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BMW X5 Car Lease Deals

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The original BMW X5 introduced a new level of sporty handling to the 4x4 sector. Continual research and developments by BMW's innovative team have ensured that this car continues to lead its field in performan

The original BMW X5 introduced a new level of sporty handling to the 4x4 sector. Continual research and developments by BMW's innovative team have ensured that this car continues to lead its field in performance, style and downright desirability. Chunky, with smooth contours and pleasing angles, the X5 is a handsome car with enough road presence to ensure it turns heads on every journey. If you're looking for a drive with an unbeatable image, luxurious interior and well thought-out practicality, leasing the BMW X5 is a super choice.

If now is the time to upgrade your wheels, a BMW X5 series lease deal is a quick and affordable option. 

What is a BMW X5?

A truly fantastic car, the BMW X5 opens up a new way of thinking when it comes to the time you spend on the road - or off-road for that matter (don't forget that this is a 4x4 SUV that is more than capable away from the tarmac). The X5 opens up a realm of opportunities that one simply doesn't have behind the wheel of many other vehicles.

This is no surprise to us. BMW rarely puts a foot wrong when it comes to its much-admired stable of cars - and the BMW X5 is a racehorse that's always been way ahead of the field in many ways.

So, what makes it so special?

The fact is, there aren't a lot of cars around that tick as many boxes and have such excellent all-round performance as the BMW X5. It moves on the road like a sporty hot hatch and it's thrilling to drive on any road surface, but it's also a machine built for driver and passenger comfort. 

The X5 is luxurious and roomy enough for a large family to enjoy taking to the open road for weekends away: and it's dripping with the kind of features and tech that make those extra miles even more enjoyable. The nearest competitor worthy of serious consideration is the Porsche Cayenne, but even this isn't as comfortable or spacious inside. And, of course, there's that little issue of the Porsche-specific price tag! If you're looking for a large, luxurious SUV - you'd do well to check out the X5.

A BMW X5 lease deal means driving a car that won't fail to put a smile on the face of even the most discerning motorist. It's an upmarket choice with all the trimmings to demonstrate that, but it doesn't shout 'look at me' from the rooftops - it has understated class. 

Don't let that fool you into thinking that it won't turn heads wherever you go though. This car is one of luxury-brand BMW's finest vehicles and you're not likely to forget that behind the wheel, wherever your travels take you.

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About the BMW X5

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A practical 4x4 car: Perfect for all the family

A notable plus point when it comes to a BMW X5 lease is its practicality. This is a car that's great for solo drivers in so many ways - but it's also a good fit for those who have a large family to transport around. The level of comfort and amount of space inside the BMW X5 is outstanding. And that's one of the reasons that this car is rated so highly by family drivers. 

You can fit two tall adults in the back seats, even with taller adults in the front seats. There is also enough room to comfortably fit another adult in the middle of the rear seats - and that's without having their legs cramped up behind the centre console. If you're looking for a car to accommodate more than five people without a squeeze, the BMW X5 has the answer. You can have an additional row of seats in the back, taking your capacity up to seven. 

Drivers aren't overlooked either when it comes to space. If you're on the tall side and having enough headspace and leg room is high on your list of priorities, make sure that you consider a BMW X5 lease deal as you'll get acres of room. You'll also enjoy the supportive seat, which has a full spectrum of electrical adjustments, making it easy to find your ideal driving position. 

Drivers with a larger frame will feel comfortable in the roomy seat and every proportion can be customised. The X5 caters for all shapes and sizes.

For smaller drivers, the range of adjustments available means that you'll never feel like the BMW X5 is too much of a stretch, or your road height doesn't give you enough all-round vision. 

If you're a multi-driver household or if your BMW X5 lease is a fleet vehicle intended for multiple drivers to use, you'll appreciate the memory function on the seat adjustment. Set your driving position to suit your height, frame, and preferences and the car will save them. From there, you'll only have to press one button and the X5 will set all the adjustments to your pre-set values.

Ample storage space

As you'd hope to find in a vehicle that is so suited to taking long road trips, there's lots of clever storage space in both the front and the back of the BMW X5. That's perfect for keeping things tidy when you're enjoying the journey. 

This also extends to easy to find and use cup holders and other areas where you can store drinks and snacks - always a winner in our opinion!

Entertainment and information

True to form, BMW has done a stellar job when it comes to making sure everyone is kept both entertained and informed on their travels.

Right in the middle of the dashboard, you'll find a top-spec infotainment setup that features one of the very best navigation systems on the market. The rotary controller makes using it easy - no messing around tricky knobs and dubious switches required. 

There are also menu shortcut buttons situated between the front and rear seats so that everyone can access the goodies. The 12.3-inch screen can be controlled via the traditional controller, touch or voice - great for when you're travelling alone and need to keep your hands on the steering wheel.

You'll also enjoy using another 12.3-inch screen in the cabin that's designed to take the place of traditional drivers' instruments. It's located behind the steering wheel so a quick glance is all you need to check on your driving and journey stats. It's easy to use, a doddle to adjust and can even be customised to suit your preferences. 

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and available in new models - that's more than enough to keep you entertained on longer journeys and keep the kids quiet in the back!

Other BMW X5 features

Right - time to look under the bonnet and take a deeper look into the nuts and bolts. What makes the BMW X5 Series stand out? We'll start with the engine…

The BMW X5 engine - what are the choices?

Outstanding engine performance across the entire range is clearly one of BMW's priorities when it comes to the BMW X5. There is a huge choice of BMW X5 engines and BMW X5 M engines available. Whether you're looking for the honed performance of a petrol engine, the pure grunt and economy of a diesel engine, or the clear driving conscience and healthy bank account that a car with an eco-friendly engine provides, BMW has it covered.

There are six engine choices for your BMW X5 lease. Petrol engines start at a 3.0-litre six-cylinder 40i, with the top of the range being a 4.4-litre powerful V8 M50 BMW petrol engine. Trust us when we say that if you're a true fan of eating up the tarmac and pure adrenaline driving, you need to take a good look at the V8!

On the diesel side of the range, your starting point is the six-cylinder 30d, or go for the top of the range and lease a BMW X5 M50d - a super-powerful engine with an incredible four lively turbochargers.

There's also a plug-in hybrid - the 45e. Make sure that you take a look at this version if you're thinking of leasing a hybrid or electric car because it's leagues ahead of some of its rivals in this competitive sector. Depending on your driving needs, you might find the hybrid considerably cheaper to run. 

In our opinion, the 40i petrol engine is suited to town driving or shorter commutes, shopping trips and everyday driving needs. We think that the 30d diesel is your best engine choice if you're doing a lot of motorway miles - for longer drives it comes out on top for fuel efficiency

Remember that we're just talking about the base models here. BMW gives you plenty of choices if you want an even better driving experience: or one more tailored to your exact driving style! If you want your X5 to deliver a thrilling driving experience in any circumstances - there's an engine with your name on it.

Models and trims

There are three BMW X5 models to choose from - the xLine, the M Sport and the M50i - and two trims levels.

BMW is quoted as saying that 80% of its customers go for the M Sport rather than opting for the cheaper xLine. With the M Sport, you get a great M body kit and badges and 20-inch alloy wheels - and that's just for starters. Talk to our team if you'd like to discuss your choice of model or trim.

Although there are plenty of extra packages to choose from, the basic models are pretty well equipped. You'll enjoy features such as an automatic gearbox, air suspension, and BMW Live Cockpit Professional as standard.

How does the BMW X5 perform?

The BMW X5 is a versatile SUV that offers drivers a smooth (and surprisingly quiet!) journey as they take to the roads. If you're considering a BMW X5 Series lease, here's how the model fares on different terrains.

Lease a BMW X5 for town driving

The BMW X5 is a big SUV, but that doesn't hold it back around narrow urban streets or in frantic city traffic

All engine choices are incredibly able and responsive. This makes nipping in and out of traffic headache-free. You'll not struggle to park either. You'll enjoy excellent all-round visibility and both front and rear parking sensors - crucial when parking spaces are limited and there's only the narrowest spot to squeeze into. BMW even gives you a Parking Assistant, which means no parking work at all for you - just ask your BMW X5 to park itself, sit back and enjoy the show!

Our city streets are renowned for being far from a 'smooth driving experience'. Lumps and bumps, damaged tarmac, potholes and devilishly proportioned speed bumps are part of everyday life out there in the urban jungle. The BMW X5's top-performing adaptive air suspension (also fitted as standard) means you'll glide over just about everything the road can throw at you if you set it up to the most forgiving, soft setting.

Lease a BMW X5 for taking on the country roads

The BMW X5 is surprisingly agile, especially when you consider its size. It takes on twisty country roads without breaking a sweat. Precise steering and tweaking the suspension up to a firmer setting mean you'll get very little body roll and feel comfortable on every bend in the road. 

Lease a BMW X5 M50d and take things even further, thanks to firmer suspension and clever anti-roll bars, which make it feel even more secure on bends.

A BMW for the open road

The diesel engine, petrol engine, and hybrid engine are all quiet and solid performers on the motorway. There's little road or wind noise so the miles will tick by effortlessly, even when you're taking on the longest road trips - travelling around Europe for the summer, perhaps?

If fuel economy figures are important to you and fuel savings rank high on your 'must have' list, take a look at the efficiency of the diesel models. But, don't get tunnel vision - engines in all three fuel type categories are good on the open road and this facet of their performance should be weighed up with any other pros and cons.

Are hybrid/electric models available?

The BMW X5 xDrive45 e is a plug-in hybrid that combines innovative e-car technology with BMW's world-beating combustion engines. The combined MPG on the X5 xDRive 45 e is impressive and you'll also enjoy shorter journeys on electric-only power - that means plenty of guilt-free miles. The performance of the BMW xDrive45 is breathtaking - this car has enough torque to stick you to the back of your seat when you pull away! 

Is the BMW X5 a safe car?

Lease a BMW X5 and you're in safe hands. The car scores consistently highly across all safety tests - always good for peace of mind, especially for family drivers. 

Although you can choose to upgrade your safety kit, the standard features are already impressive: you get automatic high beam headlights, blind-sport detection, lane departure warning, and front collision warning.

Why choose a BMW X5 lease deal?

Why is the BMW range so popular? It's because BMW is a brand that never cuts corners, always responds to drivers' feedback and evolving needs, and keeps ahead of the pack when it comes to research and innovation.

This means that every year, the BMW X5 gets better and better. In recent years, fuel efficiency has been top of the list for BMW's design and engineering teams. With the cost of fuel rising - and the cost to the environment imposed by inefficient engines - this manufacturer has made massive improvements to fuel efficiency across the entire range. And those improvements are nowhere as obvious as they are with the BMW X5.

Of course, improvements don't stop with fuel efficiency - safety tech, driver assist and entertainment systems are also getting better year on year. If you can afford to drive a brand-new car, your driving experience is guaranteed to be up-to-the-minute enjoyable!

That's one of the reasons why more and more drivers are choosing leasing as a way to finance their new vehicle. Lease deals enable you to drive a new car every 2, 3 or 4 years - depending on the duration of the contract you choose. When your personal lease or business lease deal comes to an end, simply hand back your keys and walk away. Or, as the vast majority of our customers do, drive away in a brand-new car! 

Start your journey with a BMW X5 series lease today

LeaseCar is one of the UK's most trusted leasing companies. If you need to get a personal car lease deal or find a business car lease deal, we can help you. And, we're proud of our reputation for sourcing the cheapest lease deals in the country.

We can offer the BMW X5 on a flexible lease term, whether you're looking for a 36-month term, a 24-month term length, or another duration to suit your circumstances. Remember, the longer your lease term, the less your monthly payments will be.

Our leases can be tailored to suit your exact needs and budget, including your annual mileage estimation. And, if your mileage changes - our flexible terms can accommodate your new calculation. This means that you can avoid any excess mileage charges you might have accrued with another finance provider.

If you'd like to talk to one of our experienced leasing team, give us a call. If you're new to leasing, we're happy to talk you through the basics. This can help you decide whether a lease deal is right for you or if your circumstances are better suited to another finance method.

If you're an experienced personal lease customer, we'd love the challenge of finding you a lease deal that gives you better options, even more flexible terms and lower monthly payments than ever before! 

Our team is so confident in finding the UK's best car lease deals for our customers that, should you be offered a better deal elsewhere, they'll do their very best to beat it. 

Over 20 years of experience in the leasing business and contacts with the biggest vehicle suppliers in the UK makes us experts! We know exactly what deals will suit our customers, we know what's available on the market and we get the cars you want faster than other leasing providers.

Interested to see how a BMW X5 Series lease could work for you? Talk to our friendly team today.

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