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BMW 1 Series Hatchback Car Lease Deals

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The smallest car in BMW's executive range, the 1 Series has been highly popular for over a decade now. It was launched in 2004, and was actually a replacement for the 3 Series Compact model. A BMW 1 Series Lea

The smallest car in BMW's executive range, the 1 Series has been highly popular for over a decade now. It was launched in 2004, and was actually a replacement for the 3 Series Compact model.

A BMW 1 Series Lease - Find Out If It's Right for You

At LeaseCar, we try to match our customers with the right car and the right type of lease contract, and we're always happy to offer advice about which cars will suit you. But, we can't say that we don't have our favourites and, in our opinion, choosing a BMW 1 Series lease deal is right up there with the top choices. 

Choosing a BMW 1 Series lease is an affordable way to get behind the wheel of a truly all-round top-performing car. It's a model that manages to remain functional while ticking all the right boxes for style and head-turning looks. Since its launch, the BMW 1 Series continues to prove itself a versatile vehicle - one that the motor pundits love, making its enduring charm well-earned.

BMW knows how to put a car together that's a crowd pleaser, and the BMW 1 Series Hatchback is one of its finest creations - that's not just our opinion - the driver satisfaction statistics speak for themselves.

Elevate your driving experience. Drive away with a BMW Series 1 lease deal today

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About the BMW 1 Series

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The 1 Series is said to have made up almost 20% of all of BMW's total sales back in 2008, which is rather impressive considering the vast range of vehicles the company produce.We have both 3-door and 5-door 1 BMW Series models available for lease, and over a hundred different variants, including diesel options and loads of different sizes of engines.

We're very proud to be able to offer you such a superb range of lease BMW 1 Series cars, as they're quite rightly recognised as one of the finest ranges of compact executive cars on the market today.

All About the BMW 1 Series Hatchback

So, let's have a look at the body type, vehicle details, and other relevant information you'll need if you're considering a BMW 1 Series lease.

One thing to note straight away is that the BMW design and engineering team has given this car a pretty substantial makeover. The brand-new version is more practical than the previous versions and gets a whole load more tech as standard (and yes, you can add more if you choose to wave the magic 'optional extra' wand over your new car). 

Like other big players in the compact vehicle market, it's not rear-wheel-drive anymore either. While there are some dedicated fans of the previous setup, the majority of drivers find front-wheel-drive a more enjoyable driving experience. The nifty BMW 1 Series now handles even better than before - and certainly leaves larger vehicles in the dark.

Even the entry-level BMW 1 Series version is packed with plenty of features that usually only come as extras on vehicles in this class. It has an excellent level of security and safety too - always an important plus point to consider when you're transporting the family (not to mention yourself!).

Despite being compact, the hatchback means that you've got lots of room for luggage, shopping, or even camping equipment if weekends under the stars are your thing. That hatchback configuration alone is worthy of note - you get space but also versatility and good road handling due to the dimensions of the car. The BMW 1 Series has a shorter bonnet than the previous versions, but it still has the swooping lines and perfect creases that make it one of the more noticeable sporty hatchback models on the road.

It's also super reliable and you'll rarely experience a mechanical fault - BMW shows an excellent level of attention to detail in this respect. The brand also has an outstanding reputation to maintain - that alone means excellence is always on the cards. The older generation version was consistently rated highly for reliability and the new model is proving to be no different. In fact, it rates higher than many of its premium competitors in the compact vehicle segment. 

It should come as no surprise, then, that the BMW 1 Series comes with a solid three-year manufacturer warranty, which should cover you for the duration of your lease unless you choose a 4-year contract.

You've got plenty of trim levels to choose from too, so you can get your BMW 1 Series in exactly the right setup for you.

Which BMW 1 Series models Can You Lease with LeaseCar?

We have lease deals on both petrol and diesel model engines, and you can choose from a number of setups and trim levels. Our BMW 1 Series lease deals are available to personal lease customers and business lease customers..

If you're looking for a business or personal lease deal that gives you the flexible leasing options you need - we can find you a contract that suits your driving needs, budget, and driving experience expectations. After all, driving isn't all about transporting the family around, picking up the shopping, or getting to and from work - it should be something you enjoy, even something that you look forward to. 

At LeaseCar, we're not just experts on lease contracts, we're also a team of car enthusiasts. We believe strongly in cars that offer an enjoyable driving experience: Driving should put a smile on your face!

If you fancy the BMW 1 Series Hatchback as your next drive but aren't sure which version to choose, tell our expert leasing consultants what you like about driving and what you need from your car and they'll be happy to point you in the right direction. Over 20 years of experience in the business, and the combined knowledge of our dedicated team, means we're pretty good at that!

So, let's get down to the nuts and bolts of what's available. 

Interested in a Diesel Engine?

Firstly, you have two diesel engines to choose from - the 116d or the 120d xDrive. Don't worry if diesel is a dirty word in the media right now due to the phasing out of this type of engine build in 2030. You won't be driving this car anywhere near that amount of time as one of the benefits of choosing to lease is driving a brand-new car away at the end of your 2, 3 or 4-year lease contract.

Or Is a Petrol Engine More Your Style?

If a petrol engine is more to your taste, you've got three engine builds to choose from: the 118i, the 128ti or the M135i xDrive. All these engines are good performers, the decision comes down to your personal preference.

These engine setups are teamed with a semi-automatic gearbox and the MPG range across all versions is 38.2 to 61.4. That's a broad scope so look at this statistic carefully if you've got an eye for fuel economy.

Both the petrol and diesel options are eager engines. BMW has never been a manufacturer to sacrifice performance for the sake of a fuel-efficient engine - and the 1 Series is a prime example of this!

Hybrid and Electric Alternative Options

If you're looking for a lease deal on a hybrid car, there isn't a BMW 1 Series available currently in that configuration. If that's what your heart is set on, you might want to consider the rival Audi A3 or a Mercedes A-Class - both are available as a plug-in hybrid (PHEV). There isn't a fully-electric BMW 1 Series available either.

Once you've decided on your engine, you have five trim levels to choose from: the 128ti, the M Sport, the M135i, the SE or the Sport. Even the entry-level trim is loaded with tech and features you wouldn't even expect as standard, so take a good look at what you get before making any decisions.

All new versions of this car are front-wheel-drive - and we think this has made this car all the more masterful on the road.

Why Has the BMW 1 Series Remained So Popular over the Years?

The BMW 1 Series has scored extremely highly in the popularity stakes for years in the premium family hatchback class. It mixes luxury, practicality (you can get the entire family in with ease), and sportiness in equal measures. That's one reason for this enduring success. But, is there another reason why this compact car continues to delight

To answer this question, let's look at the basics. 

BMW has always done well with this model. And while that could be seen as an invitation to leave it as it is - why fix something if it's not broken? - it isn't a manufacturer that falls into that category. 

In fact, they never stand still. 

With the slogan 'sheer driving pleasure', the BMW designers have set the bar at perfection. The team clearly thinks, this car has done really well for us, but let's continue to make the 1 Series as close to perfection as possible' and that means plenty of future-proofing in the form of updates and additions as technology moves on and customer expectations evolve. 

Whatever your driving style, there's a 1 Series to suit you.

Perfect for City Driving

The BMW 1 Series comes into its own for urban adventures or taking on the weekly grocery shopping challenge. Visibility is good and those front and rear parking sensors mean that getting into even tight parking spaces is a breeze. 

The steering is light and the lightning-quick responsive ability of all engine versions makes nipping out of busy traffic easy.

And let's not forget that it's a hatchback - you'll get a month's worth of groceries in the back and access is good.

No Need to Sacrifice That Legendary BMW Style for Economy

A BMW 1 Series lease isn't going to cost you the Earth either. Of course, BMW is the luxury end of the market but this hatchback is affordable - especially if you choose the growingly popular option of leasing. 

Despite its modest monthly cost, there's no sacrifice in the style or driving dynamics. This little gem is dripping with luxurious touches, both inside and out. It's comfortable, has a reassuringly solid build and all the trimmings are clearly high-end. 

The saying that good things come in small packages comes to mind when you're giving the 1 Series the once over. In a nutshell, it's a car that can't fail to please the vast majority of drivers.

Market-Leading Safety Features

BMW is known for, amongst other numerous achievements, being a brand that doesn't miss a thing when it comes to the safety of its drivers or passengers.

The Series 1 Hatchback is, of course, no exception to this. It achieved the full five-star safety rating in the industry-standard Euro NCAP crash tests. Specifically, the safety rating for adult occupants is 83% and the safety rating for child occupants is even higher at 87%. These outstanding results prove that it's one of the safest cars in its class, especially for rear-seated passengers. 

Features like cruise control, both front and rear parking sensors, and LED headlights all come as standard BMW 1 Series features so you're not just safe - driving is easy and stress-free too. You'll also enjoy lane departure warning and front collision warning as standard and that's more than you get in a lot of similar hatchbacks.

Why Should You Lease a BMW 1 Series?

Leasing is becoming more and more popular. And not just with business lease drivers. Of course, leasing is still a popular way of getting your company vehicle or fleet on the road without a massive capital outlay - benefit-in-kind savings are a real attraction - but more private drivers are switching to leasing than ever before too.

So, what makes leasing such a popular choice? Here's some good reasons why leasing is becoming the new norm:

  • Affordable monthly rental costs that remain the same throughout the duration of your lease contract unless you increase your annual mileage. If your yearly mileage estimate does change, we can adjust your flexible lease to accommodate your new needs. 
  • Leasing is usually far cheaper than other types of finance, including dealer finance. We're also happy to provide information about alternative finance methods so that you can choose the right finance method for you.
  • There's no need to worry about the task of selling the vehicle, including taking the hit on vehicle depreciation, which can be substantial.
  • You can choose a lease agreement over 2, 3 or 4 years. The longer the lease, the lower your monthly rental cost works out. This makes it easier to drive the car you want rather than just the car you can afford.
  • Spoilt for choice, thanks to the wide range available. Choose a standard entry-level model, the top of the range BMW 1 Series, or anything in between - we have them all available.
  • You can drive away in a brand-new car at the end of your lease - just hand us the keys to the old one and sign up for a new deal. That means a car with the latest tech in safety, entertainment, and performance.

What's the Difference between Finance and Leasing?

Both act as funding solutions for getting a brand-new car, but they're not entirely the same thing. Here's how finance and leasing are different:


Traditional finance providers are usually of two types: banks or independent lenders. Both will loan you the total value of the car after making sure you can afford the loan repayments by running comprehensive credit checks. 

The car is your asset as soon as you borrow the money. If you begin to miss regular payments, the car won't be repossessed, but you will still owe the lender the money and they may make alternative arrangements to collect the total amount owed by you.

Another finance option involves a 'hire purchase arrangement' where the value of the loan is guaranteed against the value of the vehicle. If you regularly miss payments, the finance provider has rights to repossess your vehicle.


Leasing a car is similar to renting a house. You make your monthly payments and you get to use your car as you see fit. You don't ever own the car but this finance method makes it simple to change your car regularly - keeping you behind the wheels of the latest car models. 

LeaseCar lease agreements are flexible too. We'll start your contract on your estimated annual mileage but, should that change, you can update your deal so you should never have to pay expensive excess mileage charges.

To find out more about how exactly car leasing works, check out our Ultimate Guide to Car Leasing here.

Kickstart Your BMW Series 1 Lease with LeaseCar Today

LeaseCar are car leasing specialists for business and personal contract deals. We have over 20 years of experience in the sector. This means that we know the market inside out and can get you the best deals available. In fact, we're so confident that our lease deals are the UK's finest that we'll do our very best to beat any lease deal offered to you by one of our competitors - we love a challenge so tell us what you've found!

We take our customer care very seriously and adhere to our own 'Safe Hands' standards. Many of our customers have been with us for the duration of multiple leasing contracts because, once you sign a lease agreement with us, we're with you every step of the way to offer advice. But, don't just take our word for it, read some of our customer feedback on Trustpilot - we aim to please and we think we're pretty good at that!

If you'd like to talk to a leasing expert today about a BMW 1 Series lease or another vehicle, get in touch with one of our friendly, expert leasing consultants. We're always ready to talk through your financing options as well as provide advice on the latest cars available to lease and what might suit your driving style best. 

Whether you've leased a vehicle before or are new to this finance type, we're ready to answer your questions and honestly address any concerns you might have. In the meantime, why not take a look at the range of BMW 1 Series models we have available right now?

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