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4.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot

Useful Information

I have ordered what happens next?

Once we have all your paper work in place and your vehicle is in stock, we will contact you to arrange the earliest delivery date.

When will my initial rental be taken?

Your initial rental is usually taken approximately 10-14 days after you have taken delivery of your vehicle. However, occasionally your initial rental could be taken prior to delivery. Your account manager will advise you which is applicable to you.

Who pays the Vehicle Excise Duty (Road Tax) on a lease car?

Many people wonder if you don't own the car and hold the v5 how you tax the car?

When you lease a car most funding companies will tax the vehicle for you including the cost of the road tax in your monthly rental.

What does Pre-registered mean?

Vehicle manufacturers and dealers work from one month to the next and occasionally to get the best deal on certain cars, vehicles have to be registered into a certain month to guarantee the pricing stays the same. If this is the case we will let you know, but don't worry, the car is still brand new just like any other vehicle we lease is.

Can anyone else drive my leased vehicle

Yes as long as they are a named driver and fully insured they can drive the car the same as if you had purchased it.

Is insurance included in the car leasing price?

As standard you are responsible for insuring your vehicle as if you were buying or financing a vehicle using another method.

The insurance must be fully comprehensive and the hirer must be the main policy holder or a named driver on the insurance certificate.

It's pretty straight forward and insurance prices shouldn't be any different than if you owned the car.

What happens if I go over my contracted mileage?

This often scares people into not considering leasing but it really shouldn't. The simple answer is that each of our lease contracts comes with an excess mileage price. If you ever exceed your total mileage allowance you will be charged at the rate provided.

Charges vary but can range anywhere between 2p- 30p per mile over the course of your contract.

e.g. if your excess mileage rate is 5 pence per mile and you go over your agreed mileage at the end of the lease by 1000 miles you could be charged £50 + vat.

It is much better to tailor your lease to the average amount of yearly mileage you typically drive. On the other hand we understand that circumstances change and customers do sometimes go over mileage. You will be given the excess mileage price up front so that you are in full control.

Your mileage cannot be changed in the first 12 months or the last 6 months of your lease. Please remember the excess mileage charge is not a penalty - you are paying for something that you have used.

Where do you get your cars from?

We source our cars through the manufacturers UK dealer network, which means you will be receiving a brand new UK car directly from your chosen manufacturers main dealerships, ensuring trust and reliability.

Our relationships and buying power ensure you get the best prices on new manufacturers UK main dealer cars.

Are cars brand new with no previous owners?

The vast majority of our cars are brand new UK cars purchased directly from the Manufactures Main Dealer network. Occasionally a vehicle will be Pre-registered to allow us to get you a better deal.

Is delivery included in the leasing price?

Delivery to the UK mainland is free to your door and included in all of our leases. There are exceptions for inaccessible/remote locations, if you have any concerns give us a call and we will check your location.

Are lease cars covered by warranty?

As the car is new it will come with a period of warranty cover. A car warranty is a sort of guarantee to protect your car should it get have a fault within a certain amount of time or usage.

It is also known as Mechanical Breakdown Insurance, and is essentially covering you should the car stop working through a mechanical flaw. For this reason, most lease cars will be covered under the initial warranty from a manufacturer as if you bought the car outright from them.

For our Pre-registered vehicles these vehicles will be delivered with the remaining manufacturers warranty. The warranty starts from the day a vehicle is first registered.

What's usually covered in a warranty?

This is wholly dependent on what the manufacturer or other companies agree to cover, with some covering the basics to others going the extra mile. Here's what we would suggest are the things a good warranty will cover, essentially the majority of mechanical components:

  • Steering and handling
  • Ignition and fuel systems
  • Coolant and cooling systems
  • Electrical components
  • Transmission
  • Clutches that are non-frictional
  • Gearbox
  • Components in the brake system
  • Vehicle Suspension

The general rule to think of here is that a warranty will cover anything that could break over the course of use that isn't your fault.



Things that usually aren't covered

Again, these are all subject to specific terms and conditions of a car makers own coverage, but to give you an idea here are some of the things that you shouldn't expect to be included as standard:

  • Wear and tear to tyre and wheels
  • Bodywork such as denting and scratches
  • Brake pads and most clutches
  • The car's catalytic converter
  • Glass in windows
  • Headlights
  • Air Conditioning systems
  • Audio equipment
  • Built in Sat Nav equipment

What to-do in an accident?

The process is the same it doesn't matter irrespective of who owns the vehicles. You will need to contact your insurer and get the vehicle repaired in the normal way.


If the car is written off you will need to contact your funder.

What happens if you get a motoring offence / penalty ticket?

Your funder will contact you regarding this. There may be an administration charge raised by your funder.

Do I need to get my car serviced at a main dealership?

If you have a funder maintained contract you will have to get your car serviced at one of their approved service centres. This may be your local dealership its best to give your funder a call to ensure you take your car to the right place. If your car isn't funder maintained you will need to get it serviced at a VAT registered garage that uses manufacturer approved parts. If you have leased a Mercedes Benz you will have to get the car serviced as a Mercedes Benz garage/dealership.


In both cases ensure you get your service log stamped and ensure you keep any receipts with your service handbook.


Can I insure my car without registration?

You can arrange for your vehicle insurance without the registration number, in this instance you would need to advise your insurance company of the specific make & model of the vehicle & they should be able to assist you.


Is it possible to keep my car at the end of my contract?

Most of our customers go on to lease a new second car are rare occasions where a customer loves their car so much that they want to extend the lease.

If you would like to extend your lease our renewals team will contact the funder on your behalf. We do suggest that you simply lease another car as it is up to the funder as to whether they will allow a lease extension or not but we can discuss all options with you at the time.

Is it possible to get out of my lease early?

Contract hire agreements are not built to be ended early. It is similar to a mobile phone contract.

If you want to upgrade or terminate early there will be a termination charge depending on the model of the vehicle and time left on the contract etc.

One of the major benefits to leasing is you take the contract over a short period of time, generally 2-4 years, so you know exactly the amount of time you will be in the car and the car will always be a relatively up-to-date model, so it caters for drivers who like to drive new cars.

If you do want to change your car multiple times a year, leasing probably isn't for you.

How do I change my address?

You can change your address by emailing our Administration Team on with your name, vehicle registration number and your new address.  We will update your address details on our system & ask your Funder to update your details for you too. 

Fair Wear and tear

When you lease a car from us you will have access to the BVRLA's wear and tear guide. This is the industry standard and will guide you through fair wear and tear, what to expect. The BVRLA will and also act as an intermediary to resolve a dispute in the unlikely event that one occurs.

Things not covered under fair wear and tear are things like damage caused by an event or impact, neglect, unrepaired mechanical faults, large dents, broken windows, cracked headlights, heavily stained upholstery etc.

Basically use your common sense, the finance company will be selling your car on the used car market when you hand it back, is there anything you need to repair before handing it back to them.

Do you get charged for every dent or scratch?

We are surprised by the number of people that think if you return the car with slight dents and scratches you will be charged. This simply isn't possible unless you stick your car in the garage with a cover over it for your lease term.

All of our leases are covered by the BVRLA's fair wear and tear policy.

Just like owning a car your insurance generally covers you for damage arising from accidents etc.

For more information please read the BVRLA's fair wear and tear guide on our website, which explains precisely what is and what is not acceptable on a car being returned to a car leasing company.

What should you do if you get charged for excessive damage?

Contact your funder to discuss the charges in the first instance.

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