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Nissan Leaf Hatchback Car Lease Deals

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For most people, the first electric car they heard about, over a decade ago, was the Nissan Leaf. It was the ultimate innovation and, quite rightly, considered by many to be the trailblazer of how cars in the f

For most people, the first electric car they heard about, over a decade ago, was the Nissan Leaf. It was the ultimate innovation and, quite rightly, considered by many to be the trailblazer of how cars in the future would be.

There were other electric cars around at the time but the Nissan Leaf was the first one to be truly convincing. For a start, it didn't drive like a milk float (if you're old enough to remember those whirring around the streets in the early morning). It had relatively impressive acceleration and a respectable top speed. It was a car that you could really drive for practical reasons, not just because it was kinder to the environment than its fossil-fuel chugging predecessors.

From these far from humble beginnings, the Nissan Leaf has come on in leaps and bounds. It's now even better to drive. It's faster and has more room inside, making a more practical choice all round for a family car.

Nissan, like other EV manufacturers, has worked hard to increase the mileage range. Current Nissan Leafs can go further and faster than ever before.

Is a Nissan Leaf Lease Right for You?

Joining the electric motoring revolution has never been easier thanks to our straightforward Nissan Leaf lease deals. And, if you're already a convert to electric vehicles and looking for your next lease car, take a look at the new Leaf. It's got bags of appeal, practicality, and thrilling performance.

It ticks plenty of boxes and, as one of the first electric cars to become popular with the mainstream, there has been time for Nissan to hone and perfect every feature.

So, let's look at what a Nissan Leaf lease from us could mean for you and your family. First of all, a little back of background on this world-renowned electric vehicle.

How the Nissan Leaf Started Out

When the Leaf was first launched, the technology seemed almost like sorcery to many drivers. Previous electric cars had suffered from sluggish performance - dull enough to make them as impractical as a golf buggy for normal road journeys.

The Nissan Leaf broke the mould and changed the direction of greener motoring. It drove like a petrol or diesel vehicle. It had nippy acceleration and a decent top speed - more than enough oomph for the majority of drivers. And, don't forget the fact that driving an electric car means miles and miles of clear-conscience driving. There's nothing that ruins a day out in the country more than feeling guilty about the cloud of noxious gases your car is leaving in your wake as you enjoy the views.

All in all, the Nissan Leaf, even in its original iteration, was a winner. But, now the much-aclaimed Nissan Leaf is even further forward.

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About the Nissan Leaf

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What Does the Nissan Leaf Hatchback Drive like?

The Leaf drives so well now, you may forget you're behind the wheel of an EV apart from the blissful silence that is. It's comfortable eating up motorway miles, nipping around town or taking on lively country B-roads.

The Nissan Leaf Hatchback Safety and Reliability

Driving an electric car saves money, both in fuel and maintenance costs. The Leaf is considered extremely reliable and safe too. It achieved a full 5-star rating in Euro NCAP crash tests, scoring an impressive 93% for adult occupant safety and 86% for child occupant protection. You'll also enjoy a good range of safety and high-tech driver-assist features.

A New Era: The Next Generation of Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf is now in its second generation, and the brand-new vehicle is even better . It's more enjoyable to drive, it's faster, it's got a great battery range and loads of space inside. You'll get the whole family in plus luggage for those country weekend away - and no dirty emissions ruining the fun!

If longer distance travels are regularly on your agenda, there's even a high-spec e+ version of the Nissan Leaf with a bigger battery. This means you get even further on a charge and you can drive faster without draining the battery as quickly.

On the outside, some might say the the Leaf is understated. It doesn't have that obvious electric car futuristic look about it - and we think that's not a bad thing. It has crisp angles at the front, a grille-less bumper, and a few subtle ' car badges etc - nothing too 'in your face' and shouty.

The interior is also an exercise in subtlety from Nissan's design team. It's noticeably high-end. It's got a solid build and the layout is straightforward - everything is exactly where you need it to be. As we mentioned before, Nissan has had plenty of time to perfect the Leaf - and it shows. If you want to take things up a notch inside, the high-spec trims come with partly leather seats and contrasting blue stitching - again, subtle, but a really aesthetically pleasing touch.

If you're searching for a brand-new vehicle, considering electric and you're on the look out for a leasing company that offers the best leasing deals in the UK - keep reading, we think you might like what we have to say.

Nissan Leaf: The Basics - Models and Trims

The second generation Nissan Leaf comes with a choice of two motors, 110kW or 160kW. There are five trim levels:

  • Acenta

  • e+ N-Connecta

  • e+ Tekna

  • N-Connecta

  • Tekna

Entry-Level 39kWh Nissan Leaf (Budget-Friendly)

The entry-level 39kWh Leaf has a lot to offer. And, being the most basic model, it's usually the cheapest to lease. This makes a lot of sense if you're on a limited budget and you still want a lot of car for your monthly cost. It's a large-sized electric vehicle, so you've got room for the family. It offers a great driving experience and has enough features to make every journey a pleasure.

The 39kWh battery gives you an official range of 168 miles on one charge and you'll reach 62mph from a standstill in eight seconds - perfectly adequate unless super-speedy acceleration is an absolute must for you! If you're looking to get away from the traffic lights faster - try the next model up.

The e+ N-Connecta and e+Tekna (Longer Range on a Single Charge)

The 59kWh battery in the e+ N-Connecta gives you more power and a longer range to enjoy on a single charge. Officially, the range is 239 miles - but this is dependent on conditions and your driving style, as is the case with all electrical vehicles. The 0-62mph speed is an impressive 6.9 seconds, which makes this a pretty nippy car for its class.

The e+ Tekna is also a great choice for those with a slightly bigger budget. It includes full LED headlights, upgraded leather and suede seats, and a super-performing Bose audio system.

Upgrade to the 110kW N-Connecta or Tekna Trim (Luxury Interior and Features)

Although the more basic trims are way more than adequate and provide more features and tech than many comparable models, if you're looking for something a little bit special, consider upgrading to the N-Connecta trim.

N-Connecta Trim

Highlights of this trim are 17-inch alloy wheels, part-faux leather heated seats, a heated steering wheel, electrical door mirrors, a 360-degree camera, front and rear parking sensor, and an auto-dimming rear-view mirror - this is really useful if you're not a fan of driving at night due to glare.

Tekna Trim

The top-spec Tekna trim means a higher monthly cost but it is a prestige vehicle that really does lay on the luxuries thickly ! You'll get leather and suede heated seats, a seven-speaker Bose stereo, LED headlights, an upgraded driver assistance system called ProPilot to aid motorway steering and braking, and an electronic parking brake.

Defining Features of the Nissan Leaf

The small but mighty Nissan Leaf remains a popular pick and it's easy to see why. Recognised as 'outstanding' in the e-vehicle market, you'll see it at the top of many reviews due to its high performance and award-winning rep.

In 2022, it was awarded  Best Used Small Electric Car' by DrivingElectric , which is just one of many accolades for the Japanese brand.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Electric vehicle performance isn't just about how quickly you can speed up, it's also about how far you can drive between charges. One of the most common reasons our customers choose a Nissan Leaf lease deal is the incredible range of the models' batteries. This is a car that can take you far. It's more than capable of taking you away for a road trip over the school holidays, loaded to the brim with kids, luggage and the family pets if that's what you need.

Even the smaller batteries enable you to travel up to 168 miles on a single charge and the top-spec e+ models, which have larger batteries hence a bigger battery capacity, can travel a jaw-dropping 239 miles between charges. That's a really competitive range for a car in this class. But, even if the furthest range isn't essential to you, the standard battery still packs a lot of power.

If you're charging your Nissan Leaf at home using a standard 7kWh charger, it's going to take around six and a half hours to get your battery fully charged. Plug into a public rapid charger out on the road and the standard version battery will get from 20% to 80% in an hour, while the e+ will take an hour and a half.

That's a fast enough 'out and about' charging time to top up with e-juice while you top up with a coffee or perhaps grab some lunch! It really takes the hassle out of electrically-powered long journeys.

An Environmentally-Friendly Design

Nissan's wide range of cars have had broad success and, when it comes to electric vehicle innovation and design, the Leaf has been a particular frontrunner. Every year, the brand's cars become more and more environmentally sound thanks to improvements in build and efficiency.

Nissan uses sustainable materials when they are available too, making Nissan cars some of the greenest vehicle choices available to lease today .

How Does the Nissan Leaf Handle?

The compact Nissan Leaf is a car that's easy to enjoy driving, whether that's around town, on country roads, or on the motorway.

City Streets

For a start, the driving position is great in the Leaf. It's high up and that gives you good all-round visibility. You also get a rearview camera fitted as standard, which means guiding your car into even the tightest parking spaces is easy.

Lively acceleration is a plus point too when you're navigating busy city road systems and nipping in and out of heavy traffic. The automatic gearbox also makes stop/start traffic easier to bear and the Leaf's e-Pedal means you only use one pedal for driving.

If you opt for a higher trim level, you'll get front and rear parking sensors and a full surround monitor with object detection - this means you can (almost) park with your eyes shut, although we wouldn't recommend it!

Add to the mix light steering and progressive brakes and this is a car that seems made for urban life and town commutes. If dashing around town is how you mainly use your car, the 39kWh battery version will give you more than enough range between charges. It's also lighter than the 59kWh version, which means that it handles speed bumps and potholes with more finesse than its heavier stable mate.

Like the sound of an electric car but want to explore what else Nissan has to offer? Check out the Nissan Ariya lease deal , the brand's other electric-only car.

Motorway Driving

Getting away wherever in the UK you live usually involves at least some motorway driving, so it's important that the car you drive performs well on the open road. The Nissan Leaf is a quiet and comfortable motorway cruiser that travels with very little wind or road noise. There's also enough room inside for four adults, so getting away for a break can become a group activity.

If you travel a lot of miles on the motorway, we'd suggest you look at one of the models with a larger battery, simply because you'll get more miles between charges. But, if your mileage isn't really excessive, the smaller capacity batteries still offer good performance at decent driving speeds.

The top trim level ProPILOTdriver assist system really comes into its own on long motorway journeys. It helps with steering, maintaining braking distances, braking when necessary and even accelerating.

For another range-topping pick, check out the Nissan X trail, which is available to lease with petrol and diesel engine types .

Out in the Country

A Nissan Leaf lease deal means that adventures in the UK's more rural locations can become a reality for you and your family.

Historically, taking an older electric vehicle out into the sticks was a bit of a gamble due to the low mileage range possible on a single charge. Finding a public charging point in the country could be challenging. Thankfully, today even rural locations have places to charge electric cars. Besides this, with the incredible ranges available with all Nissan Leaf models, and particularly the e+ line-up, you'll probably find you've got enough e-juice for your day out without needing to top up.

The Leaf is comfortable and feels secure on twisty roads thanks to a decent amount of grip. The steering is responsive and the suspension handles rougher road surfaces well.

Looking for a family car but undecided on the Leaf? The Nissan Qashqai is another great lease deal that is popular for modern family drivers.


The Nissan Leaf offers plenty of driver seat adjustment and every version has telescopic steering-wheel adjustment. This is a great combination for finding your perfect driving position, no matter what your shape or size.

The dashboard is reassuringly 'old school'. Nissan has (comendably) done away with many touch-sensitive, usually temperamental, interfaces in favour of simple buttons and dials. This gives the whole dashboard a solid, straightforward look and feel that's really difficult to fault.

Sat Nav and Infotainment

Whichever model of Nissan Leaf you lease with LeaseCar, you'll find it comes with a 8.0-inch touchscreen that's intuitive to use. Rather than having to spend hours reading the instructional manual, as you do with some other infotainment systems, you'll likely find you can operate this one just using common sense and logic!

As standard, Nissan Leaf cars come with sat-nav, a DAB radio, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and smartphone mirroring. This level of functionality means you've got all the information you need right at your finger tips. The standard stereo has six speakers with clear, crisp sound. Opt for the Tekna or the e+ Tekna to upgrade to a Bose stereo with a subwoofer in the boot.

Nissan even has an app available for your smartphone that enables you to check the charge in your battery. It also has other nifty features, such as allowing you to set climate control options from outside the car.

What About Space?

The Nissan Leaf is a compact car, but there's more space inside than you might think. Take a look at what's on offer:

Boot Space

There's 435 litres of usable boot space below the parcel shelf in the Nissan Leaf. So, if you're searching for a car that's economical to lease but still gives you plenty of space for luggage, the Nissan Leaf should be right up there at the top of your list. Apparently, testers from well-known car magazine WhatCar? were able to get seven carry-on suitcases into the boot of the Leaf!

Storage Space inside the Cabin

If you're travelling, you need places to store your essentials and to hold things like your keys, phone, and coffee cups. The Nissan Leaf has lots of cleverly designed storage spaces and two well-functioning cupholders between the front seats.

Space in the Front of the Nissan Leaf

There is plenty of head room and legroom in the front of the Leaf and even occupants over six feet tall aren't likely to feel at all cramped, even on longer journeys.

Rear Space

There is a decent amount of room in the back for two adults to travel in comfort. However, those on the taller side might find the leg room a bit on the restrictive side. This is partly due to the position of the battery, which is beneath the floor.

Rear head room is also a little limited for taller adults. But, anyone of average height, or shorter teens and kids, should have more than enough space.

Safety and Security

The Leaf is recognised as being a safe car. It was last tested in 2018 by Euro NCAP and scored a full five-star rating . This includes 93% for adult occupants and 86% for child occupants - both impressive, especially when compared to similar cars.

Nissan also fits a lot of safety kit as standard to all its models. The Leaf has a Safety Shield System and includes lane departure warning, autonomous emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and high beam assist.

ProPILOT is Nissan's autonomous driver assist system , it can brake, steer and accelerate for you on the motorway.

Higher-spec trim levels get even more safety tech, such as extra parking sensors, a surround-view camera and upgrades to the standard ProPilot system.

Looking for an Affordable Nissan Leaf Lease? LeaseCar's Deals Are Yet to Be Beaten

A Nissan Leaf lease is easier than you think! Our expert leasing team can talk you through your lease options to help you to decide on the right car and lease deal for your circumstances. We have lease specials and offers on a regular basis too, so make sure you ask what's available when you call us.

Your personal car lease or business car lease has no hidden costs. You'll pay the same amount each month for the duration of your entire contract. Your payments can be tailored to suit your budget, mileage, motoring costs, and driving needs. Leasing is usually a more cost-effective option than other finance types and has considerable advantages over buying a car upfront and paying the entire purchase price.

Once you've decided on the car and lease contract, we'll get you behind the wheel of your new lease car and all you have to do is get ready to enjoy driving it.

Get in touch with us today to talk about your Nissan Leaf Lease. Or, want to browse the other models on offer? Check out the other Nissan lease deals available across their wider range .

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