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Seat Car Leases

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If you've been browsing through SEAT lease deals and think you're ready to start the leasing process off, LeaseCar is here to help! Spanish car manufacturer SEAT was founded in 1950

If you've been browsing through SEAT lease deals and think you're ready to start the leasing process off, LeaseCar is here to help! Spanish car manufacturer SEAT was founded in 1950 - since then, they've produced an extensive range of vehicles, with something suitable for every driver.

Due to their late inception date, SEAT are something of a newcomer to the car world. However, they've slowly risen in stature since the company was created. They've gone from strength to strength, becoming Spain's largest car manufacturer in 1986, when they were acquired by Volkwagen.

If you'd like to start driving a SEAT, a lease deal with LeaseCar could be the perfect opportunity, allowing you to drive a brand new car for a fraction of the cost. At LeaseCar, we've been supplying vehicles for over 25 years , so you need look no further than us when choosing to lease a vehicle.

If you'd like to get the process started, get in touch today with our expert team and we'll be happy to help!


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Why lease a Seat

SEAT: A background

As one of the most prominent car manufacturers in the world, SEAT should need no introduction. After their founding in 1950 , SEAT became the largest supplier of cars in Spain, before being sold as a subsidiary to Volkswagen in 1986.

The Spanish car manufacturer is based near Barcelona, exporting their cars to over 75 different countries every year. Between 2002 and 2007, SEAT was part of the Audi Brand Group - which also included Lamborghini and Audi.

SEAT has a long history within the motorsports world, with several SEAT variations taking part in national formula races in Spain since the 1970s. The manufacturer has also become involved in rallying - their first attempt at the World Rallying Championship was in 1977, finishing in third place.

Despite their sporty history, SEAT still makes a wide range of cars for the general public, with something suitable for every driver. They're also frontrunners in the sustainable car world, making them perfect for anyone looking to make their drive a little more environmentally friendly.

The SEAT range

With so many different options available within the SEAT range, it can be hard to know where to turn when choosing your next car. Whether you're looking for a small vehicle for the daily commute or need a larger car for family holidays, LeaseCar has got you covered!

The SEAT range offers comfort and support for both drivers and passengers , with all their offerings stuffed full of great technology. If you're wanting to reduce your carbon footprint, this popular manufacturer also makes several electric vehicles, showing their push for sustainability in the modern world.

The brand keeps on top of modern technology, offering a sleek style with contemporary features that should impress any driver. It's quite common for SEAT drivers to stick with the brand they know and love, showing just how impressive these cars really are.

The extensive range of models SEAT makes means it's easy to find one that fits your budget and lifestyle - without compromising on power, comfort or performance.

SEAT makes a huge variety of models, from the budget-friendly Ibiza to the luxurious Ateca, meaning there really is something for everyone. If you'd like a smaller car, the compact SEAT Leon Hatchback should be suitable for weaving around the urban jungle.

If you think you'll need a larger car, SEAT also have a range of SUVs available, including:

The larger size of these cars means you'll have all the space needed for everyday life - whether that involves a day at the shops or a family holiday by the coast.

You can find out more about the SEAT cars we currently have available for personal leasing below.

If you've already made a decision about the type of vehicle you'd like, contact LeaseCar today and we'll put the plan into action.

The versatile SEAT Arona

The SEAT Arona is typically classed as a hatchback , however it's a bit of a loose definition. These vehicles have a crossover appeal, as they have a lot in common with the mini-SUV range of cars.

As such, the Arona is slightly larger than a typical hatchback, featuring lots of room within its sturdy interior. There are several different variations you can lease. Most of our Arona models come in petrol varieties, with both manual and automatic cars available.

The three SEAT Arona models you can lease with LeaseCar are:

The SEAT Arona is perfect for those safety conscious drivers, as it has been awarded a 5-star rating by the EURO NCAP classification system - the highest rating a car can achieve. Some of the safety features found in every model of the Arona include the AEB system and tyre-pressure monitoring.

The Arona hatchback is a lightweight model, making every drive a breeze - particularly with how robust the suspension and steering is. Comfort is also a must with this model, with plenty of space for your luggage in the sizable boot.

As such, the SEAT Arona Hatchback is an extremely versatile car, and one suitable for any family.

The punchy SEAT Ateca Estate

The Seat Ateca Estate has a lot in common with the mini-SUV world, despite being technically classed as an estate car.

The Ateca was introduced in 2004 and is extremely stylish. However, this doesn't mean that it's lacking in performance either - precise steering and responsive brakes are just two of the attributes you can expect with this car.

LeaseCar's SEAT Ateca Estate line-up is available in four different models:

Featuring sporty looks and spacious interiors, the SEAT Ateca Estate is a pleasure to drive. It's also an extremely powerful vehicle and has low running costs, showing this car has the whole package. Both petrol and diesel variations are available, as well as manual and automatic options.

The alluring SEAT Ibiza Hatchback

The SEAT Ibiza Hatchback is one of the most popular models for SEAT at the moment, featuring an exciting array of personalisation options to make your car your own.

First established in 2008 , the Ibiza Hatchback is currently the best selling model manufactured by SEAT. They're five door, front wheel drive cars with sporty exteriors and interiors, making for an exciting drive for all. Sophisticated upholstery and high-tech features show just why these cars are so popular.

If you decide to go for a SEAT Ibiza Hatchback, you can choose from six different trims:

Colours, wheels and the front grilles can be customised to show off your unique character and personality, allowing you to explore the urban landscapes of your home in comfort and style. All our SEAT Ibiza Hatchbacks come fuelled by petrol as standard, with manual and automatic versions on offer.

The classic Leon Estate

The Leon Estate is the perfect vehicle for those looking for something a little more traditional - although this doesn't mean that these cars are any less impressive than the other models on show here. They're extremely practical, featuring tons of rooms for the entire family - whether you're going on holiday or taking a trip into town.

The Leon Estate is also extremely safe, so you can put any fears aside when taking a drive. A cloud-based system known as CartoX provides real-time information and warnings about potential accidents, traffic lights and speed cameras. Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control and traffic sign recognition means you'll be left in safe hands on any drive .

Some of our more popular Leon Estate variants include:

As you can see, there's a lot of variation when it comes to this model of car, with petrol, diesel, automatic and manual options available.

The iconic SEAT Leon Hatchback

If you like the look of the estate version of the SEAT Leon but would rather have a more compact car, the SEAT Leon Hatchback might be the ideal vehicle for you. Despite being slightly smaller in stature, the hatchback variation is an affordable car that still boasts ample space.

Driver assistance attributes, ergonomically-designed upholstery and a range of safety features ensures that you'll never be out of your comfort zone when taking the SEAT Leon Hatchback for a drive. Combine that with a five-star EURO NCAP rating , and you're really onto a winner here!

The SEAT Leon Hatchback is perfect for family driving as well as your regular commute, making it extremely versatile - whatever model you go for. Find out more about the available models here:

Like the estate version of the Leon, all our hatchback models come in both diesel and petrol variations, with automatic and manual options also available. The range of different engines available also means there really is something suitable for every user, with extensive interior features added to make for an engaging drive.

The sizeable SEAT Tarraco Estate

The SEAT Tarraco Estate is a vehicle suitable for those who need more room, as it's an SUV style car with buckets of space. Interestingly, the Tarraco name was chosen by SEAT's loyal fanbase. Over 150,000 people from across the world voted for the term Tarraco , which is an older name for the Spanish city of Tarragona.

If you enjoy sporting activities or play in a band, it's the perfect car for transporting your gear around. However, the light steering and low body lean mean that the SEAT Tarraco Estate can be used for just about any purpose, as it's nimbler than it looks.

As with our other SEAT variants, there's a huge range of different Tarraco Estate models, so finding the best one for your needs shouldn't be too difficult. There are a variety of engine sizes and trims to choose from, including:

The SEAT Tarraco Estate has a legendary safety record, having a five-star Euro NCAP score like most of SEAT's other cars. Petrol, diesel, manual and automatic models are available, allowing you to choose the perfect SEAT lease deal for your circumstances.

Why should you consider a SEAT lease deal?

SEATs are fantastic vehicles for any purpose, no matter what model you choose to go for.

SEATs often have a little bit more to offer than other cars in the same class - this is down to the brand's creative and innovative design process. The current SEAT car models have ignited the appetites of those in the know throughout the car industry, receiving many rave reviews over the years.

These popular cars are known for their fuel efficiency as well as design, making them a winning choice for drivers who care about the environment. SEAT is a frontrunner when it comes to the development of new greener technologies, with many electric models available to lease. They're also known for their excellent safety features - a priority when you have precious cargo to transport - including your family!

If you're still unsure, let us tell you why we think SEATs make for worthwhile leases. And if you'd like to start the leasing process off, get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

Spectacular safety features

SEAT's have a good reputation for a number of reasons, with a stellar safety record being just one of them. If you're going to be using your car to drive your family around, making sure they're safe at all times should be a top priority.

SEAT's rate very highly when assessed by EURO NCAP, with the SEAT Ibiza and SEAT Arona being granted a five-star safety rating at the end of 2022 . SEAT added a whole host of new safety upgrades in order to ensure their cars fit the stringent testing requirements that EURO NCAP have, making their cars even safer to drive.

These additional features include a modified restraint system and updated structural countermeasures for frontal and side impact. Every model that SEAT makes now has a five-star EURO NCAP rating, showing that the Spanish car manufacturer is committed to making their cars as safe as possible.

Other safety aspects you can expect when taking on a SEAT lease deal include adaptive cruise control, emergency brake assist, lane assist, hill hold control and an in-built tiredness monitor.

Who are EURO NCAP?

EURO NCAP is an organisation that assesses cars, judging them on how safe they are. The company has a highly tuned method of assessment to help consumers, families and businesses compare vehicles to find the best car for their needs.

EURO NCAP carries out a variety of tests across the board to rate vehicles, often using real-life accident scenarios as part of their method. As well as performance, they also test the safety equipment included within the car, in order to give a fair rating. The maximum number of stars a vehicle can receive is five - all of SEAT's vehicles currently carry this rating, showing how safe their cars are.

The testing procedure is constantly being updated as new methods and technologies become possible, so it's important to stay up to date with EURO NCAP to see if a rating changes. However, SEAT seems committed to upgrading their cars as modern technology advances, so SEAT drivers should not be concerned about this.

A jaw-droppingly sporty style

The way a car looks is one of the most important things to many drivers, particularly as it's often the thing you notice first about the vehicle. Every single car SEAT manufactures is designed down to the ground. Hours of work has been put into making sure these cars are as gorgeous to view as they are to drive.

If you're interested in leasing something a little sportier, the FR versions of SEATs cars (particularly the SEAT Leon Hatchback FR and the SEAT Leon Estate FR Sport) are perfect. Containing sleek lines and a hardy exterior, these models will impress any onlookers. The interiors are also gorgeous to view, with leather steering wheels and microsuede upholstery available in some models.

To truly travel in style, you'll also want to ensure the sound system of your car is up to scratch. The SEAT Arona has had a new audio system added in recent years, called SEAT Arona Beats. This system was created in partnership with Dr. Dre's company Beats. It features a premium sound system and contains the Full Link feature, so you can seamlessly connect your smartphone to your car.

Whatever SEAT lease deal you choose to go for, you can be certain that you'll be driving in style in no time.

The ultimate in comfort

There would be no point in driving a car if you didn't feel comfortable whilst doing so. Luckily, every SEAT model we offer has been painstakingly designed to make every drive a breeze - whether you're the driver or a passenger.

The following characteristics ensure that you'll never find yourself feeling confined when driving a SEAT:

It's no fun being crammed inside a vehicle for hours on end, but this isn't something you need to worry about with a SEAT. This manufacturer is dedicated to providing the ultimate in comfort. Every car has ample room for all the family plus their luggage, whether you're interested in a larger SUV car or a hatchback.

However, if you do feel like you need more space, you should consider looking at one of the larger models, such as the SEAT Tarraco Estate. The Xperience model holds a whopping 700 litres of boot space and has seven seats , providing enough room for a large family to enjoy the drive.

A car you can count on

Ensuring your car is reliable enough to drive on a regular basis is another important aspect when considering taking out a new lease deal. You don't want to be constantly worrying about when it's going to break down next, as repairs can become extremely costly.

If you're concerned about the reliability of your car, a SEAT could be a good investment. These cars have a fantastic safety record, but they're also extremely dependable, giving you peace of mind throughout any journey.

As SEAT is owned by Volkswagen (another car manufacturer with a good record for reliability and safety), most of their parts are created and designed by the German manufacturer. High-quality parts are included with all SEATs, allowing them to drive thousands of miles without any problems.

SEAT is consistently rated at a high level when their vehicles are assessed for their reliability - The Telegraph and WhatCar have both given high ratings in recent years, showing good scores across the board.

Whilst it's extremely unlikely that major issues will develop when driving your SEAT, you'll also get a warranty added to cover any manufacturing faults - so there's no need to worry. A warranty is added with every new car leased from LeaseCar, although you'll still need to pay for your MOT and your annual service.

If you'd like to find out more about what is included within your SEAT lease deal, contact our helpful team today!

Why should you choose a SEAT lease deal with LeaseCar?

Leasing is fast becoming the way to go if you want to drive a luxury new car without breaking the bank or losing money as soon as it's driven out of the showroom (yes, that's painful!)

At LeaseCar, we're dedicated to getting you a lease deal that suits your needs and budget. As the UK's leading car leasing company, we have a lot of experience within the industry, having started from humble beginnings back in 1998.

Over the years, we've learned what's important to the average driver. We're able to help you every step of the way should you decide to take out a SEAT lease deal with us.

If you have any more questions about our leasing services, get in touch today and we'll run you through the process.

An easy and affordable drive

When selecting a new car, the cost of the vehicle is something you need to take into account. If you've decided to buy the car outright, this can be very costly. You may be able to pay for the car in instalments, however there may be a sizable upfront deposit, and the monthly payments may have extra interest added on.

Even if you choose to buy your car through finance or PCP, the fees and deposit will often be more expensive than if you were to lease the same car. Leasing is usually a much cheaper option than buying a new car outright, allowing you to drive a new car for a fraction of the cost.

When you lease a car, you put down an initial deposit, with fixed rental payments paid for the duration of the lease period. It's a particularly good option for someone on a budget, as the amount paid each month won't change, unless excess mileage charges are added. You also won't need to pay for any manufacturing repairs or road tax (known formally as Vehicle Excise Duty), as these costs will be included as part of your lease.

Peace of mind on the road

When taking on a new car, there are many different things you need to budget for apart from the cost of the car itself. Even with SEAT's high reliability record, faults will still arise every so often, and the cost of repairs can soon add up.

When you take out a SEAT lease deal with LeaseCar, you will automatically get a manufacturer's warranty included within your lease. This warranty will only cover manufacturing faults, so things caused by natural wear and tear (such as having your tires replaced) won't be covered. However, this warranty can still be a massive advantage to any driver.

Your warranty normally won't include breakdown cover, however SEAT offer their own roadside assistance cover , which you can take out to give you extra peace of mind. However, you'll still need to pay for car insurance in most instances. Our Total Care package includes insurance , so it may be worth taking out as part of your lease if you think you'll need it.

To find out more about our Total Care package, contact our experienced team today.

The tax advantages

Another key benefit of choosing to lease a car is that you won't have to pay VED (Vehicle Excise Duty). VED (often referred to as road tax) is a form of tax that has to be paid every year if your vehicle is eligible.

VED is an emissions-based tax - cars with lower emissions pay less road tax, and electric vehicles don't pay any VED at all (although the British government has said this is set to change soon). Depending on the type of car you drive, this can end up being very costly over the lifetime of your car, so it's something you want to try and avoid if possible.

As road tax is something normally paid by the registered keeper of the car, it's usually down to the leasing company to provide, as they technically own the vehicle. There are some circumstances in which VED is not included within your lease, so it's important to check it's included, as it's illegal to drive a vehicle that isn't taxed.

Affordable SEAT lease deals for all

If one of our SEAT lease deals has caught your eye, LeaseCar is here to help. SEATs are fantastic, technology-laden cars with a great reputation for reliability and safety, making them perfect for any modern driver.

SEATs are also very affordable, particularly if you decide to obtain one as part of a personal leasing deal. At LeaseCar, we're one of the oldest, most trusted leasing companies in the UK , having built up a top class reputation in the time that we've been in business.

We've refined our leasing process over the years, ensuring that you'll be on the road in no time. If you're ready to start driving the perfect car, we're here to help!

Ready to start driving? Get in touch with LeaseCar and we'll get you on the road in no time.

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