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Skoda Kamiq Hatchback Car Lease Deals

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These modern hatchbacks are slightly larger than you might expect from such a car, giving you plenty of storage space. Every version of the Kamiq Hatchback comes packed full of technology and advanced safety fe

These modern hatchbacks are slightly larger than you might expect from such a car, giving you plenty of storage space. Every version of the Kamiq Hatchback comes packed full of technology and advanced safety features to make every drive a pleasure.

Whilst Skoda used to have a fairly dismal reputation in years gone by, they've risen from the ashes to become one of the most popular automobile manufacturers in the world. Skoda is the underdog of the car industry, rising high above their peers in recent years.

As well as the Skoda Kamiq, we also offer a range of other Skoda models for personal lease and business lease. Whatever you're looking for, you should be able to find it here!

At LeaseCar, we're one of the oldest and most trusted car leasing companies working within the UK. Our fantastic Trustpilot score shows just why our customers love our services so much.

All the information you need to secure the hottest lease deals can be found within our 'Ultimate Guide to Car Leasing' page.

However, if you still feel that you need more advice before making a commitment, we'll be more than happy to help! Just contact us on 0344 745 1818 and we'll get the ball rolling.


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  • SKODA KAMIQ HATCHBACK 1.0 TSI 95 SE 5dr view 1
  • SKODA KAMIQ HATCHBACK 1.0 TSI 95 SE 5dr view 2
  • SKODA KAMIQ HATCHBACK 1.0 TSI 95 SE 5dr view 3
  • SKODA KAMIQ HATCHBACK 1.0 TSI 95 SE 5dr view 4
  • SKODA KAMIQ HATCHBACK 1.0 TSI 95 SE 5dr view 5
  • SKODA KAMIQ HATCHBACK 1.0 TSI 95 SE 5dr view 6

About the Skoda Kamiq

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Skoda: A trusted brand

Skoda is one of the biggest vehicle manufacturers in the world at the moment, selling cars in over 100 countries every year. However, the Czech company hasn't always been so popular. 

Skoda has been making cars for over 100 years, with the current brand being established in 1925 - they were formed from the ashes of a previous Czech manufacturer called Laurin & Klement. After 1991, Skoda was sold to the Volkswagen group, with their cars now being made by the German conglomerate.

Skoda was once portrayed as an unpopular and outdated brand, but that image is now something of the past. Since the company was bought by Volkswagen, they've increased greatly in terms of both size and stature. They're now extremely popular, with the brand delivering 731,300 vehicles worldwide in 2022.

Skoda has also recently joined the pursuit of electrification, as they have ten electric vehicles planned for release by 2025. This is particularly important in Britain at the moment, as the government has recently announced that new petrol and diesel vehicles cannot be sold from 2030 onwards.

All about the Skoda Kamiq Hatchback

Skoda is a brand that continually revamps their cars. They're renowned for listening to customer input, making changes to improve their vehicles over the years.

The Kamiq Hatchback is no different, as Skoda has really sprinkled their own little magic touches all over this car. You can choose to include many different trims and features within your vehicle, customising it to suit your own personality and needs.

For example, hidden rubber strips can be added to the outside edges of the doors. These strips pop out when you open the doors, stopping you from banging into the car parked next to you. This is particularly useful in the car parks of modern Britain, as the spaces are well known for being small - particularly as cars have increased in size over the years.

Other novel features you can expect are an umbrella in the door, an ice scraper in the fuel cap and a rechargeable torch ready for action in the boot (the latter is only available in some versions of the Kamiq.) These handy touches show just why Skoda is rated so highly.

What models of the Skoda Kamiq Hatchback are available to lease?

The Skoda Kamiq Hatchback is a beautiful car to behold, featuring stunning performance as part of the package. There are several different models available, from the core SE all the way through to the larger Monte Carlo variation of the car.

Whichever model you choose to lease, you'll be sure to have fun, no matter where you're going. The models you can currently take a personal lease contract out with LeaseCar are:

  • The Skoda Kamiq Hatchback SE - The SE is the core lease model available, but that doesn't mean it's not worth your while! The base version of this car has more room than most other mini-SUVs, giving you enough space for all the family. With this model you get 17" alloy wheels, adaptive cruise control, automatic headlights and windscreen wipers, rear parking sensors, a free umbrella, front-seat lumbar adjustment and a rear-view mirror that automatically dims. 

  • The Skoda Kamiq Hatchback SE Drive - The SE Drive upgrades the 8.0 inch infotainment screen contained in the SE variant to a 9.2 inch screen, but the upgrades don't stop there. Rear privacy glass is also added, as well as a different alloy wheel design. It's also faster than the SE, getting you from 0-60 mph in just 8.3 seconds.

  • The Skoda Kamiq Hatchback SE L Executive - The SE L Executive takes things a step further, upgrading the alloy wheels to 18 inches. Other characteristics include heated seats, chrome window surround, full LED rear lights with dynamic turn signal, full headlight range control and dual zone climate control. 

  • The Skoda Kamiq Hatchback Monte Carlo - The Monte Carlo is the premium version of the Kamiq - it's extremely sporty, ensuring you'll always look good when driving this car. With this model you'll get 18" Black Vega alloy wheels, a panoramic glass roof, black door mirrors, a 3-spoke leather steering wheel with sports multifunction capabilities and cloth sports seats.

At the moment, we only have petrol engine choices available for the Kamiq. If you'd like to lease a Skoda with an electric or diesel engine, take a look at our full range here. Both manual and automatic variations are available for the Kamiq, giving you greater choice over your drive.

To find out more about the LeaseCar process, head to our car leasing guide.

Why should you lease a Skoda Kamiq Hatchback?

The Skoda Kamiq Hatchback is one of the flagship models of the Czech manufacturer. Whilst it's technically a hatchback, it's also classed as a small SUV. However, there's still ample room for all the family within this car, as it's much larger than most of its rivals within the same class. 

The Kamiq Hatchback is a car for any occasion - whether you're going out for the evening with your friends or taking the family on a weekend day out. It's widely considered to be one of the best-riding cars in the small SUV class, making the entire driving experience as pleasurable as possible.

You can also choose to add Dynamic Chassis Control when you choose your leasing deal. This gives you the option of stiffening or softening the suspension depending on the road surface. It's a feature well worth considering, if you want to glide over every single road imperfection - something that is particularly important with Britain's pothole problem

However, the standard suspension is fantastic in its own right, so you're still going to feel impressed if you decide to go without.

If you'd like to talk to LeaseCar about the extra features you can include when leasing a Skoda Kamiq from us, don't hesitate to call.

A truly spacious interior

The Kamiq offers an extremely spacious interior - it's also incredibly comfortable, with plenty of headroom and legroom available for both the driver and any extra passengers.

Despite being a hatchback, this model has more in common with the mini-SUV brand of car, meaning there's lots of space contained within the vehicle.

This car comes with plenty of legroom and headroom, also capable of carrying up to 400 litres in the sizable boot.

That means that you get all the versatility, room and rugged looks of an SUV, without struggling to get around town. You'll also have enough space to park in a standard parking space - something that can be quite difficult nowadays.

Advanced safety features

When you're looking through new leasing offers, one of the key considerations you might have is in regard to the safety of the vehicle. With so many cars on the road nowadays, it's easy to worry about accidents happening - even if it's not your fault. 

Safety should be a top priority for any driver, no matter how often you use your car.

This is one of the main reasons why you should consider taking out one of our Skoda Kamiq lease deals. Skoda has a fantastic safety reputation across the board and the Kamiq is no exception. In 2009, the car received a five star Euro NCAP rating when it was assessed by the organisation. This is the highest rating a vehicle can receive, showing just how safe this model is.

The safety features included within the Skoda Kamiq include:

  • Belt pretensioners and belt load limiters

  • Seven airbags including frontal airbags

  • Side head and side chest airbags

  • A passenger airbag cut-off switch

  • A lane assist system

  • Seat belt reminders for all seats

  • Adaptive cruise control

  • Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) with pedestrian detection

  • A speed assistance system

  • Optional driver knee airbags are also available as an added extra

As part of the Euro NCAP process, crash tests are carried out to see how an accident would impact the car and the people within it. During all tests conducted, protection of all critical body areas for passengers and the driver was found to be good or adequate. The Kamiq was also found to have good whiplash protection.

The Skoda Kamiq is extremely effective at protecting both those within and outside the vehicle, in the rare event that an accident occurs. So if you're interested in a new Skoda but you're concerned about safety, the Kamiq could be an ideal lease choice.

Additional extras (such as driver knee airbags) can be included to make your drive even safer. 

If you'd like to find out more about the optional add-ons you can include with your Kamiq Hatchback, contact your friendly leasing specialists and we'll run you through the list.

Amazing technology

With the advent of the 21st century, technology has really started to boom globally. Most new products have some form of technology built into them, and the automobile industry is no different. To stay relevant, car manufacturers now have to include up to date tech features within their specifications to keep people coming back for more.

Skoda is no different - despite their rocky start, they've come on leaps and bounds since the brand started out in the early 20th century. When you lease a Kamiq Hatchback, you can be certain that you'll be driving a car that's jam-packed full of high-tech machinery, designed to make every drive as effortless as can be.

Some of the features you can expect when you lease a Skoda Kamiq Hatchback include:

  • An infotainment centre with a large touchscreen display for ease of use

  • Full smartphone integration with Bluetooth for making calls on the go and playing your favourite tunes

  • LED headlights with full range automatic control

  • Sturdy alloy wheels (wheel sizing depends on the model you choose to lease)

  • Manual air conditioning with a pollen filter included as part of the package

  • An overhead glasses storage compartment, as well as mirror sun visors on the passenger side

  • An illuminated glove compartment and a free umbrella in the driver's side door

  • Cloth interior upholstery, textile floor mats and a classy leather steering wheel

  • 2 USB-C ports, enabling you to charge two devices at once

  • Eight speakers and a DAB radio, giving you full surround sound on the go

  • Wireless SmartLink for Apple CarPlay. Android Auto and Mirrorlink are still provided in a wired format

The Skoda Kamiq also includes a slew of driver assistance technology attributes to make your drive as safe and easy as can be. This technology has been shown to massively decrease the danger of road accidents. Even if you do get into a car accident, you're much safer due to these features. 

The following driver assistance tech features can be found within all models of the Skoda Kamiq:

  • Cruise control with an added speed limiter

  • Front assist and hill hold control systems

  • A tool kit and breakdown kit

  • Remote central locking with a SAFE alarm system (which incorporates interior monitoring, a back up horn and towing protection)

  • LED headlights and rear parking sensors

  • A type pressure monitoring system, as well as wheel bolts with anti-theft protection

  • A visual and acoustic seat belt reminder

  • A driver and front passenger airbag - the front passenger airbag can be deactivated if needed

  • ISOFIX-preparation for the front passenger seat and the back seats

These characteristics really make the Skoda Kamiq Hatchback the perfect car for any tech-savvy driver, enabling you to take to the road in an instant. Additional driver assistance technology features may be included within different models, so it's worth taking a read through the available information to make sure you're fully informed.

If there's anything in particular that you'd like us to include within your lease car, speak to our helpful team and they'll guide you through the models available.

Take the wheel with LeaseCar

Skoda is one of the top car manufacturers in the world at the moment, and for good reason. They've single handedly managed to change their reputation for the better, rising like a phoenix from the ashes. 

The Kamiq Hatchback is one of Skoda's top models, featuring tons of technology features to make this car perform just as well as it looks. It's also got lots of space, making for the perfect car for any family - wherever you're going! 

If you're interested in getting a new car, a Skoda Kamiq lease is the perfect option. 

At LeaseCar, we're one of the UK's leading car leasing companies, delivering thousands of successful personal lease contracts since we started in 1998. We offer a huge range of car leasing and contract hire options for all, whatever your driving needs are.

We also have a variety of business lease options, which could be the ideal solution for any UK business needing a fleet of reliable vehicles. 

If you'd like to find out more about the LeaseCar process, or you simply want to get your lease started, our expert team is on hand to help.

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