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Alfa Romeo Car Leases

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Alfa Romeo has an illustrious motoring history and at LeaseCar we can help you find the best Alfa Romeo lease deals available on the market from a Giulietta Hatchback, Giulia Saloon or a Stelvio Estate.

Alfa Romeo

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Why lease an Alfa Romeo

First founded as Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automonili in Milan in 1910, Alfa Romeo have built up a reputation for producing high-end, sophisticated vehicles in their 100 year history. The first car produced by the Italian firm was the 1910 24 HP - a vehicle with a 4082 cc engine, 42 bhp and a top speed of 62mph. The Alfa Romeo 24 HP was the first commercial success for the newly established firm and sparked a whole series of vehicles, including the 15 HP, 12 HP and 20-30 HP, which were built until 1921.

During WW1, Alfa Romeo production was slow because the manufacturer's Milan factory was used for ammunition production but by 1919 production was back to maximum speed. The company changed its name in 1920 and the first car to be manufactured under the Alfa Romeo badge was the Torpedo 20-30 HP - only 124 models were produced due in part to the vehicle having an extremely high price tag. Throughout the years, Alfa Romeo has produced a wide range of commercial models, which have all found success in certain markets. Key models include the MiTo, the GTV6 and the 159 Ti.

Alfa Romeo have just celebrated their 100th birthday and are currently enjoying success with a number of key models, including the Giulietta, the 159 and the Brera. These models, along with the Zagto SZ, the GTV and the Spider, all illustrate Alfa Romeo's commitment to producing innovative, contemporary production vehicles. Looking to the future, the manufacturer is expected to release new models of the Alfa 159 (Progetto 944) and the Kamal C-Crossover - both of which are sure to take the motoring industry by storm upon release.

We invite you to browse through our selection of Alfa Romeo contract hire packages and if at any stage you need help, please feel free to call our team on 0344 745 1818.

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