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Kia EV6 Estate Car Lease Deals

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A Kia EV6 lease is a popular option for those making the move to a greener vehicle. It's a car that's created a genre almost all of its own. It's electric, it's spacious, it's going to give you miles of fully-e

A Kia EV6 lease is a popular option for those making the move to a greener vehicle. It's a car that's created a genre almost all of its own. It's electric, it's spacious, it's going to give you miles of fully-electric, clear-conscience driving and it's still great fun to drive.

Add to this that a Kia EV6 personal lease offers average lease payments that leave plenty of money in your pocket and you've got a well-rounded winner on your hands.

Electric vehicles have come on in leaps and bounds when it comes to design and performance, and Kia is a manufacturer who can't seem to put a foot wrong when it comes to innovation. It has a habit of tapping into new trends and driver desires and coming up with an affordable answer. 

Electric vehicle design has been spearheaded by few brands that show such continual attention to detail. Kia EVs aren't just for show and they're not just for drivers who want to tick the environmental box - they've got far more to offer.

KIA EV6 ELECTRIC ESTATE 166kW Air 77.4kWh 5dr Auto view 1

Choose your leasing options

  • KIA EV6 ELECTRIC ESTATE 166kW Air 77.4kWh 5dr Auto view 1
  • KIA EV6 ELECTRIC ESTATE 166kW Air 77.4kWh 5dr Auto view 7
  • KIA EV6 ELECTRIC ESTATE 166kW Air 77.4kWh 5dr Auto view 2
  • KIA EV6 ELECTRIC ESTATE 166kW Air 77.4kWh 5dr Auto view 3
  • KIA EV6 ELECTRIC ESTATE 166kW Air 77.4kWh 5dr Auto view 4
  • KIA EV6 ELECTRIC ESTATE 166kW Air 77.4kWh 5dr Auto view 5
  • KIA EV6 ELECTRIC ESTATE 166kW Air 77.4kWh 5dr Auto view 6
  • KIA EV6 ELECTRIC ESTATE 166kW Air 77.4kWh 5dr Auto view 8
  • KIA EV6 ELECTRIC ESTATE 166kW Air 77.4kWh 5dr Auto view 9
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  • kia ev6 166kw air 77.4kwh 5dr auto inside view

About the Kia EV6

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Introduction to the Kia EV6 Electric Estate

The Kia EV6 Electric Estate is a crossover sports utility vehicle. It has rear-wheel drive as standard but also comes in an all wheel drive version, which is perfect for hitting some country tracks or tackling icy conditions. There are a couple of different options available concerning the battery pack too - the larger one giving you up to 328 miles of driving range to enjoy.

As SUVs go, this one handles exceptionally well and there's also the GT model up for grabs - 576 horsepower is a thrilling drive by anyone's standards. Power, practicality, space, and poise - that's the Kia EV6 in a nutshell. And, leasing this car is the most cost-conscious way to get behind the wheel.

And all that power and ability doesn't mean that the Kia EV6 is about practicality rather than looks. It really is a handsome car with lines and creases in all the right places, sloping LED lights and stylish touches both inside and outside. It's sleekly distinctive, with wide, low-slung haunches and strokable curves. It's an estate that looks a million miles away from the estate cars of old.

It's also a car that's clever - Kia is an innovative brand and the EV6 has all the pedigree you could hope for in that respect.

At LeaseCar, we've been offering  personal lease agreements and business lease deals to customers for over 25 years. Our hand-picked leasing deals offer the cheapest lease terms, deposit options and packages tailored to each customer's needs.

We're proud to offer the most affordable lease deals and special leasing offers on the market. Talk to our leasing experts today or read on to find out more about leasing a Kia EV6.

What is the Kia EV6's performance like?

In town

The Kia EV6 is masterful when it comes to accelerating away from lights and nipping in and out of traffic thanks to the incredibly responsive electric motor. Just one forward gear makes busy start-stop traffic easy to navigate, and the regenerative braking slows the car down before you even touch the pedal.

The suspension is firm, but good for all but the worst potholes. Light steering and excellent all-around visibility are also handy for city roads and parking. Rear parking sensors and a reversing camera are fitted as standard and the top-spec GT-Line S version has a 360-degree camera.

On the motorway

The EV6 gets to 70mph with no effort at all, so keep an eye on your driver info or you could be driving faster than you think in no time.

Cruising is quiet and comfortable too. There's minimal wind noise and just slight road noise, though certainly not enough to warrant turning the sound system up.

As the suspension is quite firm, this is a great car for anyone who's susceptible to car sickness as it lacks the sway that some larger cars suffer from.

And out in the country

A Kia EV6 lease at your fingertips means a perfect reason to get out and about in the great outdoors. That's not least because you can enjoy all that nature offers safe in the knowledge that you're not pumping out clouds of poisonous gas in your wake.

Country roads aren't a problem for this well-balanced, responsive EV. It handles well and minimal body roll provides confidence, even at faster speeds. All versions are capable on the twisty roads. But, if it's a thrill you're after, the AWD GT model will put an even bigger smile on your face.

The Kia EV6 lease - a family car, made electric, made affordable

Electric cars aren't just for nipping around town anymore. The Kia EV6 Estate has all the practicality and space of any of the market's favourite SUVs. It's got a good driving range, which makes it ideal for taking the family away for the weekend, and all that room in the back means no worries about how much you can pack.

It's also good to know that all those miles won't be ruined by kids squabbling over space and, being an electric car, it's extremely quiet in the cabin so they might just go to sleep!

There's a choice of powertrains and setups to consider when it comes to building your perfect Kia EV6. This electric estate car comes in four different grades:

  • The Air

  • GT-Line

  • GT-Line S

  • The GT

The basic models offer more affordability, and the GT-Line and top-of-the-range GT-Line S models add a little more to the package.

Of course, each one has a different personality and delivers a different driver experience. It's up to you to decide what matters most to you - is it range, power or thrill?

Here are some of the key things to look out for.

Kia EV6 Air

  • 19" Alloy wheels

  • 12.3" Curved Driver Display Screen & Touchscreen Navigation

  • Body Coloured Exterior Flush Door Handles

  • Engine Start/Stop Button with Smart Entry System

  • Kia Connect

  • Heated Front Seats and Heated Steering Wheel

  • Vegan Leather Seat Upholstery

  • High Gloss Black Door Mirrors

  • Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control with Stop & Go Functionality

Kia EV6 GT-Line

  • 19" Alloy wheels

  • Vehicle-2-load (3.5kw power outlet)

  • Driver & Front Passenger Premium Relaxation Seats

  • 12.3" Curved Driver Display Screen & Touchscreen Navigation

  • Kia Connect

  • Black Suede Seats with White Vegan Leather Bolsters

  • Vehicle-2-Device (3.5kw power outlet)

  • Wireless Mobile Phone Charger

  • Dual LED Headlights with Adaptive Driving Beam

  • GT-Line Exterior Styling

EV6 GT-Line S

  • 20" Alloy wheels

  • 12.3" Curved Driver Display Screen & Touchscreen Navigation

  • Sunroof with Tilting & Sliding Function

  • Smart Power Tailgate

  • Meridian Premium Sound System with 14 Speakers & Active Sound Design (ASD)

  • Augmented Reality Head-up Display

  • Remote Smart Park Assist (RSPA)

  • Body Coloured Exterior Flush Door Handles - Automatic

  • Blind-spot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCA) with Rear-Cross Traffic Assist (RCTA) & Safe Exit Assist (SEA)

More about the Kia EV6

As a more recent entrant into the growing EV market, the Kia EV6 has a lot to offer its drivers. With the EV6, you can expect a smooth drive and a series of premium features.

Let's take a closer look

The Kia EV6 interior

The interior of the EV6 Estate is more understated than the bold exterior. It's clean, modern and neatly designed - all as you'd expect from this Korean manufacturer. Two 12.3-inch screens provide entertainment controls and driver information. They're both easy to operate and it's pretty straightforward to customise settings to suit your own preferences.

Ambient lighting and some nice touches with the fabrics and textures make the cabin of the EV6 feel like somewhere it would be easy to spend plenty of time in.

Space isn't a problem either. Tall adults will be comfortable whether they're sitting in the front or rear and there's enough space for holiday luggage.

How long does a full charge last on the Kia EV6?

The Kia EV6 Electric Estate is a crossover sports utility vehicle. It has rear-wheel-drive as standard but also comes in an all wheel-drive version, which is perfect for hitting some country tracks or tackling icy conditions. There are a couple of different options available concerning the battery pack in the AWD too - the larger one giving you 310 miles of driving range to enjoy.

One of the frustrating things about EVs used to be the time you had to spend charging them up. Thankfully, that's not the case due to Kia's unique multi-channel system.

This world-first is capable of fast charging at 800V and 400V without the need for a separate controller. This means that you can recharge your Kia EV6 from 10% to 80% in just 18 minutes - that's seriously impressive and less time than it takes to grab a coffee.

Choose the Air 77.4kWh rear-wheel-drive version if range is at the top of your priority list. This version can take you up to 328 miles on one charge. That means more miles in less time - always good for tackling those longer journeys. And it's quick - 0-62mph in only 7.3 seconds and a top speed of 114mph.

Or, you can decide on the all-wheel-drive version. This gives better handling on less-than-optimal road surfaces teamed with more power. The AWD Kia EV6 will give you 0-62 mph in only 5.2 seconds, 314 miles on one charge and a top speed of 116mph.

Home charging

Running an EV6 is cheap, especially if you have an electric charging point installed at home. Of course, electricity prices differ depending on your supplier and tariff but around £20 should give you a full charge at the time of writing.

Other charging innovations

You'll also enjoy a handy vehicle-to-device charging feature, which means that you can charge up things like torches, phones and bikes whilst you're out adventuring. As well as this, you can charge vehicle to vehicle should you need to charge up a second car.

Kia Charge all-in-one app

With the Kia Charge all-in-one app, you get access to the largest network of charging stations in the UK and Europe. It includes most UK networks including bp pulse, Pod Point, Instavolt, Source London, Shell New Motion, Osprey, Char-gy, IONITY and more.

This is useful if you like to keep a keen eye on your costs - you charge up whenever you need to and receive one monthly invoice billed to your account.

Of course, you can also choose to install a wall charger at home too.

Safety and security - leasing the Kia EV6

The Kia EV6 is reassuringly safe. It has a five-star rating from Euro NCAP, scoring highly in all categories. This includes: 

  • 90% rating for adult occupant protection

  • 86% for child occupants

  • 64% for protecting vulnerable road users

  • 87% for its safety assistance systems

These systems include a clever Forward Collision Avoidance Assist, which will automatically brake in an emergency if the driver hasn't done so. 

You'll benefit from an intelligent front lighting system, which automatically dips your headlights to avoid blinding other road users. Highway driving is easy with Lane Change Assist to keep you at a safe distance from other motorway drivers. Blind-Spot Collision Avoidance assist means no worries about users hidden by blind spots the list of safety and driver assist features is impressive.

All models have a great set of safety tech as standard with other trim-dependent options available.

Perks for business drivers

If a Kia EV6 lease for business is an option, you're looking at a car that you can drive for a really attractive price per month - and you'll be able to claim back your VAT (if you're registered).

Between now and April 2025, zero-emission cars (like the EV6 Estate) are in the 2% benefit-in-kind tax bracket. That means big savings for you and your business.

Read more about how leasing for business can save you money.

Kia's electric vehicles and sustainability commitment

Kia has been looking at ways to minimise damage to the planet for decades and the EV6 is a shining example of the brand's commitment to sustainability. You'll find many interior features are made from recycled plastics and you can choose vegan leather on some models.

Driving fully electric and choosing to lease a car from a brand that takes sustainability challenges seriously is a good way to do your bit for the planet.

Read more about the damage that CO2 does and why driving electric is a good choice for you.

Other Kias to consider

If you're still not convinced that a Kia EV6 lease is for you, why not take a look at some other models from Kia's all-electric range, engine options and efficient hybrids? Kia truly has a car to suit every driving need.

Why choose a Kia EV6 lease with LeaseCar?

We have years of experience in matching our customers with their perfect car and a lease that suits their budget and needs. We offer various contract lengths, from 24-month terms, to 36-month terms or 48-month terms if you're planning that far ahead.

We're happy to talk through your driving style, needs and anticipated usage to help you decide which car, finance type, finance provider and lease deal is going to be the right one for you.

We can even preselect the deals that will suit you most from the UK's top finance providers - that means you have peace of mind that each potential deal is going to be cost effective and matched to your unique circumstances.

Mileage options

Being able to plan ahead is one of the reasons more and more UK drivers are switching to leasing as the finance option for their brand-new car. Being able to plan for things like expected annual mileage means that you can avoid excess mileage fees.

But, should you go over your annual mileage limit, it's not a problem. Our flexible mileage options mean we're able to fine-tune your monthly costs so your lease contract grows with you.

Our experts can help you to calculate your yearly mileage to help you decide on the best lease deal for you.

Breakdown cover and maintenance cover

Many drivers choose to lease because it's an affordable way to drive a brand-new car. However, it also means that it's easier to budget. When we agree on your lease deal, you'll pay the same cost every month.

You can also add breakdown cover or maintenance cover to your lease to make sure there are never any unpleasant financial surprises.

Lease deals with LeaseCar can be tailored to cover exactly what you need over a duration that suits your plans and budget. Talk to one of our team today to discuss our flexible contracts.

Talk to us today about your new Kia EV6 lease

The Kia EV6 is one of our favourite fully electric cars. It's got a lot going for it while still managing to be a really affordable option for many drivers. 

If you'd like to find out more about the EV6 or you'd like to talk to one of our experts about whether leasing is a good financial option for you, give us a call today.

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