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BMW 4 Series Coupe Car Lease Deals

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The 4 Series, like the 2 Series, is another extremely new range of compact executive cars. They've only been in production since 2013, and essentially it's an incredibly stylish coupe. You have many 4 Series

The 4 Series, like the 2 Series, is another extremely new range of compact executive cars. They've only been in production since 2013, and essentially it's an incredibly stylish coupe.

You have many 4 Series options here at LeaseCar, and you can choose between 2-door and 5-door variants, not to mention the fact that you also have a great deal of choice when it comes to the technical specifications, such as the engine and the fuel type.

A BMW 4 Series on lease? Is it for you?

Choosing a BMW 4 Series for lease is one of life's decisions that you're very unlikely to regret - as long as you've done your homework to make sure that this car's going to suit your driving needs, style, expectations and budget.

Ah, yes... budget - that dirty word that so often dictates what we can afford to drive but perhaps not what we want to drive. Well, if budget is a dirty word for you, leasing is the super detergent you need to give it a quick polish!

Rather than putting limitations on your choice and sucking the joy out of your driving dreams, your shiny new budget can open doors in the leasing world - doors that lead to some of the best cars on the road.

If you've admired the sleek BMW 4 Series Coupe from afar but considered it out of your budget's league - get ready to fulfil your driving dream with an affordable lease contract from the UK's most trusted car leasing provider.

And, if budget isn't an issue for you, take a look at all the benefits that driving a brand-new BMW 4 Series on lease could bring to your door. As far as we're concerned, if you're looking for a car in this class - make sure you give the BMW 4 Series a long, hard look before moving on to consider a competitor. We're confident you won't be disappointed.

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About the BMW 4 Series

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BMW 4 Series Coupe features

From the driver's seat, you'll find the BMW 4 Series Coupe to be reminiscent of the BMW 3 Series Saloon, from which the designers drew inspiration. 

However, the 4 Series Coupe looks to the future. It features various distinctions from its predecessor, such as the oversized twin-kidney grille, which was a bold move described as 'brand-shaping by BMW Design chief Domagoj Dukec.

Body type vehicle details

The BMW 4 Series is a sleek coupe that claims its rightful place on the list of upmarket cars that are both stylish and fun to drive.

Alternatives, like the BMW 3 Series Saloon, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe and the Audi A5 Coupe, feature on this list too, but the 4 Series is, in our opinion, right at the top.

In fact, the BMW 4 Series is based on the BMW 3 Series Saloon, but you can't fail to notice the improvements and added touches of magic.

The BMW 4 Series is available as: 

  • A two-door coupe
  • A four-door Gran coupe
  • A convertible
  • The BMW i4 - the electric vehicle member of the family.

All in all, the BMW 4 Series is a seriously good-looking car that turns heads wherever it goes. Its sweeping roof, precise creases and sporty lines give it the air of the BMW 8 Series - but one with a considerably lower monthly lease cost than the 8 Series and just as much wow factor. 

And, just think, you could keep the money you save on leasing costs and use it to take your new road-partner on some seriously thrilling trips away. Sitting behind the wheel of your new friend and taking to the road is probably going to become your new favourite weekend pastime. 

It's not all about looks

Ok, so looks are important to you if you're considering leasing a BMW 4 Series - it's too beautiful a car to deny this - but this coupe doesn't just have a pretty face. 

The BMW design team took the ever-popular model right back to the drawing board recently. It now has a wider rear, a lower centre of gravity, retuned suspension and a stiff chassis. These tweaks make it even more capable on corners. You'll feel secure inside the BMW 4 Series, no matter what bends in the road you ask it to tackle. It's a car that has masterful performance to rival its eye-catching looks.

Your BMW 4 Series - Seats and boot

The fact that your BMW 4 Series is a head-turning high-performance machine doesn't mean that you and your passengers will travel in anything less than upmarket luxury and comfort. No - BMW would never allow that!

The driver's seat is comfortable and supportive enough to keep you held snugly around those long bends. There are lots of adjustments too. This means that shorter or taller drivers can find their perfect driving position with ease. There is a lumbar adjustment option pack available if you need more support. This can be helpful if you struggle to get comfortable and drive a lot of miles.

You sit low down, quite close to the road, but visibility is good. This adds to the 4 Series' sporty feel and puts you in the mood for enjoying some of the feisty performance that's waiting for you under the bonnet!

Boot Space

What the BMW 4 Series lacks in the way of space in the rear seats, it more than makes up for with space in the boot. It has a generous 440-litre boot - far bigger than competitors. This combination of less space in the rear seats and acres of luggage space in the boot makes this car the perfect choice for couples who might want to get away for a romantic weekend and leave the kids at home!


You'll get heated front seats and three-zone climate control. This helps keep everyone happy on longer journeys. The BMW 4 Series has seats for four people. The front seats provide plenty of room, but there's perhaps not so much for rear passengers. 

Rear seats are roomy enough for smaller adults, but we think anyone over 6 feet might find it a bit of a struggle due to the lack of headroom. We also think you might struggle fitting and lifting child seats in and out of the back - especially if you lease a two-door model.

Need extra space? At LeaseCar, you can choose between a 2-door Coupe and the roomier 5-door Gran Coupe - whichever suits you best!

What variations of the BMW 4 Series are available?

BMW gave the 4 Series a lot of thought when it came to making it a model that suits many different types of driver and many types of driving needs. This is why you can lease a BMW 4 Series with a range of engines.

There are diesel engines, petrol engines, efficient engines and super-performance engine combinations. 

For example: You can choose a 2-litre or 3-litre petrol or diesel engine, ranging from 187hp to a massive 374hp. 

One of the most popular choices is the 184hp 420i 2-litre petrol - definitely the crowd-pleaser in the line-up.

But, if you're putting in lots of motorway miles on a regular basis, check out the 190hp 420d 2-litre diesel engine. It's an incredibly efficient cruiser - a master of the open road.

Looking for something that has plenty of thrill attached? Both the M440d diesel and the M440I petrol engines have a lively six-cylinder setup and deliver jaw-dropping power and performance.

If top-of-the-range performance is something you're looking for, take a look at the BMW M4 - you won't be disappointed!

BMW xDrive and other upgrades

BMW xDrive is the brand's all-wheel drive system. It comes as standard on the M440 models and can also be fitted to the 420d. xDrive gives you the ultimate control on slippery roads, which might be important to you if you live in a rural location or if tackling early mornings on quieter roads is part of your regular driving routine.

The M models feature upgraded brakes, a sports differential and adaptive suspension - these can also be fitted to other models as add-ons. Choose the BMW driving setup that suits you.


Of course, your MPG varies depending on how you choose to drive your BMW 4 Series lease vehicle.

But, for an example of averages: 

  • The 2-litre petrol 420i with 184hp gives you an official average of 44mpg. 
  • The 430i, which has the same size petrol engine but delivers 258hp, will give you an official average of 42mpg. 

At the other end of the scale, the top-of-the-range M440i, 374hp six-cylinder 3-litre engine officially gives you 36mpg. That's incredible considering the size and power of all these engines and a credit to BMW's engineering teams.

For the diesel engines, the base engine model is the 190hp 2-litre 420d - that has the highest official mpg of 60mpg. The 430d, with its 3-litre engine delivering 286hp, offers 52mpg. The M440d is the range-topper, but you're still looking at an impressive 48mpg average.


All BMW 4 Series gearboxes are automatic, smooth and pleasingly responsive.

BMW 4 Series Coupe Models

The BMW 4 Series Coupe currently comes in a range of three variants: 

  • 2-door coupe
  • Convertible
  • 4-door Gran coupe

Each model has its own unique beauty. Choose the model that suits how you see yourself driving on your best day!

The foxy BMW 4 Series coupe and the 4-door Gran coupe

Not a fan of a convertible? Choose the sportier BMW 4 Series 2-door coupe. If you've got kids, or other rear-seat travellers to consider, you might want to take a look at leasing the BMW 4 Series 4-door Gran coupe.

A diesel model is great for fuel efficiency, a petrol engine will have you stuck to the back of your seat and the all-electric I4 means plenty of emission-free miles and a clean environmental conscience.

The sporty 4 Series Convertible

A convertible BMW 4 Series lease deal is a must for trips away on the coast, the wind blowing in your hair as you take in the sights. Or, for looking stylish on the hot city streets - you choose!

BMW 4 Series lease trim levels

The trim levels start at Sport to M Sport and xDRive M Sport. However, don't just start from the top: take a look at the entry-level trims. In true BMW style, you'll find there are gadgets and features included as standard that you'd not expect from other manufacturers. Remember, BMW's brand reputation is built on a long tradition of going that extra mile and giving its loyal customers that little bit more than its competitors do.

You should also consider choosing your model based on contract hire costs - you get a lot more car for your money when you take out a personal lease on a new BMW car.

Safety and Security

Yes, the BMW 4 Series is a car that's fun to drive, but having fun on the road should never mean sacrificing safety and security.

Thankfully, you have nothing to worry about behind the wheel of your 4 Series lease vehicle. BMW's 4 Series scores highly across the board.


Rest assured that you and your passengers are safe inside the BMW 4 Series. When it was tested in the industry-standard Euro NCAP safety tests, it scored the maximum five stars. 

Adult occupant protection was awarded 97% - impressively high when considered against other vehicles in this class. Child occupant safety was rated at 83% - still good. Protection for vulnerable road users, such as cyclists and pedestrians, was also notably high at 93%.

The 4 Series has both driver and passenger airbags fitted as standard, with an additional knee airbag for the driver. There are also side airbags for all occupants and chest and pelvis-level airbags for front occupants.

Part of the reason this vehicle scored so highly on the Euro NCAP tests that focus on protection for vulnerable road users was the additional safety equipment. The BMW 4 Series has active bonnet autonomous emergency braking for cyclists and lane assist technology. These two features alone make the 4 Series one of the safest cars on the city streets when it comes to protecting road-users on two wheels.


Park your gleaming BMW 4 Series anywhere and you'd be forgiven for taking more than a few worried glances back at it as you walk away. It's such a beautiful car - it surely must catch the attention of car thieves? Luckily, all models come with a Thatcham 1 alarm system and engine immobliser

There's also a fuel-filler locking cap and a special luggage compartment where you can hide your valuables. If your potential thief has taken the time to read up on the standard security equipment on a Series 4, chances are they'll walk straight past your car.

BMW Series 4 leasing. Let's look at performance

The BMW Series 4 offers a smooth driving experience (with hardly a whisper!) as users take to the roads. If you're considering an affordable BMW lease deal with us, here's how you can expect your new car to perform on different terrains.

In the city

The BMW Series 4 is a car that's been honed for town driving. The automatic gearbox deals with stop/start traffic effortlessly, saving you 'clutch cramp' in your right leg!

The suspension, especially in Comfort Mode, takes the sting out of potholes and speed bumps. Having an agile engine teamed with super-responsive steering means that you'll be able to nip in and out of traffic and make the most of opportunities at busy junctions.

Parking is easy too thanks to good visibility, a 360-degree camera and parking features - slide into spaces that you wouldn't even consider in another car. And, if you're determined not to park your own car, add the automated parking system option and the BMW 4 Series will park itself!

On the open road

The BMW 4 Series takes motorway driving to a new level of comfort. It glides over surfaces with hardly a whisper of either road or wind noise. No matter which engine you choose, they all have plenty of power. 

This is a car that you're not going to struggle to overtake in, and accelerating to your preferred cruising speed is effortless. The smooth automatic gearbox adds to the overall motorway driving experience. It makes traffic jams easy to deal with as you're not on/off the brake and clutch while you're queuing in slow-moving lanes.

Out in the country with the BMW 4 Series

If you live in a more rural location or trips out in the country are on your itinerary, check out the 'Sport' driving modes. 

There are a range of options in the 4 Series: 

  • Standard
  • Standard Plus
  • Individual 
  • Configure Individual

Choose the mode that gives you the firmest suspension setting to tackle twisty country roads. It gives the BMW Series 4 a sporty feel with little body roll on corners.

Why consider a BMW 4 Series lease?

High-end cars like the BMW 4 Series benefit from improvements and new features every year. If you decide to take a lease deal on a BMW 4 Series, you can choose to drive a brand-new car every 2, 3 or 4 years. This means that you're getting to enjoy all that new tech, you'll make savings thanks to the improvements in fuel efficiency, and you'll be even safer thanks to BMW's commitment to making new cars safer every year.

At LeaseCar, we have the UK's most affordable lease contracts available for BMW 4 personal leasing and BMW 4 business leasing. As your BMW lease specialist, we'll find you a personal lease agreement that's tailored to suit your unique requirements with a monthly price that's guaranteed to please! Leasing is usually the most affordable finance option when it comes to driving a new car - but we're happy to offer advice about other finance types too.

We can help you choose the lease agreement that's right for your annual mileage estimate. And, if your needs change, even if your yearly mileage changes, our flexible lease terms can evolve alongside your needs. You'll never have to worry about things like excess mileage charges - our lease experts know that circumstances change and can provide flexible finance solutions for business or personal leasing to suit!

Talk to an expert about leasing a BMW 4 Series and let's get you on the road!

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