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Who Can Lease a Van?

If you choose to lease a van, more often than not people realise that it was one of the best decisions they could've made, providing them with massive advantages for both personal and business use. With leasing becoming even more popular in recent times, there has never been a better time to consider leasing a van.

Who is van leasing for?

Vans are one of the best and most versatile types of vehicles that you can find on the road. You can find that the majority of vans are incredibly well made, are reliable, and have an enjoyable driving experience which can't be achieved in a car.

There's a number of contracts you are able to choose from that can easily cater to people that want a van for personal or business use.

Business van leasing

One of the major things that is normally a cause for concern for people that own a vehicle is how much it's going to depreciate. If you want to sell your vehicle for a profit, it can become tough if your van has depreciated considerably. Many leasing companies will want to make sure that when leasing a vehicle, they'll be sure that it'll be returned in a decent state.

Before you start a leasing contract, the level of depreciation when your contract comes to a close is figured out. There are a number of factors that can affect this prediction, such as the miles you'll be travelling, the sector your business covers and where the van is stored on a regular basis.

One of the biggest things that has a knock on effect on the depreciation levels is the mileage. As vans are likely used throughout nearly every day, this monthly mileage can be quite high! Before leasing, a limit is agreed upon that you must adhere to, but if you go over without notifying us, there can be large reparations. If you can tell that you are going to go over the set limit, get in contact, as it's possible for you to increase your mileage for a cost.

Maintenance package

Any business person knows how stressful it can be if you have deadlines you have to meet, but you have a vehicle that needs full maintenance. One of the main reasons people choose leasing is how it provides peace of mind, ensuring that you don't have to go through the hassles that might occur when someone owns a van fully.

It may be that your company has a number of vehicles that are some of the most important parts of the service your business provides. This may be so, but it has the knock on effect of high maintenance costs. Here at LeaseCar, we offer a maintenance option that covers the period of your agreement.

If something happens to your van, we can cover the majority of maintenance services you require. You have access to 6,000 dealers that are situated in both the UK and Northern Ireland. Instead of having to do all the maintenance yourself, save time and effort by selecting a maintenance package.

Tax advantages for businesses

A considerable amount of businesses don't realise that a lease has the added bonus of tax advantages. If your business is VAT registered, it's possible for you to reclaim 100% of the VAT on the basis that it's used only for business use.

Personal van leasing

Leasing a van isn't only a service that businesses can embrace. If you want to, you are able to lease a van for personal use, and more often than not it can be more accommodating compared to owning a vehicle outright. There isn't actually that much of a difference between personal and business leasing, but the most notable is you are only able to reclaim 50% of VAT.

Drive a new van as soon as they're released

Being able to drive a brand new van as soon as it's released is a dream that a lot of people have. When not in a leasing contract, it can simply cost way too much to own one of these vans outright. It can be hard to get sufficient funding to make this possible, or alternately you could always take out a lease contract.

When a new van gets released, it's easy to get a lease contract that lasts over a time period that is ideal for you. You don't have to worry about the large upfront payments that's required when purchasing a vehicle, so you can drive around in the latest van without having to completely empty your wallet.

Less obligations at the end of your contract

When it comes to the end of your contract, you'll find that you have very few obligations to deal with once it finishes. Of course, you need to pay all of the monthly payments and the vehicle needs to be returned at a sufficient standard, but you don't need to worry about selling it on to someone.

Selling a van can be a stressful thing to do, with strangers appearing at your door asking for a test drive, or having someone haggling you for a price that isn't ideal. With leasing, all that you have to do is simply return the vehicle to us, and you can walk away with no restrictions.

You are able to lease another vehicle straight away if you so wish, or depending on the lease contract you have agreed to, you are able to pay the balloon payment and own the vehicle fully.

What maintenance does a van require?

When you lease a van there something important you need to bear in mind, which is the fact that the van isn't actually yours. You are able to use it on a daily basis, but we still own the vehicle. It's important that your van is returned to in good condition to avoid an extra charges.

Of course, you can choose to have this covered through the use of a maintenance package, but in some cases people prefer to make sure the costs they're paying on a monthly basis are low. Lots of people prefer to maintain a vehicle themselves, and it can be a satisfying thing to do.

Of course, we don't expect the car to be returned in perfect condition. Basic wear and tear is expected, it's if there's excessive damage we will become concerned and will then have to investigate. Here's some tips that you should keep in mind when maintaining your van:

The tyres

When you use a van for any period of time, like with any form of automotive transport, the wheels will eventually wear out. Different tyres can last completely different amounts of time. With tyres being the only part of a vehicle that makes contact with the road, and depending on their quality, this can have a large affect on how it handles.

It's a legal requirement to have a minimum tread that is at least 1.6 mm deep across the central three quarters of the overall circumference of the tyre. It's possible to work out how much tread you have left by looking for the wear indicator on one of the tread grooves. If you want more of a reliable reading, it's best to use a measuring gauge.

The windscreen wipers

One of the important parts of a vehicle that gets forgotten on a regular basis is the windscreen wipers. Like any other part on your van, it needs to be checked regularly to see if it's running efficiently. Maintenance for windscreen wipers is simple as well, so there's no need for an expert.

Simply check the blade on a six month period. If you can see considerable damage or wear and tear, they will need replacing. As you drive along and you have the windscreen wipers running and they squeak, it's a good indication that they aren't working properly.


Of course, one of the things that ensures your van actually runs is the engine itself. Without it, you'd be stuck and you wouldn't be able to move, which is no use at all. The best way to describe a van engine is that it's like the human body. If we don't take care of our bodies then organs in our body can fail, very much like the oil in an engine.

You simply need to replace your oil from time to time, generally during a service. If you need to do this earlier, you can tell through the use of a dipstick. To get the best reading possible, wipe any oil that's already present on the dipstick. When it's clean, dip it into the oil tube to get a proper reading. If it goes under the minimum notch, your oil needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

LeaseCar and You

Here at LeaseCar, we intend on providing a service that is as accessible as possible to as wider audience as possible. No matter if you want it for business use, or you simply fancy a van for your day to day life, we have a number of high quality vans for you to choose from.

All of our staff have a genuine passion for what they do, and they always have your best interests at heart. There's a reason why LeaseCar is the UK's favourite van leasing website. Get in contact today no matter what questions or queries you have, we are more than happy to assist you where we can.

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