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Skoda Car Leases

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Looking for a new car? Taking out one of our Skoda lease deals could be the perfect option for you, whether you're interested in a personal deal or a business deal. 

Skoda is a Czech-based car manuf

Looking for a new car? Taking out one of our Skoda lease deals could be the perfect option for you, whether you're interested in a personal deal or a business deal. 

Skoda is a Czech-based car manufacturer who has slowly risen in stature over the past few decades.They're now owned by the Volkswagen group - another manufacturer known for producing quality cars. 

Leasing a car is a fantastic option when compared to buying outright or using finance. At LeaseCar,we're the UK's leading car leasing company, and we're here to help you with all your leasing needs. Our 25 years in the business has primed us perfectly to advise anybody looking to lease a new car.

If you'd like to find out more about our leasing offers, contact us on 0344 745 1818 and we'll help you find the perfect car.

Skoda: A drive you can trust

Czech automobile manufacturer Skoda was first established in 1925, becoming state owned in 1948.The company was privatised when they joined the Volkswagen group in 1991 - and the brand has really taken off since then.

They're one of the oldest automobile manufacturers around. Skoda vehicles are sold in over 100 countries around the world, showing how well trusted the brand is.Skoda delivered 731,300 vehicles globally in 2022, showing mammoth sales despite the economic climate. This shows that they're a trusted brand - the distinct design philosophy Skoda uses has certainly been put to good use.

Skoda has lots of experience within the world of car manufacturing, as they've been making cars for over a hundred years. They've built up a reputation for crafting durable and easy to maintain vehicles - in part due to the ingenious designs of their staff. Their models are extremely popular with drivers across the board, as their technology features make every driving experience a pleasure. 

Skoda has also moved into the electric vehicle market of late, investing a lot of money into future electrification. They've also had some success within the motorsport world, competing regularly in the European Rally Championship and the WRC-2 competition.

Featuring fabulous performance and distinctive design, Skoda shows no signs of slowing down yet!


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From £299.99 ex VAT
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Personal Leasing £359.99 inc VAT
Initial Rental £2,699.91 ex VAT

62 kWh
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Personal Leasing £255.59 inc VAT
Initial Rental £1,916.91 ex VAT

62.8 mpg
From £139.99 ex VAT
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Personal Leasing £167.99 inc VAT
Initial Rental £1,259.91 ex VAT

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Personal Leasing £279.59 inc VAT
Initial Rental £2,096.91 ex VAT

From £279.99 ex VAT
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Personal Leasing £335.99 inc VAT
Initial Rental £2,519.91 ex VAT

From £227.99 ex VAT
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Personal Leasing £273.59 inc VAT
Initial Rental £2,051.91 ex VAT

From £211.99 ex VAT
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Personal Leasing £254.39 inc VAT
Initial Rental £1,907.91 ex VAT

From £173.99 ex VAT
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Personal Leasing £208.79 inc VAT
Initial Rental £1,565.91 ex VAT

From £359.90 ex VAT

Personal Leasing £431.88 inc VAT
Initial Rental £2,159.40 ex VAT

From £350.74 ex VAT

Personal Leasing £420.89 inc VAT
Initial Rental £2,104.44 ex VAT


Why lease a Skoda

Skoda's impressive range of models

As you might expect from such an established automobile manufacturer, Skoda has an ever-expanding range of vehicles available. Whatever your driving needs are, there really is something for everyone within their spectacular stable of cars.

One of the most impressive things about this Czech manufacturer is that they release more new models than most other car brands. They also actively read through existing customer feedback, using this to improve their cars in the future. Instead of just adding on extra bells and whistles, the design team at Skoda have made it their mission to improve their cars in ways that actually count.

This is something that makes Skoda stand head and shoulders above their peers.

The Fabia is a family hatchback and a firm favourite of the nation. It's a sporty hatchback for drivers who enjoy the power of a truly lively engine setup.

If you'd like a roomier estate car that offers an incredible amount of space,you should look no further than the Superb Estate.A hatchback version of the Superb is also available, if you like the design but want something slightly smaller.

The Octavia is another all-rounder, also available in both a hatchback and an estate version. This model has a full range of configurations to suit different driving styles and needs, so there should be something for everyone. Whether you're going to eat up the miles on a long commute or usually use your car to nip around town, the Octavia offers a solution for all.

We also have a range of SUVs and crossovers to choose from.Whilst the Skoda Kodiaq is technically classed as an estate model, its size positions it well within the SUV class of car.

Skoda hasn't been shy in adding electric and hybrids to their stable either, as they've produced several sustainable variations of their petrol/diesel models. If you're interested in decreasing your carbon footprint, you should check out the ENYAQ iV, the Superb iV, the Octavia iV and the Vision iV.

Whatever your driving needs are, there should be something suitable within Skoda's brilliant range of vehicles.

The versatile Skoda Enyaq

The Skoda Enyaq is one of the brand's most celebrated vehicles. It's extremely versatile, able to do all manner of things.

The Enyaq is the perfect vehicle if you're looking to electrify your driving life, asit's the first electric SUV that Skoda has made. Featuring state of the art driver assistance features and cutting edge technology, the Enyaq is the perfect ride for those who like a little more sophistication in their lives.

When you take out a Skoda Enyaq lease, you can expect the following features:

All our Enyaq models are electrified vehicles and come with an automatic engine to make every drive as easy as possible. If you're wanting to make your driving life more sustainable, you should look no further than the Skoda Enyaq.

The homely Skoda Fabia Hatchback

If you'd like something a little smaller, the Skoda Fabia Hatchback is a good alternative. Despite its small stature, the Fabia is a strong contender for the Czech manufacturer - good things really do come in small packages.

At LeaseCar,we have several variations of the Skoda Fabia Hatchback available:

The Fabia has a fairly small 1.0 litre petrol engine, but it's still powerful enough for most drivers. This means it has great fuel economy when compared to similar vehicles on the market. Manual and automatic variations are available too.

The all-new Skoda Kamiq Hatchback

The Skoda Kamiq Hatchback is a car you can truly make your own, as there are many additional extras you can add to suit your own personality. One example of this is Dynamic Chassis Control, which allows you to soften or stiffen the suspension depending on the road surface you're driving on.

Despite being a hatchback, the Kamiq is actually quite a large vehicle, fitting the mini-SUV class of car well.This means that you get the space and versatility you might expect with a larger car, bundled into a nippy package that will get you around urban landscapes easily. The Kamiq really is perfect for any driver, whether you're going to the shops or planning a family trip in the countryside.

Some of the characteristics you can expect with the Skoda Kamiq are:

If you decide to lease a Skoda Kamiq Hatchback, you can choose between a manual or automatic with an efficient petrol engine.

The award-winning Skoda Karoq Estate

The Skoda Karoq Estate is one of the Czech manufacturer's primary sellers. As the name suggests, it's an estate car - however, it's larger than you would typically expect from this class of car.It's a slightly smaller variation of the Skoda Kodiaq, appealing to those who like the look of an SUV but want a more compact car.

The Skoda Karoq Estate has received a lot of praise in its time. Owners of this vehicle have given it five stars and according to WhatCar?,the Skoda Karoq Estate won an award for Best Family SUV in 2019. 

There are four trims available when you lease a Skoda Karoq Estate with LeaseCar:

There are four different engines available, from the efficient petrol 1.0 model to the larger 2.0 litre TDI version. You can choose between petrol, diesel, manual and automatic engines, allowing you to really customise your drive. The manual version comes with a 6-speed gearbox, whereas the automatic has seven gears.

The spacious Skoda Kodiaq Estate

The Skoda Kodiaq Estate is a larger version of the Skoda Karoq Estate, so it's perfect if you like the design of the Karoq but want something bigger.

The Kodiaq is Skoda's first venture into the SUV market, including considerable boot space and ample headroom/legroom for the entire family. The standard model comes with seven seats, but you can opt for a five seat version if you prefer.

As well as the seating choices, you also get to decide whether you'd like front or four wheel drive.The Skoda Kodiaq Estate scored the full five stars when rated by Euro NCAP in 2017, showing just how safe it is. It also has a lot of power, capable of towing caravans and other vehicles with ease. If you're looking for a car with both style and performance, the Kodiaq is an excellent choice.

When you lease a Skoda Kodiaq Estate you'll get:

All our Skoda Kodiaq Estate's come with an automatic engine, however you can choose between diesel or petrol fuel types.

The classy Skoda Octavia

The Skoda Octavia is one of the manufacturer's most popular models, as it has enough packed in to please any driver! There's also quite a range in terms of engine size, running from a smaller 1.0 petrol to a hefty 2.0 litre diesel. As such, every trim has a fantastic fuel economy.

The Skoda Octavia comes in two different forms - you can choose between an estate or a hatchback model.The Hatchback has been around since 1996and is Skoda's best selling vehicle in the international market. As well as being a practical family car, it also has a lot of style, showing off a more opulent side to Skoda's stable of vehicles.

There are plenty of high-tech features included within the Skoda Octavia. When you lease an Octavia from LeaseCar, you can choose from a range of trims:

It doesn't matter whether you prefer petrol or diesel engines, as you can lease a Skoda Octavia with LeaseCar with either fuel type. Automatic and manual versions are also both available, making the Octavia a popular choice for Skoda fans.

The unique Skoda Scala Hatchback

The Skoda Scala Hatchback is another excellent choice for petrolheads. As a Hatchback,the Scala is still classed as a small family car, although there's still ample room for your family and their luggage.

The Scala is a truly impressive car, coming in a number of different trims, engine types and colours. Whether you're a more cautious driver or you take to the roads with ease, there's something for every driving style. Despite its seemingly small stature, the Scala has a lot of adjustable features, so even the tallest of drivers can find a comfortable seating position.

You'll also be pleased to know that the Scala is yet another Skoda car with a five star Euro NCAP rating, marking it as one of the safest cars on the market. 

Included with this incredible vehicle you'll find:

We haven't got any diesel models at the moment, but you can choose between an automatic or a manual petrol Skoda Scala with LeaseCar.

The innovative Skoda Superb

The Skoda Superb really lives up to its name, asit's one of the most celebrated models in the Czech manufacturer's stable.

You can choose between either an estate or a hatchback, giving you more lease options across the board. If you'd rather zip about the city or have the school run to do every morning, the Superb Hatchback might be more your style. If you have a large family or feel like taking a road trip across the country, the Superb Estate is a popular choice.

Whichever version of the Skoda Superb you choose to lease, you're sure to have a fun time driving it!

When you lease a Skoda Superb with LeaseCar, you can expect the following facets to be included:

As well as the standard petrol and diesel fuel types, you can also opt for a plug-in hybrid if you're sustainably minded. Manual and automatic gearboxes are available - you can even upgrade to an optional four wheel drive model if required.The Skoda Superb is another car achieving a five star mark with Euro NCAP, making for an impressive drive.

Why should you lease a Skoda?

Skoda's staff take particular pride in their work, creating a distinctive design in all their models to make every drive an effortless experience. Every detail - from the dashboard to the seats - has been thought out carefully, well before the car goes into production. They also take on customer feedback seriously, changing and tweaking things as new variations on older models are released.

It's immediately obvious to anyone that drives a Skoda how well crafted these vehicles are. As soon as you slide into the cleverly designed cockpit of their models, you'll be in true car heaven. 

Safety is also a priority with Skoda, so you never have to worry about your family when you're behind the wheel. The brand is known for its safety features and they continue to push boundaries with innovations year on year, so there really is nothing to worry about. The brand does particularly well in their Euro NCAP tests, with most of their models having a five star rating.

If you're ready to start your Skoda leasing journey, just click the 'view deal' button next to the model you'd like to lease. And if you need any more help in the meantime,our expert team will be happy to help.

An impressive safety record

Ensuring your vehicle is safe on the roads is important for any driver, whether you've just passed your test or you're an old hand at driving. As such, choosing a suitable car that will keep you safe whilst out and about is an important factor in the decision making process.

You're in safe hands with Skoda, as it's a manufacturer dedicated to protecting its customers. Skoda's cars typically receive a five star rating when they're assessed by Euro NCAP.One particular example of this is the Skoda Octavia, which has repeatedly achieved a five star rating, even with more stringent testing requirements being added over time.

All current Skoda models come with a range of safety features, designed to keep you secure, no matter what situation you find yourself in.

These advanced safety features include:

These are just some of the safety characteristics you can expect when leasing a Skoda. If you'd like to find out more about the optional extras you can include in your lease,fill in our contact form and we'll get in touch.

Good value for money

With the current cost of living crisis affecting the nation, many people are now looking to cut costs where they can.Drivers across the UK are downsizing their vehicles where they can, often choosing to buy secondhand or use finance instead of buying a brand new car outright. 

Skoda's cars tend to be on the cheaper side, particularly when compared to other brands owned by the Volkswagen group - such as Audi or SEAT. However, this doesn't mean you'll lose out on performance or style, as Skoda's designs are good enough to compete with the big guns. 

Skoda cars also do well in terms of fuel efficiency - their lightweight designs allow them to effortlessly move through busy roads without using much fuel.The Skoda Superb Estate has an average fuel economy of 50.9mpg, whereas the Skoda Octavia is even more impressive,offering 54.9mpg in its entry level model. Because of this, you're guaranteed to save money on your fuel costs when you pick a Skoda lease deal. 

Leasing a Skoda is also cheaper than buying outright, as you'll have cheaper upfront costs and you won't need to pay the price of the entire car outright. The cost of a new car tends to depreciate by around 40% after a year, but this isn't something you'll have to worry about when leasing.

Financing a car is another popular option at the moment,however lease charges are usually cheaper than the monthly costs associated with finance, showing another benefit of leasing a car.You'll receive a manufacturer's warranty when you lease a car with LeaseCar.You also won't need to pay VED (Vehicle Excise Duty), showing another way you can save money when you choose a Skoda lease with us.

If you're looking for an affordable car, you can't go wrong with our Skoda lease deals! If you'd like to hear more about our monthly rentals, contact us today on 0344 745 1818.

Comfort and convenience on every drive

There's nothing worse than committing to a new car and finding out that it's uncomfortable and inconvenient to drive - particularly if you've paid a lot of money for it.

Whether you're heading off on an adventure with your partner or want to make your commute to work more pleasurable, you can rely on Skoda's expertise. Every car the Czech manufacturer designs contains lots of comfort features to make your driving life as fun as possible. 

Skoda's cars contain sleek exteriors and lush interiors, designed to make you feel at home on your drive. If you're tall, there's no need to worry about feeling cramped, as each model Skoda makes comes with several adjustable features, as well as ample legroom and headroom. 

Skoda vehicles also come fitted with modern technological features that make every drive effortless, such as:

Whether you're a country dweller or a city slicker, Skoda's huge range of vehicles should have something to satisfy your curiosity!

Taking out a Skoda lease deal with LeaseCar

At LeaseCar, we think Skoda has a lot to offer - whatever your driving needs are. Whether you're heading off on holiday with the family or taking a quick trip into town, there's a Skoda for you. Many of this brand's models are punching well above their weight when it comes to driver and passenger comfort features - they also contain a wide range of tech and safety attributes.

We like to keep up to date with new developments, and they certainly come thick and fast from this dynamic brand. Skoda is extremely customer-responsive, changing up the design of their cars on a regular basis to suit the advances of modern technology.

We'll advise you on the best model and trim for your needs and your leasing budget – we'll also get you the best lease contract we can find.

There's a reason we're the UK's leading car leasing company. Our process has been finely tuned over the years, ensuring that most of our customers eventually return for another lease once their initial contract has expired. 

If you'd like to work through your Skoda lease options with someone before committing to a deal,our helpful team will be happy to speak with you.

What do you get with a Skoda lease deal from LeaseCar?

By choosing to lease a Skoda instead of buying one outright, you'll get the benefit of driving a brand new car. This means you won't need to pay the full cost of a new car, as all our leasing deals have a small initial rental cost and low monthly rentals. 

When you take out a Skoda lease deal from, you'll get:

If you'd like to find out more about leasing a Skoda, get in touch with today by clicking one of the buttons above.You can also make a quick enquiry by filling in our handy contact form.

Our business contract hire options

At LeaseCar, we also offer a range of business leasing deals. Whether you need a huge fleet of vehicles or just a couple of cars to get your business started, we can offer comprehensive packages for all our business lease customers.

Choosing a business lease could be the perfect option for you, particularly if you're a smaller business. Taking out a business lease deal means you won't need to pay a large upfront cost for a new car. Instead, you'll just pay your monthly rentals, which are a lot cheaper than paying for a brand new vehicle.

You'll also want to ensure you have the correct documentation if you run a business. This is something that we can help with. Your VED (otherwise known as road tax) will be included in your lease, taking away the need for you to pay for it every year. We'll also help you with all the other documentation that comes with leasing a car, such as MOT certificates and number plates. 

You also get tax benefits if you lease a car for your company. As a business owner, if you lease a car purely for commercial use, you can claim back 100% of the VAT. Even if the vehicle is also used for domestic purposes, you can still claim at least 50% of the VAT back. It's definitely worth considering a business lease if you need vehicles for your staff.

Once your business contract lease has expired, you have several options:

If you'd like to find out more about how to take advantage of a business contract lease on a Skoda, fill in our contact form and we'll be happy to help

Start your Skoda leasing journey with LeaseCar

Taking out one of LeaseCar's Skoda lease deals could be the perfect opportunity for you - whether you need it for your business or just fancy getting a new car for yourself.

Skoda is one of the UK's top brand's at the moment, making a range of fantastic cars that are sure to wow any driver with their performance and style. Whether you're interested in making your drive more sustainable with an electric car, or you just want a new vehicle to get you from one place to another, LeaseCar has you covered.

As the UK's leading car leasing site, we're in the perfect position to set you up with a fantastic new Skoda lease deal. And if you decide you'd prefer a car from another manufacturer, we have a massive range of cars available to choose from.

If you've already chosen a car, just click on the 'View Deal' button and you'll be able to see all the information to get the process started. 

If you'd like to speak to a member of our team first, get in touch on 0344 745 1818 and we'll answer any questions you have.

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