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Abarth Car Leases

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Abarth now famous for vehicles like the 595 Hatchback, 595 Convertible

Abarth now famous for vehicles like the 595 Hatchback, 595 Convertible and 695 Hatchback is a manufacturer that is sometimes misunderstood. A question commonly asked about this brand is this: ‘Is Abarth the same as Fiat?’ And the answer is simple: No, but yes and then no again. Intrigued? Check out this mini Abarth history lesson:

Abarth was founded in 1949 by Carlo Abarth. For those with an eye for design, the Abarth logo’s scorpion was designed based on the founder’s astrological sign – Scorpio. Read more

In 1951, Abarth’s headquarters moved to Turin. The company then began its well-known association with Fiat, building the Abarth 1500 Biposto on a Fiat base.

From this point and into the 60s, Abarth focused on sports car racing and hill-climbing competition. They also manufactured performance parts and top-end accessories for Fiat, amongst other manufacturers. They were also involved in building racing and sports cars with Porsche and Simca.

What now? This is where the plot thickens. In 1971, Carlo sold Abarth to Fiat. Fiat wasn’t really interested in the prototype building side of the business but they were interested in racing. Thus, Abarth became Fiat’s racing department.

In 1981, Abarth became Fiat Auto Gestione Sportiva, specialising in racing programmes until the end of 1999. However, the Abarth name was kept alive. It was used to mark out Fiat’s high-performance cars.

Just when we start to see Abarth as a trim level, it rises again as a brand. On 1st February 2007, Abarth became a subsidiary of Fiat manufacturing their own performance passenger cars, racing cars and light commercial vehicles.

So, just to recap: Abarth is now a subsidiary of Fiat that focuses on performance vehicles for both race and road that are built upon the ‘basic’ versions, which are made by Fiat. Read less


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Personal Leasing £397.21 inc VAT
Initial Rental £1,986.06 ex VAT


Why lease an Abarth

Perfect for city driving, this car range has no trouble getting into the smallest spaces but it is also capable of navigating motorways with speed and ease. Abarth vehicles are essentially a performance version of the popular Fiat 500 vehicle with a great deal more power to enjoy every day.

Driving and running costs

Across the board, handling on Abarth vehicles is excellent, as responsive steering and a powerful engine make driving at speed easy. It’s worth noting that the ride can be a little bumpy due to its lightweight design.

Abarth - The Range

As you'd expect from a manufacturer with such an intricate and rich history, Abarth produces a large range of cars. In line with their 'performance trim-level' heritage, Abarth's famous scorpion badge is associated with something a little special.

Billed as the 'smallest supercar', the Abarth 695 Biposto is a hot-hatch that thrills. If screaming around the tarmac is for you, the Biposto is right up your street. But if fuel economy and looking after the planet are more your thing, there are 595 models built with these exact goals in mind. In fact, there’s an Abarth for almost every occasion!


As well as being great fun to drive, Abarth vehicles look good too. Based on the latest Fiat 500 design, they offer a little extra for the slightly higher price you’ll pay.

Tinted rear windows come as standard on the popular 595 and 695 hatchbacks. You’ll also enjoy leather seats, parking sensors, sports pedals and auto climate control as standard.

The 124 Spider Convertible offers a plethora of fun features as standard, including sports pedals, gearshift paddles, leather upholstery and a leather gear stick for just that little bit of extra luxury.

Which car is right for me?

The 1.4 litre 595 hatchback is a popular choice, with turbo injection and reasonable fuel economy of 47.1mpg. This motor can see you right around town but take it out on a drive where it can reach the national speed limit and you’ll see a whole new side to it.

The 695 is an upgrade on its lower spec model. Don’t be fooled by its compact design as this car can reach a top speed of 143mph and also accelerates from 0-60mph in just 5.9 seconds. Fuel consumption sits at around 45.9mph, making it a little less economic to run than its predecessor.

The sporty 124 Spider Convertible, has a 1.4 litre engine but perfect for those looking for a vehicle that looks and performs like a luxury race car, without the luxury race car price tag. With fuel consumption of 42.8mpg, this is a sports car that won’t cost you too much to run.

Fancy taking the Abarth for a spin? We have a huge variety of leasing deals available - click on the model that peaks your interest or get in touch with one of our team members – we can talk you through the best option for your leasing needs.

Why Lease your Abarth from LeaseCar?

Everyone loves a hot-hatch. And that includes the team at LeaseCar. We have experts on the full Abarth range who can help you decide on the right model as well as get you the best leasing deal on the market.

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