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4.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot

Why Should I Lease My Next Car?

You may already drive your own vehicle, but are looking to go shopping for a new vehicle.

Many still choose to purchase a vehicle outright or to get an expensive loan to finance the car, many are now choosing car leasing, which is a way you can have full access to a car without owning and having to worry about depreciation. Leasing is an option that is becoming more and more popular as people catch on and it's easy to see why.

There used to be huge social stigma about choosing to lease a car rather than owning a car but when people compare the costs of leasing over the period of time they typically keep the car for versus car loans and pcp they are often surprised at the savings that can be found. 

Depending on if you use the vehicle for personal or business use, there are certain tax benefits you can take advantage of that owning a car doesn't offer.

One of the reasons that a lot of people show reluctance when it comes to leasing a vehicle is because of the terminology that is used, but there is truly nothing to be worried about. The following reasons are why you should choose to lease your next car rather than buying:

No need to worry about selling the vehicle at the end of the lease

If you've ever previously sold a vehicle, you'll know how frustrating it can be. The car may have cost a lot to buy initially, but when you go to sell or trade it in you find that it has depreciated a considerable amount.

When you agree to a leasing contract, the leasing costs are estimated and included as part of the rentals.

Affordable monthly rentals

Typically longer that a contract, the lower the monthly rentals will be. This works the other way as well, with the shorter the contract, the higher the rentals are. Finding a good middle ground between the length of a contract and how much you want to pay is essential before you go through with a lease.

A wide variety of cars to choose from

Here at LeaseCar, we pride ourselves on having a large selection of vehicles that you can choose from. Whether you've always wanted to drive a reliable and well crafted Ford, or you've always wanted to spice things up a bit with an Aston Martin, we are able to cater to your needs.

Extras to create a unique driving experience

At LeaseCar, we believe that anybody that drives a car should have the choice to have a customised experience that suits them. Just because somebody is driving the same vehicle as you doesn't mean they have to be exactly the same.

Depending on the vehicle you choose, there can be a number of choices that add to the driving experience you have:

  • Communication
  • Driver aids
  • Driver information
  • Entertainment
  • Packs
  • Paint
  • Towing
  • Trim
  • Wheels

That's not to say that we hide what the vehicle already has included as standard. When you select a car on the website, check out the standard equipment tab so you can get a full understanding of what is included.

If there are any extras included that you don't see the point in or simply don't want, you are able to uncheck them from the list. .

No large initial cost

When you go to buy a vehicle outright, more often than not it requires a large deposit to show that you're actually going to buy the vehicle. When you start a leasing contract, the initial rental can be set to three times or one times the monthly rental,.

Fixed costs

When you agree to a lease contract, you agree to how much you'll be paying on a monthly basis. Once that is final, they won't change unless you want to increase your mileage. Understanding exactly how much will be taken out on a monthly basis is great as it allows you to budget accordingly.

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