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BMW 2 Series Hatchback Car Lease Deals

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BMW knows how to make cars that delight. Year after year, their research team pours time and resources into safety improvements and performance innovations. The BMW 2 Series Hatchback, BMW's Active Tourer, is

BMW knows how to make cars that delight. Year after year, their research team pours time and resources into safety improvements and performance innovations.

The BMW 2 Series Hatchback, BMW's Active Tourer, is an MPV-style crowd-pleaser. It's going to turn heads thanks to sporty styling and it's got practicality by the bucket load.

BMW: A Luxurious Car Manufacturer with Lashings of Style

BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG) should need no introduction, being one of the biggest vehicle manufacturers across the globe. The German company originally came to fruition in 1910. They were originally known as a manufacturer of aircraft engines, before branching out.

In 1928, BMW quickly changed its focus to cars after a short foray into the world of motorcycle production. Over the years, the manufacturer's Bavarian flag logo has become one of the most recognisable symbols in the world. 

BMW are now leaders in the automobile industry, with their cars considered to be status symbols due to their luxurious style and supreme performance. They have a wide range of different models, meaning that there really is something for everyone - no matter what type of car you're looking for. 

The amazing array of cars that BMW makes are stunning to look at and a joy to drive. They're perfect vehicles, whether you're interested in a nimble car for zipping around the city or a bigger beast for off-road driving. The BMW 2 Series is just another fantastic iteration in this manufacturer's series of model launches.

At LeaseCar, we have a wide variety of BMWs available to lease - if you feel the BMW 2 Series isn't quite right for you, don't worry. There are plenty of other options to choose from. 

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About the BMW 2 Series

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Why Drive a BMW 2 Series Hatchback?

Like its stablemates, the Active Tourer come with plenty of variations and options available. This means you can tailor an Active Tourer to match your driving style exactly. There's a choice of three and four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines and there's a plug-in hybrid model. You can also choose four-wheel-drive - handy for slippery roads or visiting locations that are off the beaten track.

Take some time to think about what you'll be using this car for most of the time. Are you a city driver? Do you have a long motorway commute? What sort of mileage do you normally cover in one journey? Think about not only where but how you like to drive - are you all about top-end performance or is economy more important?

Making the right choices means the difference between an excellent drive and finding your perfect partner. If you'd like some advice on what Active Tourer is going to suit you, we're always happy to help you decide.

What's the BMW 2 Series Hatchback Like to Drive?

Whatever variation of the Active Tourer you decide on, they're all a rewarding drive. For a taller MPV-style car, direction changes are surprisingly nippy and body-lean minimal. The steering has three weight options as standard, each light enough to make tight parking spaces a doddle. Town, country or open road, the Active Tourer has it covered.

The Magnificent BMW 2 Series

The BMW 2 Series is a fairly new release for the company, emerging onto the market in 2013. Since then, it's become one of the most popular cars from their range - and for good reason! 

These vehicles contain everything that makes the BMW brand so special - they're sporty and powerful, whilst also having a high degree of practicality about them. The BMW 2 Series is suitable for any driving setting, whether you're a new driver hitting the road for the first time or an experienced user looking for a family car.

By choosing to lease a BMW 2 Series car instead of buying one outright, you get the benefit of driving a brand-new car, with a small initial rental price and low monthly rental payments for the length of your contract. This allows you to spread the cost of buying a car out, so you don't have to make any expensive payments upfront.

With our contracts, you'll get a warranty included with your lease and, in most situations, you won't have to pay road tax. However, you'll still need to pay for MOTs, annual services, and car insurance. 

Included in your BMW 2 Series lease from, you'll get:

  • Free delivery
  • Standard manufacturer's warranty
  • Customisation of your vehicle to suit your tastes
  • Option to hand your car back to us once your lease has ended
  • Fixed rentals
  • Vehicle excise duty (VED) and breakdown cover at no extra cost
  • Access to your nearest approved dealer centre for servicing

If you'd like to find out more starting a BMW 2 Series lease today, click one of the 'View Deal' buttons above and make a quick enquiry. And if you'd like a little more advice before you commit to a lease,  fill in our contact form and we'll get in touch at the first opportunity.

What BMW 2 Series Models Does LeaseCar Offer?

One of the best things about using the UK's leading car leasing company is that we have a wide range of cars available to suit any need.

If you've got your heart set on a BMW 2 Series lease, we have three different models available, with excellent lease deals available on all of them.

The cars we currently have available are the:

  • BMW 2 Series Coupe
  • BMW 2 Series Hatchback
  • BMW 2 Series Saloon

Read on below to find out a little more about the different varieties of this car currently on offer. We also have a wider selection of BMW models if you don't think a 2 Series is the right fit for you.

The Stylish BMW 2 Series Coupe

The first version of this amazing car that we offer personal lease deals on is the BMW 2 Series Coupe.

The BMW 2 Series Coupe is a compact car containing three doors - but don't let its small size fool you. These vehicles are packed to the brim with redesigned technology and a whole host of driver assistance features.

This model has a fantastic rear-wheel drive design, making it feel remarkably sporty on the road. This vibe is only enhanced further by the Servotronic sport steering feature, which reduces steering effort to make for a more agile and responsive drive. 

All of our Coupe cars come with an automatic transmission, and both petrol and diesel engine variations are available. 

Some of the main features of the BMW 2 Series Coupe include:

  • A Harman/Kardon surround sound system
  • Adaptive LED headlights
  • Electric front seats with driver memory and added lumbar support
  • A heated steering wheel and heated seats
  • Access to BMW Live Cockpit Professional settings
  • 19-inch jet black double-spoke style alloy wheels

As you can see, the BMW 2 Series Coupe has lots to offer.

The Nifty BMW 2 Series Hatchback

Hatchbacks are versatile cars - they also often have a more affordable price point than larger vehicles. They're often a little smaller than other models, but there's still room for all the family.

The BMW 2 Series Hatchback was first launched in 2014 and is otherwise known as the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer. Though still considered smaller in size, the Active Tourer is still larger than the equivalent version of the BMW 1 Series, making it a convenient upgrade if you're looking for just a bit more storage space. 

The BMW 2 Series Active Tourer is an MPV-style car. Not only does it look fantastic, but it's also an extremely practical car. The hatchback version of this car was redesigned in 2018 to meet emissions challenges, adding the benefit of sustainability into the mix.

Like the coupe model, BMW 2 Series Hatchback comes with an automatic gearbox. Both petrol and plug-in hybrid variations are available to lease from us.

The larger size of these cars means they have great power, as well as a slew of interesting features, including:

The BMW 2 Series Hatchback may not be quite as fancy as the coupe model, but it's still a worthwhile car for any family.

The BMW 2 Series Saloon

The BMW 2 Series Saloon naturally exudes charm and style, having an old-school vibe. Its classic design isn't its only redeeming quality though, as it also features dynamic performance - this really is a car with both style and substance!

Officially referred to as the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe, this model was released to the market in 2014 - before being redesigned in 2020. It's an extremely sleek model, with added performance features, making this car a cut above the rest! 

The mesh grille and frameless doors may look sporty, but they also add performance benefits, giving you the best of both worlds. You can also opt to add the BMW Live Cockpit Professional package into the mix - this system adds a more in-depth HUD and two 10.25" screens to display vital performance information.

The BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe is available as both a manual and automatic drive, with petrol being the standard fuel type. 

BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe features:

  • A BMW kidney grille with a mesh design
  • Frameless doors and a raised sideline
  • A gorgeous body style, including a sloping roof
  • 3 and 4-cylinder turbocharged engines
  • Optional 7 or 8-speed Steptronic transmissions to ensure peerless driving performance
  • A 1.5 - 2.0 litre engine
  • BMW Live Cockpit Professional can also be added, which includes two 10.25" screens and a more extensive HUD

If you're looking for a BMW 2 Series lease, the Gran Coupe is one of the best models in the series!

What Makes the BMW 2 Series So Special?

You're probably wondering why you should pick a BMW 2 Series model over the other cars we have available. It's a good question, as this German luxury car manufacturer has a whole host of fantastic vehicles available to lease with us.

At LeaseCar, we have a broad range of options available for the savvy car driver. Whatever your preference, we're confident we'll have just what you need - and at a price that can't be beaten!

If you'd like to drive something a little different, all the information you need to make an informed decision can be found on our car leasing page.

Several Variations on a Timeless Classic

One of the main benefits of choosing a BMW 2 Series car is that there are several different variations on offer:

Both petrol and diesel versions are available, as well as manual and automatic models. If you're a little more environmentally conscious, you can choose the plug-in-hybrid version of the hatchback model.

Because of this, you can be sure that you'll find something to love if you decide to take out a BMW 2 Series lease!

Not yet made up your mind? We also have a wide range of other BMW models available.

Dynamic Performance

Performance is a key consideration before leasing any car. The good news is that every iteration of the BMW 2 Series we offer features fantastic performance and handling from the get go, setting you up for a wonderful driving experience. 

A range of engine choices are available, offering lots of power and torque to get you moving quickly. The standard engine type for the BMW 2 Series is the 2.0-L TwinPower turbo four-cylinder engine. Performance differs slightly depending on which model you go for - however, the Coupe version generates up to 248 horsepower and 258 Ib-ft of torque.

Every iteration of the BMW 2 Series has a commendable performance, packing plenty of power under its stylish hood. The top speed is limited to 155 mph (250 km/h). On average, it takes up to 4.7 seconds to go from 0-60mph, adding speed into the equation. 

You might be concerned that these aspects mean a lower fuel economy, but there's nothing to worry about, as you'll find out in the next section!

Impressive Fuel Economy

The BMW 2 Series comes with extra in-built features to increase their fuel efficiency. 

Of course, this is something that will differ depending on the model you go for, as they vary slightly. However, considering the fantastic performance these cars have, they're surprisingly economical in the fuel department. Taking out a BMW 2 Series lease is a surprisingly economical equation, offering reasonable running costs that make the user experience a breeze.

One example of this is the active air flap control technology that's included with some models. This system refines the aerodynamic aspects of the car, as well as increasing its overall fuel efficiency. 

As you might expect, the coupe model has a smaller and more aerodynamic set-up, which makes it one of the cheaper BMW options to run. It's the most economical in terms of fuel, offering 60.1mpg (miles per gallon). This doesn't mean that choosing a petrol version is a bad choice though, as these models still have a very respectable mpg of between 42.8mpg and 44.1mpg.

Other versions of the BMW 2 Series vary, with the faster and sportier M240i offering a reduced mpg of 36.6mpg on faster motorway runs. However, this reduces to around 25 mpg when driving on slower, urban roads, showing quite a big difference. 

If you'd like to find out a little more about the mpg of the BMW 2 Series car you're interested in, get in touch and we'll be able to advise you accordingly.

Amazing Technology and Safety Features

Safety should be a priority for any driver, particularly if you're expecting to drive at high speeds on the motorway. BMW is a manufacturer that takes particular pride in how safe their cars are, giving you peace of mind throughout.

The BMW 2 Series includes many different features that are designed with safety in mind for both the passengers and the driver.

These cars include well-made seatbelts and six airbags to protect you in the event of a collision. As well as airbags placed in the front of the car, the BMW 2 Series also comes with side curtain airbags to prevent passengers from head injuries in the event of a crash.

Other safety features within the BMW 2 Series include:

  • AEB (Auto Emergency Braking) - Designed to automatically apply your brakes in the event you're unable to do so yourself. This technology can also be used to reduce the severity of a crash with pedestrians and cyclists, as well as other drivers and stationary objects.
  • Crash protection features - Parking assist systems, a reversing camera, and a blind spot warning sensor.
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC) - These sensors monitor the position of the steering wheel and the direction of travel, automatically braking individual wheels to correct oversteering or understeering. ESC can also stabilise steering when driving on uneven surfaces.
  • Driver Attention Detection - This is a tool designed to detect when the driver's attention is inhibited, particularly in cases of fatigue. This system measures steering wheel movements and the length of time driving, emitting an alarm via the dashboard to notify the driver if needed.
  • Adaptive LED headlights - These headlights change brightness and position depending on the lighting and the visibility of the road ahead.
  • Lane assistance - This feature can be added to some models to ensure the driver stays within their lane when driving.

These cars have also won awards for their safety, with the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer receiving a 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating in 2022.

A Benchmark for Luxury Cars

BMW is, of course, a brand known for stunning designs. The German car manufacturer has been in the luxury vehicle business for a long time, building up a fantastic reputation over the years. 

The BMW 2 Series is no different, creating a new high standard for BMW with its initial release in 2013. If you're looking for a car that looks opulent both inside and out, a BMW 2 Series lease is perfect for you! Every aspect of this car has been painstakingly designed, right down to the finer details. BMW really have used the full wealth of their experience here!

Whilst each model of the BMW 2 Series will differ somewhat, the exteriors still have a sharp and sporty design. These cars look impressive from any angle, highlighting BMWs previous history within the motorsports world. The bodywork is made of sleek lines, and the exterior features the iconic kidney grille.

Active air flap control technology has also been implemented to improve aerodynamics, as well as having the added benefit of increasing fuel efficiency.

The interior looks fantastic too, designed to add an extra degree of comfort, as well as flair. Sport seats and illuminated trim finishers are just two of the luxurious attributes you can expect from this car, so you know you'll always be travelling in style.

More Car for Your Money

The BMW 2 Series is fantastic value for money thanks to its host of built-in features.

The coupe is a particularly impressive version - despite their smaller size, this model still offers plenty of space. It's an extremely practical car, featuring four comfortable seats and increased boot space - when compared to the Series 1 equivalent. 

The updated Series 2 coupe adds an extra 20 litres to the boot capacity, increasing the total area to 390 litres.

If you'd like to go even larger, the hatchback and saloon models might be more to your preference. 

The hatchback is the largest BMW 2 Series model available for lease with us, also known as the BMW Series Active Tourer. It has a whopping 470 litres of boot space, enabling you to bring everything but the kitchen sink on holiday should you wish!

The saloon (otherwise known as the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe) is the second largest version of the BMW 2 Series. It features 430 litres of space in the boot with the rear seats up. 

Convenience and Comfort

Of course, if you're thinking of leasing a new car, convenience and comfort will be a high priority! Whilst the models included within the BMW 2 Series range are designated sports vehicles, they still provide an effortless experience when driving.

The seats are well padded, with the display and HUD designed for ease of use. External noise infiltration is suppressed by robust cabin insulation, so you can easily enjoy the radio without having to hike the volume up too high. 

Add heated front seats and a number of climate control options into the mix, and you're really onto a winner here!

The benefits don't stop there though. The BMW 2 Series also features a keyless entry and start-up system. With the BMW Digital Key technology, you can open, lock, and start your vehicle with just the press of a button on your smartphone. 

Lighting is also a premium, as the BMW 2 Series features 11 different light settings available with its ambient lighting system - so you can customise your drive. As well as making your journey effortless, the lighting rig also increases visibility at night, adding an extra degree of safety.

As you can see, the BMW 2 Series is an ideal car for any driver!

The Perfect Family Car

Due to its sporty reputation, a BMW might not be the type of vehicle you'd usually associate with getting the kids to school or going on a family holiday. 

However, this modern manufacturer has made it their mission to introduce an increasingly versatile range.

The BMW 2 Series Coupe is a little smaller than the other models of this car we offer for leasing, but it's still suitable for a smaller family. This model comes with a boot capacity of 390 litres, so you'll still be able to fit plenty of stuff in the back if needed!

However, if you need something a little larger, the saloon version of the BMW 2 Series is the perfect choice. This car has a longer shape, making for extremely comfortable rides. Five door capacity enables you to take four passengers with you on your trip. It also has a huge boot consisting of 430 litres, so you can be certain you'll get all your luggage on board!

The hatchback is a similarly sized car, although it's also taller than the saloon variation, having an multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) style to its body. As well as looking extremely sporty, it's also very practical. Its size may look intimidating at first, but its nimble steering makes it particularly useful when traversing rural country lanes, as well as urban areas.

Every model is fitted with ample safety features, so you don't need to worry about anything untoward happening when you take the family out for the day.

Choose LeaseCar for Your BMW 2 Series Lease

Now you've decided to lease a BMW 2 Series car, the next step is to get the process started. You might be wondering why you should choose to do this with LeaseCar. It's a good question, and one we're perfectly poised to answer here!

At LeaseCar, we're one of the oldest and most trusted car leasing companies in the UK, which means that we have a massive wealth of experience within the sector. There's a reason we've got a five-star rating on Trustpilot, as our fantastic service is something our customers love year after year!

We understand what our customers want from a lease and we will do everything in our power to give you the best deals available. We also have a huge range of cars available, so if you think a BMW 2 Series isn't quite right for you, be sure to explore our other deals.

If you think you've found the perfect car to lease, get in touch and we'll kickstart the process!

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