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4.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot

Fleet leasing Offers

The Benefits of Fleet Leasing

In the UK, it's becoming more and more popular for companies to lease their business vehicles as an attractive alternative to buying the vehicles outright. Savvy business owners are aware that they'll get the very best value, tax benefits and economy by leasing brand new cars or vans. New, top-spec vehicles also create a great brand image, are reliable and need less maintenance.

Fleet leasing is a cost-effective and convenient solution to your organisation's transport needs – especially if the initial finances to purchase vehicles outright aren't easily available. After all, your cash flow works better for you when it's growing your business and improving your productivity. Why tie it up in vehicle purchase?

Fleet leasing comes with none of the headaches involved in buying vehicles outright. You have a manageable monthly outlay, no worries about deprecation and you can simply hand back the cars and walk away at the end of your agreed lease period.

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Why Companies Lease Vehicles

Fleet leasing provides vehicles to get staff where they need to be, to appointments and meetings for example. They can also be used to transport clients or goods around. An additional reason to lease your business cars is that they can form part of an attractive salary package – gold dust for making sure you have the very best talent on your payroll.

Choosing to lease your fleet with LeaseCar gives you access to the largest database of lease cars on the internet. Maybe you need only one type of vehicle or perhaps you have a large range of needs to consider for individual employees. Whatever you need, you'll find a solution on our list and an attractive fleet leasing offer.

Fleet Leasing Needs

Smaller businesses may just need a couple of cars but fleet leasing can run into thousands of vehicles for larger organisations. LeaseCar can help you with fleet leasing no matter how small or large your business needs are, now or in the future. Speak to our team today about your business's needs. We are fleet leasing experts and can help you decide on the right vehicles as well as provide you with the very best fleet leasing offers available.

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