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Van Leasing vs Buying

One of the main questions that a lot of people have is whether they are best off buying or leasing a van. It can be appealing to actually buy a vehicle, although it´s generally the smarter option to pick the latter.

Actually choosing a van is incredibly simple to do, it´s the working out how you are actually going to afford the vehicle that normally makes it hard. Driving a vehicle that is best suited for what you are actually doing is of vital importance.

If you work within a business, it isn´t appropriate to turn up to a job in a rusting van that is ancient. You want to reflect what your business is about, which means that you need a new vehicle.

The two choices you have is either leasing or buying, and both do have their advantages, but one does distinctly stick out for us.

Van Buying

For a person that is financially stable, and who is prepared for a long term commitment, buying a vehicle can be an very appealing option. Purchasing a van does mean that you will pay higher monthly payments, but there is the chance that you get a profit once you´ve finished with it.

Once you buy a van, it´s completely yours. You have the freedom to what you want from it, whether this be for the physical drive or the general aesthetic. There is a lot of commitments when it comes to owning your own vehicle, so it´s key to keep that in mind.

Van Buying Benefits

The chance to make a profit

When you purchase a vehicle you are able to look ahead of time to take advantage of it. Once you fully own a vehicle, you can keep all of the profit you make. It´s important to make sure that your van is of good quality or else people won´t be interested. In some cases you can end up losing out on money if a person is not willing to pay the amount you want.


A benefit that attracts a lot of people to buying a van is the fact that they are free to modify the vehicle in anyway they want. This can range from changing the stereo system to aesthetic works. Something to bear in mind before you actually purchase a van is that any modifications void the warranty. More often than not this can cause trouble later on.

Van Buying Warnings

Something that is important to note before you consider purchasing a van is how much higher the payments are in the long run. You have higher monthly payments as you have to pay the total amount of the car compared to leasing when it is within a specific time frame.

There´s also the ongoing costs that can often be a surprise for a lot of people. They require a yearly MOT, road tax and any servicing that would normally be covered if you leased your vehicle.

Another thing that surprises a lot of van buyers is just how high the value added tax can be. For the majority of people, the amount the value added tax costs makes the decision on whether they should lease or buy.

Depreciation is something that you need to look out for as well, especially if you intend on selling off the vehicle when you´re finished with it. Value can be lost with even the smallest of interactions. As soon as you drive a new van some value is lost. It´s always very unlikely that you will ever make the money back you originally paid.

Even if you buy a brand new vehicle, you´ll find that when a new model is released, your model drops in value significantly. There are very few ways to stop how much your van will depreciate, meaning that it´s value will be unpredictable.

Van Leasing

It used to be that van leasing was seen as something which was simply a waste of money, but that couldn´t be further from the truth. It gives a person the chance to drive a vehicle that would normally never be available to them.

The van isn´t your own, but depending on your contract it will be yours to use for a fixed amount of time. After the deal has finished you are able to bring the van back and leave with a vehicle that is completely different.

All of this makes leasing incredibly appealing. You no longer have to deal with the selling process which is normally stressful, or even any jaw dropping mechanical bills. You can expect a hassle free ownership that will end as pleasantly as it began.

Van Leasing Benefits

Better vehicle choice

When you first choose a van it´s normal to have large expectations. You may want one of the most luxurious vehicles that there is on the market, but the price just simply puts it out of your price range. Leasing a van makes the chances of you getting a vehicle that is luxurious much more likely, as you are simply paying per month, compared to a single payment when you choose to buy.

Manufacturer cover

For the majority of people, the first thought they have when purchasing a van is how much maintenance will be required. Even the latest in vans can have problems. When leasing a vehicle it´s up to us, the leasing company, to deal with the workmanship and material defects that may happen.

A different vehicle each time

A lot of people dream of driving a different vehicle on a regular basis. The majority of us simply can´t afford to shell out money to drive a new van, especially when it comes to getting the latest models. Leasing a van means that you are able to get a new vehicle after your contract is finished. You aren´t limited as well, so if you want the latest model then you can.

LeaseCar and You

Here at LeaseCar, we make sure to provide a leasing service that you can be proud of. We have a wide range of different vans to choose from, ranging from some of the most famous brands to some of the most reliable. Choosing to lease is the smarter way to drive a vehicle, so it´s always worth checking out.

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