business car leasing deals.

If you decide to work with us, you'll sign a Business Contract Hire Agreement. The standard time span for business contracts is usually between 24 to 60 months, although different arrangements can be made if needed.

The process itself is fairly similar to our personal leasing deals. You'll choose an annual mileage limit and the length of the lease you'd like, and we'll calculate a fixed monthly rental cost based on those things. Mileage extensions can also be added during the agreement, if you find that your business has expanded.

By taking out one of our business leasing deals, you can ensure your employees are driving new cars packed with modern technology at a fraction of the cost of buying one outright!

To find out more about our Business Contract Hire Agreements, contact our expert team today.

Get in the driver's seat with one of LeaseCar's VW lease deals

If you're interested in our VW lease deals, there's no time to waste! Due to their fantastic reputation these cars are extremely popular, including both style and performance in one handy package. Whether you want a small hatchback to get around the city, or a larger SUV to fit the whole family in, Volkswagen have got it all!

At LeaseCar, we pride ourselves on providing affordable lease deals for the nation - our 25 years in the business has made us the very best at what we do. We're dedicated to providing the best lease deals in the UK - our five-star Trustpilot score shows just how good our service is!

With so many different VWs on offer, there really is something for everyone.

If you're still unsure about which model to go for - get in touch with LeaseCar and we'll help you decide!

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